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   (Wifflin' that is)

                 For Blake

          If you have played any in our league, you know the man our Spring Charity Benefit

   Tournament is for this year.   As Captain of the Redlegs, Blake Rinehart has logged almost

   100 games in league play.   Not only has he developed into an All-Star quality Wiffle Ball

    player, he is an all around great guy.  Competitive, but soft spoken, trading barbs good

    naturedly with his Redlegs teammates and opposing teams.   I have never heard Blake

    utter a cross word - he is a great example of what Wiffle ball players should be.

        Blake fought his first battle with cancer in 1997 when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's

    Lymphoma.  Undergoing a bone marrow transplant, Blake was virtually cancer free until

    until 2007 when cancer returned.   The usual routine of chemo and radiation seemed to

    overcome the very dangerous strain of cancer he was pitted against and Blake was again

    cancer free until this past winter.

          Due to the previous radiation treatments, Blake is not a candidate for further treatments

    of this kind.   Instead, he will undergo 12 weeks of intense chemo in preparation for either

    another bone marrow transplant, or the new stem cell transplant that has recently been

    pioneered.   These are both very serious operations with good records of success for the

    recipients and I know you will join us in praying for Blake's full and speedy recovery as he

    suits up to do battle against this dreaded foe.

          Those who have had a loved one go thru this regimen understand how ironic and

    debilitating cancer treatments are - poisoning the patient, killing good and bad cells in an

    attempt to eradicate mutant cancerous cells so brand new bone marrow or stem cells can

    be used to start the regenerative healing process without the cancerous cells present.     

           Blake is a warrior and we are certain he will do his part battling valiantly.  But we all

     understand his war, like all wars, are expensive.   There are a whole host of extra costs

      (gas, overnight lodging for family, missed work, etc.) that insurance simply does not cover.  

           Blake would never ask for help - in fact, he has declined our offers to this point and I

     have had to gather info about his condition from friends and family as he has been less

     than forthcoming about his illness.   He is very positive about his path and prognosis but

     obviously realizes the challenge that lies before him.

            Here is OUR chance to truly help a buddy - defray those extra costs associated with his

     struggle - show we care.   One of OUR OWN.



        YOU, the Wifflers of the COWL have been so generous in the past, donating over $3,000 to

    2010 The Matt Howe Childhood Leukemia Benefit, The 2011 Destiny Hitchens / Craig Hitchens

    Memorial Scholarship Fund and the 2012 Emilee Coy / Sara Coy Cancer Benefit.

          Now, we have the opportunity to help one of our OWN !  

          I Need Help - and I am not afraid to admit it.


        1st - I need ideas how we can raise funds for presention to Blake as a gift.

        2nd - I need you to help me get some business sponsors - they make it way easier.

                     = for HR Derby prizes, direct gifts, etc

        3rd - I need you to tell me what contest prizes you think would inspire our league to participate.

                     = Most Sponsorship $$$, HR Derby, ???? you tell me ????

        4th - I need you to noodle on how you could help.

           I have left the two things we did last year to raise funds below - and I would recommend we do

     them again - with the winners from last year being exempted from winning this year.  You tell me

    what you think the grand prizes should be.   Last year the grand prize for collecting the most

    sponsorship funds was an Apple iPhone 4S - but I am open to whatever else you might think would

    be relevant and inspiring - an XBox, Play Station 3, iPad, iPhone ?

         We will, once again, open our season with a tournament !  

        The tentative date is set for Friday or Saturday - May 31, June 1.  Please check your schedules

    to see if this works for your team !

         Once again - any sponsorship of $100 or more will give your team the priviledge of choosing

    a home field for the 2013 season - meaning all games against teams that don't have a home field

   will be on yours - and you will be home the 1st and 3rd games.  All other series with teams that

    do have a home field will be on a neutral field with coin flip determining home team.


      Thanks to These Great Sponsors  who have already pledged their support !




        Herbie Strange

            State Farm




        Thanks, Herbie !


                      4 Ways You Can Join the Fun   

                              1.   Get Sponsors and join the HR Derby (great prizes)

                              2.   Support your team - OLD Guys (yea) vs Young Punks (boo)

                                                   - Buy a stake in your team and WIN a steak !

                              3.   Any gifts from the free food night will go directly to the Charity

                              4.   Have your team play in the Benefit Tournament  

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                                1. Home Run Madness         Return to TOP

                                                             Friday, May 31 - 8 PM


  Home Run Madness Description :


  1.  Participants will seek sponsors for each HR they hit (form below) or flat donation

  2.  Minimum $25 in sponsorship per individual to participate

       Teams of $100 can designate 1 participant

       Team sponsorship at $200 gets 2 participants

       Team sponsorship at $300 2 participants ADD their totals TOGETHER

  3.  Batter will have 25 swings on TLC field

  4.  Your pitcher, your pitch - why not get a partner and just switch ?

  5.  We will record your total HRs - All swings count against 25 total (fair, foul or miss)


  6.  4 winners - Total Sponsorship $$, 1st and 2nd, Total HRs, 1st and 2nd



          Most Total Sponsorship $$$

             1st   - iPad, XBox 360, iPhone 4 - tbd

           2nd - Giovannis Pizza & Crispie Creme Gift Certificates              


         Total HRs

             1st    - Paints, State Farm, TLC & Giovannis Certificates

           2nd - Giovannis Pizza & Crispie Creme Gift Certificates

        Click here For a HR Derby Sponsor Sheet    

                   Or Vote on what the Grand Prize Is    


                                        2. Old vs Young                           Return to TOP

                                                            Friday, May 31 - 8 PM


               Who rules this league, the Grizzled Old Timers or the Young Punks ?

