ALL STAR Night and PLAYOFF  Info 

                                Central Ohio Wiffleball League

                                   Saturday July 10th, 6:00 PM

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          !!  All-Star Night Results !! 

                Red                                  White                              Blue                

          American       25              American      22              American       Fft     

          National         11              National          9              National         win

          WP - Tim Beavers          WP - Nate Sprouse   

          (SILA)                               (TLC)                              (J & M)


         American          7              American        9              American       Fft     

         National            3              National         13             National         win

         WP - Tim Beavers           WP - Brett Fisher

         (J & M)                             (SILA)                              (TLC) 


                                                     American       13 

                                                     National         12

                                                     WP - Nate Sprouse

          American league             American league            National league

          wins Red series 2-0         wins White series 2-1     wins Blue series 2-0

   A huge thanks to Mike & Jill Bowers for providing and cooking the fish !  Thanks to all

   teams who brought dishes and to Tony for the huge pot of potato salad.  Thanks to my

   family (Joy, Jay, Shelley & Cyndy) for preparing and serving the food and taking pics !

   A great time was had by all !

   The American league capped off their victory when American White scored 2 runs in the

   bottom of the 5th on a Jerry Driggs 2 out hit to center with men on 2nd and 3rd to finish

   a series of very close games.


   However, the National league coach, Jim Driggs (3JT), filed a formal protest as the

  American league required 3 players from the National All-Stars to make their teams,

   including double game winner Tim Beavers and home run leader Dave Fisher.

   The league Commissioner sided with the National league Coach Jim Driggs in this

   protest and thus the team representing the National league in the World Series will

   have home field advantage.  

   I am certain this will be preferable to listening to all the whining which would have

   otherwise taken place.

   Thanks to all who participated !


      Remaining Schedule


        COWL Season Week 5    Saturday, July 24th       6 PM    (final week)


        COWL Division Wild Card Playoff Series National & American Leagues

                      Best 2 of 3           Saturday, July 30th        6 PM


        COWL Division Championship Playoff Series National & American Leagues

                      Best 3 of 5           Saturday, August 6th     6 PM


       COWL World Series Championship Playoff Games 

                    Best 4 of 7             Friday & Saturday, August 12 and 13  


        Playoff Info 

     The season is 2/3rds done. All teams are approaching 15 games of the scheduled 24.

Only 2 more league nights remain for teams to make their moves ! 

      In the 2nd half of the season all teams will play each team in their conference 2

times, home and home, and all teams from the other conference only once - 9 games

total for National League teams and 8 games total for American league teams.

     The 2 remaining league night dates will be Saturday, July 17th and Saturday, July 25th.

     Divisional playoff series will then start.  In the National League, the team with

the best overall record will play the team with the worst overall record in a best of 3

series with the 1st place team having home field advantage. 

     The team with the 2nd best overall record in the National League will play the team

with the 3rd best overall record in a best of 3 series with the 1st place team having home

field advantage. 

     National League Divisional Wild Card Playoff first round games will occur on Friday,

July 30th.  The games between 1st / 4th and 2nd / 3rd will be played at the same time.

     Should overall records be the same, the next consideration will be record within the

conference.  Should that record be the same then head-to-head results will determine places.

Should that be equal the two best HR hitters will square off before the game in a pitch-

by-pitch HR hitting contest using their own pitchers, one pitch at a time, with the winner

gaining home field advantage for his team.

     Winners will meet August 6th in a best of 5 Divisional Championship Series with the

home team being determined by the criteria above.

     In the American League the 1st place team will receive a bye the first round.  The 2nd

and 3rd place teams will play in a best of 3 series on July 30th with the 2nd place team having

home field advantage.  The winner will play the 1st place team in the best of 5 Divisional

Championship Series on August 6th with the 1st place team having home field advantage.

    We will ask teams from the other Division to supply umpires for these games.  If you are

willing, please let Jerry or one of the Legends crew know.

     The winners of the Divisional Championship Series will meet in the World Series on      

Friday August 13th, to begin the best of 7 series.   The team from the Division which wins

the All-Star night festivities will have home field advantage in this Home, Home, Away, Away,

Home, Away, Home (if necessary) series.  The 1st 4 games of the series will be played on

August 13th, with the 2nd date being determined (if necessary) by both teams.

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  Signed Up for All-Star Night  (free food for players)
  Team   Count  
  Legends       3   Jerry, Levi, Casey 
  Wall to Wall        4   Tony, Nate, Eric, Jr
  Paints        4       Aaron, Joey, Derrick, ?
  The U        3   Jordan, Shondrick, Johnny
  Gookie Dawkins Exp.        4   Blake, Dave, Eric, Andy
  3JT        6   Jim, Caleb, Terry, Logan, Tim,Eric
  Pleasant Valley Boys        3   Brent, Dave, Gabe


     All Star Night will take place on Saturday, July 10th at 6:00 PM.  ALL PLAYERS ARE

REQUESTED TO PLAY.   After all, we are all All-Stars, if only to our Mamas. 

     Each league, the National (GDE, 3JT, PVB, The U) and American (Paints, W2W, Legends), will

make 3 teams from the combined players on their league teams.  You will divide these teams from

your division into Red, Blue and White teams, with 1-2 players from each team in your division.

    The Red teams from each division will play each other in a best of 3 series, starting on field TLC,

then moving to J & M and lastly to SILA if necessary.

    The White teams from each division will play each other in a best of 3 series, starting on field J&M,

then moving to SILA and lastly to TLC if necessary.

     The Blue teams from each division will play each other in a best of 3 series, starting on field SILA,

then moving to TLC and lastly to J&M if necessary.

     The Division which wins 2 of 3 of these All-Star series will gain home field advantage for the team

from their division making it to the World Series - which could mean you are winning home field

advantage for your team !

    Food Arrangements - Please Read !          Return to Top     

     The league will supply fish sandwiches for all players from the league at no charge.   If you wish to

bring family or extra folks, we will supply sandwiches for cost for these folks - but we have to know how

many to expect so we can get the amount of fish we need.  Sandwiches will be $ 1.50 each with a whole

meal being $ 3.00 (including drink).

     We need each team to bring a bowl of baked beans or a salad (potato, macaroni, veggie...) to help

with the fixins.  Just 1 per team will do us.   I will also have potato chips from Herrs.

    Be an All-Star for your league  !!!  Enjoy playing on the same team with those you have done battle

against for a change !  Win home field advantage for your World Series team !   Eat some good food !

    Coaches - please RSVP to Jerry and let me know how many of your team will attend.  We need at

least 12 - 15 from each division to make the teams complete !

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