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Editors Note:  This is the second of a two part series chronicling what Phill believes are the 10

greatest games in Central Ohio Wiffleball League history - both league and tournament games.

The first article listed games numbers 6 - 10 with some real doozies included in the list.

We now continue with the remainder of the compilation - The 5 greatest single games in COWL

history, as opined by the Phillster, with first a review of numbers 6 - 10.


   The Top 10 Games In COWL History     

                                               Numbers 1 - 5    

                                                      by Phill King


                                Honorable Mention



10.  Boys, Birds, and a Man Named Beavers

       WHEN :   2011 NWBA Ohio Slow-Pitch Tournament Losers Bracket Semi-Final

       WHO :     Pleasant Valley Boys vs. Dirty Birds


       Final: 12-10 (from score sheet) ...PVB wins

        Game MVP:  Tim Beavers (The man in blue)


9. Red, White, and U

      WHEN :  2011 American League Championship Series: Game 3

      WHO :    The U vs. Redlegs


      Final:  The U over the Redlegs, 15-11

       Game MVP:  Brent Hoover (U) Go-ahead grand slam and pitching victory.


8.  Teach a Man to Fish

       WHEN :    2012 Regular Season Week 5

       WHO :      Pleasant Valley Boys vs. Knights


       Final:  PVB over the Knights, 21-16 in six innings. 

       Game MVP:  Dave Fisher (PVB) 8 HRs and 14 RBIs, including 4 HRs in the fourth inning.


7.  U Ain’t Got no Alibi; Knights Reign

       WHEN :    2012 Regular Season Week 6

       WHO :      Knights vs. The U


       Final: Knights over The U, 19-18

         Game MVP: Corey White (Knights) 3 HR, including a key three-run shot in the fourth inning.


6.  Gookie Outguns Colt 45’s

      WHEN :    2010 Goldstick Classic-Pool Play

      WHO :      Gookie Dawkins Experience vs. Colt 45’s


      Final: GDE over Colt 45’s (21-12)

      Game MVP: Gookie Dawkins and all of his experience.


5.  Levi’s Hour of Power; The Equalizer


        WHEN :    2010 World Series Game 2

       WHO :      Legends vs. Gookie Dawkins Experience

This game was a fragment of what I consider the greatest series I have even been a part of.   Every game

in this World Series thriller was settled by four runs or less, with the peak of competition at the turn of every

inning.   Realistically, every game from this series was in the final cut before I widdled it down to these few.

Needless to say, I’ll let Levi’s slash line speak for itself in this game.


Levi Driggs - Game 2 total - 10 HR/25 RBI’s/ 1 Pitching Win


The Gookie Dawkins Experience entered Game 2 of the COWL World Series with a 1-0 series lead and

riding the back of 18 consecutive wins (which still stands as a league record).   GDE wasted no time in pushing

ten quick runs across in the home portion of the 1st inning after blanking the Legends in the top half of the

inning. With tension beginning to spread in the “dugout”, the Legends responded with six runs in the top half

of the second as the teams then traded punches like heavy weights for the next couple of innings.


By the top of the fifth, the Gookie Dawkins Experience held a 25-24 lead. It was then that Levi turned on

Michael Jordan mode, driving in 10 of the Legends final 11 runs.   GDE managed to scratch a few runs back,

but the damage was done.  The Legends tied the series at 1-1 and went on to win the World Series.


Final: The Legends over GDE, 35 - 31

Game MVP:  Who else - Levi Driggs in the single greatest COWL game

                         performance ever                              


Notes: Levi Driggs' performance puts him squarely in first all-time in both HRs and RBIs

in a single game.   Levi finished the 3 game series with 55 RBIs - 20 more than the next

closest record series.    The 66 combined runs scored by both teams is still the all-time

record for a playoff or regular season game.

Editors note:  It is hard to accurately convey what the first 2 games of this series were like.   GDE had the

Legends on the rope.  They were hitting on all cylinders and Andy Russell was unconscious, crushing HRs

almost every at bat.  Eric Lewis was diving all over the place and smashing key HRs, along with Dave Page,

who was ripping balls down the left field line routinely and running with abandon.  Blake Lansing could not be

kept off base and was leaving DNA all over the outfield.

We had a team counsel and decided to just hang on - get on base - someone would drive us in.  Thus the

pattern was established.  We three, Ben, Phill and Jerry just got on base.   Time after time to the tune of

10 HRs - including 2 granny's, Levi did just that - drove us in.   In the end, Levi just outgunned GDE and

the rest of us hung on for dear life.

