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                               !! Only 2 Teams Remain !!

   Gookie Dawkins Experience and The Legends advance to the World Series

      Divisional Championships

             National League


             GDE continued their National League dominance, winning the best of 5 pennant in 3

      straight games to extend their string of consecutive victories to 17.

              In the series opener, GDE had innings of 4, 6 and 5 runs while holding the U scoreless to

     win by the mercy rule 15-0 in 3 innings.   Balanced hitting was the story of this game as Andy

     Russell, Dave Page and Eric "Lounge Singer" Lewis all homered twice while contributing 6,

     4 and 4 RBIs respectively.  Dave Page picked up the pitching win. 

             Word on the street is that GDE is involved in tense contract negotiations with Eric "LS"

     Lewis in an attempt to dissuade Eric from hanging up his golden stick in exchange for sonorously

     plying his melodious pipes behind the golden mike.   Stay tuned for further developments as the

     situation unfolds.


             In the 2nd game on SILA field, GDE scored all of the runs they would need in the 1st inning

      pushing across 5.   The game went the distance with the U mounting a come-back late, but

      eventually falling 8-4.  Andy Russell led GDE with 2 HRs and 3 RBIs while Blake Lansing also

      added 3 RBIs.  Brent Hoover single-handedly attempted to bring the U back, hitting 3 solo bombs.

      Eric "Lounge Singer" Lewis demonstrated style and smooth delivery to claim winning pitcher.

            In the 3rd and deciding game GDE removed any doubt concerning a comeback early by scoring

      9 runs in the opening frame on J & M field.  The U could not get untracked and made several

      uncharacteristic fielding errors leading to the long GDE rally.   GDE eventually won the game 19-0

      and claimed the National League Pennant.

             Congratulations to the U on a very good year - they improved dramatically and should be

      counted as a serious contender next year as they continue to improve. 



             American League


            The opening game of the American League Divisional Championship series was held on TLC

      field with the Legends hosting wild card playoff winner Wall To Wall.  Both teams had their best

      teams present.   The Legends, fresh off their near miss at the London tourney, scorded 12 runs in

      the 1st inning and quickly built up an 20-0 lead after 2 innings.   After W2W scored 1 in the top of

      the 3rd the game was ended due to the mercy rule.   Jerry Driggs led the Legends with 4 HRs and

      7 RBIs.  Levi Driggs added 2 HRs as did Phil King, with Levi adding 8 RBIs and Phil 5. 

      Ben Cydrus picked up the win on the mound, his 7th on the year.

             The 2nd game was much tighter, with the Legends opening a quick 7-0 lead in 2 innings but

      W2W putting on the brakes with their stingy defense thereafter.  W2W continued to chip away at

      the lead, eventually falling 7-6 after scoring 4 runs in the top of the 5th inning.    Ben Cydrus was

      once again the winning pitcher with Jerry Driggs picking up the save.   Jerry led the Legends with

      2 HRs and 4 RBIs. 

             The 3rd and deciding game moved to J & M field.  The Legends once again got off to a fast

     start, scoring 5 runs in the top of the 1st inning, with the key runs coming from the bat of a Levi

     Driggs 3 run homer.  Once again W2W buckled down on defense, holding the Legends to 2 runs

     for the remainder of the regular game.  Tony Kennedy, Tyler Manion and Nathaniel Sprouse all

     hit key 2 run home runs for W2W, who tied the game in the bottom of the 5th inning.

            In the 1st extra frame Casey Bowers hit a huge 3 run homer after Phil and Jerry had reached
    safely and Jerry added an insurance run to lead 11-7 entering the bottom of the 6th.  W2W

    responded by starting the inning with 2 consecutive doubles and 2 singles to cut the score to 11-9

    with no outs.   After a pop out, Tyler Manion doubled to move men to 2nd and 3rd with one out.  

    Phil King made an excellent play on a hard ground ball by Eric Young, recording out # 2 and

    managing to hold both runners.  Levi Driggs then turned in a web gem on a wicked liner by Nate

    Sprouse, catching the curving ball on the move with his back to the left field fence to claim

    victory in the American League Divisional Championship for the Legends.  Jerry Driggs pitched

    the final 3 innings, picking up the win for the Legends.


            Congratulations to Wall to Wall on an excellent year.  All told, 11 of W2W's 13 season losses

     came at the hands of league leaders GDE and Legends.  W2W showed up and played short

     handed on several occasions and represented themselves very well.