                                               Here's how we intend to find out ...


  1.  2 Teams, one consisting of the league's best over 35 players, one of under 35

  2.  5 innings to hit the most HRs as a team, with the game rules listed below

  3.  YOU support your team by buying a share, and receiving a dividend if they win

                 -  $5 share    = Dairy Queen Blizzard if your team wins                

                 -  $10 share  = Chipotle Gift Certificate

                 -  $25 share  = Longhorn Gift Certificate and TLC Carwash Certificate

                 -  $50 share  = All of above plus TLC Oilube Free Oil Change


             OLD Farts                          Young PUNKS

              Dave Fisher                                  Levi Driggs

              Jerry Driggs                                 Dave Page

               Matt Hoops                                  Tyler Wiget

             Brent Hoover                                ?????????


   Old vs Young Rules     


        -  Old guys (35 and over) against Young Guys (under 35)

        -  5 innings

        -  4 batters and a pitcher

        -  Inning break downs as follows;


               1st Inning -   Every batter gets 5 fair ball hits to see how many HRs they can hit

                                     Teams pitch to their own and pitchers can't be hitters - at bats end only with an out

                                     i.e., as long as a batter keeps hitting HRs, they keep batting

                                    All fair balls not HRs are outs


               2nd Inning -  With 4 defenders - regular batting order - bat until 3 outs, watched strike is automatic K

                                     Teams pitch to their own and pitchers can't be hitters

                                     Balls beyond baseline in the air are singles, rolling into the fence are doubles,

                                     Off the fence in the air are triples, over the fence HRs, grounders are outs

                                     Base runners but NO base running


               3rd Inning -  1 pitch inning - regular batting order - bat until 5 outs

                                     Pitch to the opponent - All watched balls are walks, watched strikes are K's

                                     All fair balls not HRs are outs, foul balls - unless caught, no out, move to next batter


               4th Inning -   Normal batting rules - regular batting order - bat until 3 outs

                                     Pitch to the opponent - All fair balls not HRs are outs


               5th Inning -   1 pitch inning - regular batting order - Each batter lives until they make an out

                                     Pitch to your own and pitchers can't be hitters

                                     Each HR counts for 2 runs

                                     All pitches not hit for HRs are outs


                                    3. Charity Tourney                 Return to TOP

                                                           Saturday, June1 - 9 AM


      - See above for full details


      - Sponsorship Options

              + $25   individual - HR Derby entry

              + $40   per team   - Tourney entry (non league teams - league teams free entry)

              + $100 per team   - Tourney entry, 1 HR Derby entry,   Pick pick a home field for league play


              + $200 per team   - Tourney entry, 2 HR Derby entries, Pick pick a home field for league play


              + $300 per team   - Tourney entry, 2 HR Derby entries, Pick pick a home field for league play

                                                                                                                         Pick your league division

                                                                                                                         League entry fee

                                                                                                                         ADD HR Derby scores Together

                                                                                                  Free Entry into NWBA OH State Tourney

    Click here to Register for The 3CWL Sprint Charity Tourney  

                            4. Free Dog & Chip Night / Bake Sale    

                                                                                                     Friday, May 31 - 7 PM

               - Opening Night - 3rd Capital Wiffleball League

              - Free Dogs & Chips for all in attendance - donations welcome

              - Bake Sale simultaneously

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                                     2012 For Emilee Benefit 

            Home Run Madness Results                Return to Top


                                         1st Place - Levi Driggs - 37 of 50                                  2nd Place - Tyler Wiget - 23 of 50

                                    Winner of Giovanni's Gift Certificate                   Winner of Paints Gift Pack / hat / shirts /tickets


                                   1st Place - Janae Driggs - $430                                        2nd Place - Tyler Wiget - $125

                                         Winner of Apple iPhone 4S                                           Winner of New System Bakery &

                                                                                                                                 TLC Oilube Gift Certificates

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   1st Place - Uncle Musclez Hour - T Shirt Ross County champs !     2nd Place - Cavalier Pride - Giovanni's Gift Certificates

        Blake Lansing, Dave Page, John Bruce, Andy Russell                    Hoppin' Dave Fisher, Gabe Fisher, Brandon Kennedy, Jerry Driggs

       After losing their first game to Cavs Pride, UMH fought all the way back thru the loser's bracket, defeating nearly every other team

    in the tourney, including the Avengers in the LB semifinanal, the U in the LB final, and then defeating Cavalier Pride 14-13 in the thrilling

    sudden death championship game.  Congratulations to UMH for claiming the Ross County Wiffle Ball Championship !

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