Interestingly enough, with all the offensive heroics, it was the simple act of holding GDE to 1 run in the

bottom of the 4th and 5th by Levi on the mound that finally made the difference.   The Legends tried every

player on the mound in innings 1 and 2 of games 1 and 2, and GDE crushed, mashed, bashed and consumed

us every one.  

When the game was in the balance - and really the World Series crown also, Levi stepped up and somehow,

unexpectedly (he pitched very little that season) - got them out.  Who knows how ?  Beats me.

I am only glad I had a ringside seat for the spectacle.  Kind of like Carlton Fisk and Pete Rose in Game

6 of the 1975 World Series...the kind of Wiffle ball games you dream of being part of.   Long live Wiffle ball !


4.  Hoops, Hills, and an Hour of Thrills


       WHEN :    2012 Regular Season Week 5

       WHO :       Redlegs vs. Abusement Park

2012 proved to be a sophomore slump for both Abusement Park and the Redlegs as both teams declined in

wins from the year prior and failed to reach the second round of the playoffs.  

However, there was no shortage of offense and excitement in their week five division match up.


Abusement Park thumped the Redlegs for seven HRs and a 16-2 lead after just two innings.   Apparently,

the Redlegs finally realized a COWL series consists of three games.


That’s when things got interesting.


After a seven-run third inning to bring the game to 16-9, the Redlegs circled the proverbial wagons and

exploded for an 18-run fourth inning.   A one-time 14-run deficit turned into a 12-run lead in two innings. 

The game was over right?


Not so fast my friend.

AP scrapped together a few runs, and held the Redlegs scoreless to enter the bottom of the fifth down 28-20.  

AP rallied off five runs with only one out. 

But, the Redlegs defense tightened up and kept Abusement Park’s tying run in the on-deck circle thus

preserving a 28-25 victory.  


Final: Redlegs over AP, 28-25


Game MVP:  Matt Hoops (Redlegs) 6 HRs, 13 RBIs, a grand slam, and

                         an unofficial save.


Notes: AP's 14-run comeback is at least tied for largest in league history (unofficially).   This

game is tied for the second highest scoring game in regular season history.  The Hill brothers

combined for 10 HRs in game.

Editors note:  I sat on the bank and took pictures for this one.   I remember going in the house in the top of

the 3rd to get something to eat and coming back out afterward expecting the game to be over.    To my surprise,

it was only the top of the 4th - 1 inning had transpired in the offing.   

Matt Hoops was "in the zone".   It seemed like every time he came up bases were loaded - and he delivered.  

On the AP side the Hill brothers stopped gnashing at each other long enough to direct their ire towards the Redlegs,

and they left marks.   When those 2 get hot they hit the ball to center better than anyone else in the league - and

they were ON and fully powered up on this day.   Even girls got into the act with Lauren Stout and Emily Manson

hitting key HRs in the drive.

This series ended very, very late - but it was sure fun to watch - my idea of what Wiffle ball should be.


3.  The Dark Knights Revenge


       WHEN :    2012 Contenders Championship Series: Game 5

       WHO :      Knights vs. Pleasant Valley Boys

Vengeance is indeed a dish best served cold.   Earlier I noted how the Pleasant Valley Boys had rallied to their

beat division rival, the Knights, in an extra inning effort that netted the 8th greatest COWL game of all-time,

just weeks prior.   Well, as fate would have it the Knights and Pleasant Valley Boys would lock horns again.  

This time a COWL World Series ticket was at stake.   It should come as no surprise either that this series

would come down to the all-important Game 5, and the series tied at 2-2 (the Knights had rallied heroically

from a 0-2 series deficit).


Four innings of back-and-forth battle wielded no clear favorite as the game and the series came down to the

fifth inning.   In an eerily familiar turn of events, the Knights again led (11-9) but failed to muster any insurance

with PVB putting the brakes on the potent Knights’ attack.

PVB tied it on a two-run bomb from Brent Fisher, then occupied first and second base with only one out.   

Home run standout Gabe Fisher (120 HR all-time) stood at the plate with a chance to put the Knights season

on ice and advance PVB to their first World Series appearance ever.   Alas, poor Gabe succumbed to the pressure,

failing to advance the runners by grounding out on a routine play to short.   Dave Fisher stepped to the plate -

COWL’s 3rd all-time leading home run hitter, with two outs in the bottom of the last inning in a decisive game 5

to determine who advanced to the World Series.   