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      Central Ohio Wiffleball League Standings   

        National                                                                                     Games     

      League          In Conf     Out Conf.    Overall   Winning %    Back    

      GDE               18 -   0          5 - 3          23 –   3    1.000 -  .870        - 

      PVB                 7 - 10          4 - 5          11 – 15      .410 -  .420      9.5 

      The U               7 - 13          3 - 6          10 – 16      .350 -  .380    12.0

        3JT                   5 - 10          3 - 8           8 –  18      .333 -  .440    12.0



        American                                                                                   Games    

     League          In Conf     Out Conf.    Overall   Winning %    Back    

       Legends         14 -   1         8 -   3        22 –  4      .930 -  .840           -  


       W2W               3 - 12       10 -   4        13 – 16     .200 -  .440         8.0

      Paints               4 -  8         1 -  11         5 – 19     .333 -  .208         14.0


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                                                          Brent Hoover of The "U"

     Eric Lewis is the standout Central Ohio Wiffler of the Week for Divisional Playoff week.   Eric did it

     all in helping his team to the National League Championship, crushing 6 HRs while driving in 15 RBIs,

     cementing a pitching win and supplying several diving defensive plays.  Eric has steadily improved

     offensively and is one of the best shortstops in the league.  He has played a big part in GDE's run to

     the World Series and their current 17 game winning streak.


     Congratulations to Eric for his post-season heroics !

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    Game Scores  (by Home Team)                                             Return to Top

        Divisional Championship Series (Best 3 of 5 H-H-A-A-H series)


        National League


             Game 1 - SILA                                              Game 2 - SILA

             GDE            15                                               GDE              8 

             The U            0                                                The U           4


             WP   - David Page                                         WP   - Eric Lewis

             HRs  - Andy Russell (GDE) 2,                     HRs   - Brent Hoover (U) 3,

                         Dave Page (GDE) 2,                                      Shondrick Locklear (U) 1, 

                         Eric Lewis (GDE) 1                                       Andy Russell (GDE) 2,

            RBIs - Andy Russell (GDE) 6                                  Blake Lansing (GDE) 1, 

                         Dave Page (GDE) 4,                                      Eric Lewis (GDE) 1

                         Eric Lewis (GDE) 4,                         RBIs -  Eric Lewis (GDE) 1,

                         Blake Lansing (GDE) 1,                                Andy Russell (GDE) 3 

                                                                                                    Blake Lansing (GDE) 3, 

                                                                                                    Brent Hoover (U) 3,

                                                                                                    Shondrick Locklear (U) 1, 

                                                                                                    Dave Page (GDE) 1


            Game 3 - J & M                             

             GDE            19                                            

             The U            0                                                


             WP   - Andy Russell                                        

             HRs  - Andy Russell (GDE) 3,                   

                         Dave Page (GDE) 2,                                     

                         Eric Lewis (GDE) 4,  

                         Blake Lansing (GDE) 2                                   

            RBIs - Eric Lewis (GDE) 10,

                        Andy Russell (GDE) 6                                 

                        Blake Lansing (GDE) 3                            



        American League


             Game 1 - TLC                                               Game 2 - TLC

             Legends        20                                              Legends       7   

             W2W               0                                              W2W            6


             WP   - Ben Cydrus                                         WP   - Ben Cydrus

             HRs  - Jerry Driggs (Leg) 4,                         HRs  -Jerry Driggs (Leg) 4,

                         Levi Driggs (Leg) 2,                                      Levi Driggs (Leg) 1,

                         Phill King (Leg) 2                                          Casey Bowers (Leg) 1,

                                                                                                   J.R. McCary (W2W) 1,

                                                                                                   Tyler Manion (W2W) 1

             RBIs - Levi Driggs (Leg) 8,                               RBIs - Jerry Driggs (Leg) 3,

                         Jerry Driggs (Leg) 7,                                     Tyler Manion (W2W) 3,

                                Phill King (Leg) 5                                                   Levi Driggs (Leg) 2, 

                                                                                                                           J.R. McCary (W2W) 2,

                                                                                                                           Casey Bowers (Leg) 1,

                                                                                                                           Nathaniel Sprouse (W2W) 1,

                                                                                                                           Ben Cydrus(Leg) 1

           Game 3 - J & M                         

             Legends        11                                             

             W2W               9     6 innings                                           

              WP    - Jerry Driggs                                       

             HRs  - Levi Driggs (Leg) 1,                         

                         Casey Bowers (Leg) 1,                                     

                         Tony Kennedy (W2W) 1,                                       

                         Tyler Manion (W2W) 1,                                                                       

                         Nathaniel Sprouse (W2W) 1                                                                     

             RBIs - Levi Driggs (Leg) 3,                              

                         Jerry Driggs (Leg) 3

                         Casey Bowers (Leg) 3,                                    

                                Phill King (Leg) 2,

                         Nathaniel Sprouse (W2W) 3,                                                 

                               Tyler Manion (W2W) 2,                                                                                             

                               Tony Kennedy (W2W) 2,                                                                                              

                               Eric Young (W2W) 2   


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