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 !!  Wall-2-Wall and The "U" advance !!


      Wild Card Playoffs


              National League


             The U continued their last inning heroics, defeating the visiting Pleasant Valley Boys

      9-8 on a walk off 2 run HR by Shondrick Locklear in the 7th inning of game 2, down 8-7. 

      The U battled back from 2 runs down each of the last 3 innings to seal the series win.


              In the first game, PVB fell behind early and could not get the bats going until the final

      frame, mounting a comeback from 17-5 going into the bottom of the 5th inning before

      eventually falling 17-13.


              Congratulations to PVB on a very good year - and we hope the Fisher clan will 

      organize a fall wiffleball league for those of us who wish to continue playing.



             American League


             Wall to Wall had an impressive night, defeating 3JT easily 15-0 in the opening game

      on J&M field.  Game 2 was much closer as 3JT actually led coming out of the bottom of

      the 2nd inning and being within striking distance until late.  3JT attempted to battle back

      but fell in the deciding game of the series 23-11.


             Congratulations to 3JT for hanging in there and keeping on going.  They showed up

      and played even with less than ideal line-ups.  Both PVB and 3JT deserve kudos for doing

      so as they were the only teams to have no restrictions on when they played.  They showed

      up and played whoever they had on that night. 



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                                                          Brent Hoover of The "U"

     Shondrick Locklear earns the first Central Ohio Wiffleball League Playoff Wiffler of the Week.  

     Shondrick continued his recent tear at the plate, smashing 7 HRs and adding 16 RBIs in the U's

     2 game Wild Card Series victory over the Pleasant Valley Boys.

     Honorable mentions go to Brent Hoover from the U, who had 7 HRs and 11 RBIs in the 2 games

     and to Eric Young, who led Wall To Wall overy 3JT in 2 games by clobbering 4 HRs to go with

     10 RBIs.


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    Game Scores  (by Home Team)                                             Return to Top

National League

             Game 1 - SILA Field                                    Game 2 - J & M Field

             PVB             13                                               The U            9 

             The U          17                                                PVB              8    7 innings  

             WP   - Johnny Kepler (U)                               WP    - Shondrick Locklear (U)

             HRs  - Brent Hoover (U-4),                             HRs  - Brent Hoover (U-3),

                         Shondrick Locklear (U-4)                              Shondrick Locklear (U-2) 

                         Dave Fisher (PVB-2), Zach(2),                       Dave Fisher (PVB-1)

                         Brett Fisher (PVB-2)                                      Brett Fisher (PVB-1)              

                         Brent Fisher (PVB-1)                                     Trevor Thomas (PVB-1)                                                                                                 

American League

             Game 1 - J & M Field                                   Game 2 – TLC Field

             W2W          15                                                 W2W            23

             3JT               0                                                 3JT              11

             WP   - Eric Young  (W2W)                              WP   - Tony Kennedy (W2W)

             HRs  - Eric Young (W2W-2)                            HRs  - Eric Young (W2W-2),

                        Nathaniel Sprouse (W2W-2)                            Tony Kennedy (W2W-1)

                                                                                               Jim Driggs (3JT-2)

                                                                                               Tim Beavers (3JT-1)


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