Cue the “Chariots of Fire” music, please..


After a long battle, including several long foul balls, including 2 that the Plinko tree snagged and were nearly

caught by Knight's defenders, Dave hit a 5-2 pitch deep to center…that was abruptly caught.   Two hours earlier

with the sun up and the air lighter and that ball is gone.  Game, set and match - PVB in their first World Series. 


Instead, extra frames.  Free Wiffle ball for the fans… Déjà vu all over again.


The Knights exercised the demons from earlier in the season and tacked on six runs in the top of the sixth.  

The Pleasant Valley Boys could only manage two in the bottom half, ending the marathon series at 17-13.  This

game was a microcosm of the entire series and sent the Knights to their first COWL World Series.


Final: Knights over PVB, 17-13 in six innings.


Game MVP: Josh Wonderleigh (Knights) 5 HRs including one in the sixth inning.


Notes: Josh Wonderleigh hit 32 HRs in the postseason, more than doubling his year total (62).  

The Pleasant Valley Boys are 6-10 in the playoffs all-time and remain the winningest team never

to have made it to the World Series.

Corey White’s 71 HR season is tied for second-most by a rookie, and most all-time by someone

not named Driggs.  The Knights were the first team in COWL history to rally from a 0-2 hole to

win a playoff series.


Editors note:  I umpired this marathon series.  PVB looked invincible on TLC, with Gabe and Dave crushing

HRs at will.   The Knights, for some reason - found their stride on CC field.  The tight right confines seemed

to invigorate Corey, who went on a tear in game 3, as Amos did also.    Josh simply took over games 4 and 5

and PVB was just that close to claiming the Contenders Division crown and advancing to their 1st World Series.  

Brent single-handedly kept PVB in games 4 and 5, setting the table for anyone else to be the hero.  Alas, it

was not to be.

I loved watching every minute.  It was great fun and I felt for both teams, the ups and downs.   In the end, I

think PVB just tired out.  The series took almost 5 hours, starting at 8 and ending just past 1 AM.  A classic

for the ages !


2.  U-Turns the Page


       WHEN :    2012 Champions Wild Card Series: Game 3

       WHO :      U vs. Uncle Muscles Hour

The selection at number two pinned two former World Series representatives, Uncle Muscles Hour (formerly the

Gookie Dawkins Experience) and The U, in a best-of-three Wild Card series.   Much like many of the selections

here in the top five, this game was a fragment of an incredible series that brought all of the excitement to a head.

The series was knotted at 1-1 with the ever crucial elimination Game 3 on tap.


In a game littered with Unioto grads, a battle ensued with UMH leading 11-10 heading into the top of the fourth.

However, six outs is essentially an eternity in Wide Open Wiffle ball, as the U rallied off five runs and held UMH

scoreless in the bottom half of the fourth (15-11, U).


With three elusive outs left, the teams took the field for the final time.


Over two months of work were hanging in the balance; someone’s season had to end.  2012 had been a difficult

year for the U with player defections and unexpected power losses to normally dependable hitters.  UMH had

been without their star Andy Russell for most of the year - all the while Eric Lewis battling mono.  On the bright

side they had picked up COWL's best girl player ever, Ashley Flautt, who had provided a much need dose of

power and nearly replaced the HRs once ascribed to Andy.


The U pushed one key insurance run across making the score 16-11 heading into the bottom of the fifth.  Would

it be enough?


UMH went right to work with bombs from veteran Dave Page and the new addition, Ashley Flautt.   After a pop out,

speedster Blake Lansing singled to bring the winning run to the plate.   As fate had it, Ashley Flautt stepped into

the batters’ box having belted 8 HR’s already in the series.

A war of pitching attrition ensued and when the smoke cleared, the U managed to vanquish the UMH slugger on a

high pop-out, driving Tyler back against the TLC left field fence, securing a birth in the Champions Divisional

Championship for the U and redeeming much of the difficulty of the year..


Final: The U over UMH, 16-15


Game MVP: Tyler Wiget (U) Game-leading 5 HRs


Notes:   Despite the result, UMH leads the all-time series with the U, 14-4. John Kepler (U) is the

team all-time wins leader (14).  The U held the lowest runs against average in the league (7.3) in

2012, a franchise record.

