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   2012 Winner - Levi Driggs - 37 HRs

  2013 3CWL 


        HR Derby

      2012 Runner Up - Tyler Wiget


          The HR Derby contest will be conducted on Opening Night of the 3rd Capital Wiffleball League 2013 season.   TLC

  field will be used as the contest arena and players will take 25 consecutive swings to see how many HRs can be hit.  


          There are 2 ways to participate, and 2 sets of prizes to be won.    The individual who garners the highest sponsorship

  $$$ will receive the GRAND prize.   Last year this was an Apple iPhone 4s and Janae Driggs was our winner, turning in

  $730 of sponsorship money.   Jordan Nelson was the runner up with $125 of sponsorships.


          Last year's winners (Levi and Janae) have been exempted from winning their respective categories this year - so this

   baby is wide open.   Below are the rules for entry; 


          This year I am letting you tell us what you want the GRAND prize to be - input your choice in the form at the bottom.

  The choice that receives the most votes will be the grand prize.   The Runner-Up will also receive a nice consolation packet

  of gift certificates to various eateries and other fine gifts.


          There will also be nice gift certificate packages for the winner of the HR Derby total HR count.   Last year Levi Driggs

  won with a mere 37 HRs out of 50 swings.  Tyler Wiget won a Paints gift certificate packet with a very respectable 24 HRs.




   HR Derby and Sponsorship Prize Rules                                                              Return to TOP


  1.  Participants will seek sponsors for each HR they hit (form below) or flat donations

            -  use as many forms as you need

            -  hit up those co-workers, family and businesses (can do for someone else)

   2.  Minimum $25 in sponsorship per individual required to participate in the HR Derby

        Team with $100 (including entry fee) can designate 1 participant

        Team sponsorship at $200 gets 2 participants

            -  and the right to name your home field in the 3CWL

                  +  resulting in being home team against EVERY team with out a home field

                  +  and all series against teams WITH a home field on a neutral field

        Team sponsorship at $300 2 participants ADD their totals TOGETHER

            -  and the right to name your home field in the 3CWL

            -  and the right to switch into a new 3CWL division


  3.  The Sponsorship Grand Prize is ONLY available to participants who turn in...

           -  more than $100 in sponsorship money


  4.  Grand Prize Sponsorship money must be unencumbered

           -  i.e., it cannot count toward, buying a home field, switching divisions also

           -  it applies only to the Grand Prize contest and nothing else


  5.  The Grand Prize award will be based on the total sponsorship money turned in...

           -  by Friday, June 7, 2013 (3CWL) league night #2 (when the gift will be delivered)


  6.  Each contestant will have 25 swings on TLC field

           -  HR, foul, fair or wiff - each swing counts as one of the 25 swings


  7.  Batters are responsible for supplying their own pitchers

           -  why not get a partner and just switch ?


  8.  We will record your total HRs


  9.  4 winners - Total Sponsorship $$, 1st and 2nd, Total HRs, 1st and 2nd


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