Editors note:  Due to this being a series from our Division, I did not umpire it, but instead again roamed the side

taking pictures.   If forced into a corner, I would have bet everything I owned on UMH claiming this series - even

giving some runs.    The UMH crew is as solid as they come, and Ashley hit several Levi lenght bombs - bouncing

1 off the pitcher's mound on J&M from TLC.   That is a serious poke.

But, true to form, the U was persistent.   They just refused to go away - and were rewarded for their stubborness.

I salute them - and sincerely hope we have not seen the last of them.   They find a way to win at playoff time.


1.  The Legend of Gookie Dawkins

       WHEN :    2010 COWL World Series: Game 1

       WHO :      Gookie Dawkins Experience vs. Legends

At last, we have reached the pinnacle of all games ever played at Legends Park, home of the Central Ohio Wiffle ball

League illustrious history.    I can say first-hand that this was probably the best game I have ever been a part of.  

To have this occur in the opening game of a World Series was spectacular all on its own.   Both teams entered the

series with winning percentage north of .800, as GDE had ripped off 17 consecutive wins and split with the Legends

in the regular season series 1-1.

Gookie Dawkins assumed home field advantage on SILA (TLC) Field based on the National League winning the

COWL’s short-lived all-star game.

The Legends raced out to a quick start only to be upstaged by GDE in the first inning, 9-6. Gookie Dawkins held

strong, shutting out the Legends in the 2nd inning, and then tacking on six more runs of their own.    The Legends

began reeling GDE back in the 3rd inning with an 11-run explosion powered by the long ball.  

When the smoke cleared, the Legends held a 28-26 advantage on GDE in the top of the 5th inning.   The Legends

could only extend the lead by two runs leaving the door open for GDE at 30-26 with three outs to play.    After scraping

two-runs across GDE worked the bases loaded with just one out.

The game hung in the balance at 30-28 when prime time Eric Lewis stepped to the plate, setting the stage for a

classic finale.  In the August air, Eric launched his third HR of the game over the left field fence to lead the Gookie

Dawkins Experience to a pulse-pounding 1-0 lead in the World Series and set the tone on what remains as the

greatest series in COWL history.

Final:  The Gookie Dawkins Experience over the Legends, 32-30.

Game MVP:  All of the above.   Andy Hit 7 HRs, Dave hit 5 HRs, Eric hit a walk off

                         granny and Blake received the victory on the mound.   On the opposite

                         bench, Jerry led the Legends with 8 HRs and 13 RBIs, while Levi added

                         6 HRs and 10 RBIs.    Phill and Ben added 4 and 1 HRs respectively to

                         accompany their 6 and 3 RBIs. 

Notes:   I tried desperately to not make this game number one for the sake of bias, but alas, bias won

in the end.   The game featured 38 homeruns; each team hit 19 apiece.   Jerry Driggs launched the

most HR’s (8) followed by Andy Russell (7) and Levi Driggs (6).   Dave Page (GDE/UMH) is the team

all-time HR leader (132) and tied for most pitching wins in COWL history with Jerry Driggs (32).

Editors note:  Certainly the greatest COWL game I have been involved in - even tho' we lost.  This was two heavy

weights, gamefully challenging each other to greater and greater blows, taking the last, best punch and adding yet

more force to the next.  

The teams were at their best, the air was light, and the tension was suffocating.  Somehow, both teams rose to the

occasion.   Neither lost, GDE landed the last blow, and that made the difference.

Although all the World Series events have been very close affairs, and each has had its own brand of tension, I do

not believe I will be involved in another of this magnitude - being the 1st ever, and with such skilled opponents as

those from GDE.

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03/21/2013 11:20 - Love reading the details about the great games. 2 of the best games I have been apart of there, 2011? Down 15-1 4th inning vs Dirty Birds, on the ropes of being eliminated we (Tigers) scored around 25 in the 4th to win by 10. And 2010/2011? Green monster field vs Legends losers bracket final, we won by 1 or 2 I think, but every single batter/play was really tense. Every out you could get was huge in that game.- Collins
03/21/2013 13:17 - Best article to date, thinking of our 5 best in 3+ years of playing at Legends
03/22/2013 14:22 - Funny thing Justin, our 5 bests for the Legends includes The 20-19 thriller on J&M when Levi hit a 3 run walk off vs the Tigers - the flip side of your coin...great games and tons of fun !
03/23/2013 20:51 - In the London tournaments its been half The U and half PVB playing together the past 3 years. We have a combined record of 11-8 there. We should of placed higher this year but we sat for a long time before the tournament actually started (not making excuses we should of still won), but we ended up losing the first game of the tournament.

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