!!!  Field News !!!

 * Both the fence and the grass are now UP *

      We have had multiple scrimmages, added more lights, moved things  around a little, added a backstop, added safety fencing and the fields are ready to Go !

Thanks to Carroll Construction for dozing
And to Casey, Ben & Phil, Levi & Nae for fence work & seeding

J & M Field - From home plate, 12' right field fence and 6' tall center& right field

J & M Field - From home base down the 1st base line

J & M Field - In right field facing left / center / right


Lansing Insurance Agency Field - From behind home facing 12' tall left

TLC Yards - flat 1st baseline - raised warning track in all right field !  Seeded & strawed

TLC Yards - Looking down the 3rd base line, at bottom of new slope

TLC Yards - From left field looking to right - notice baseline is flat
The grass is up and has been mowed several times.  All the way to the outfield is ready to be played on.  The last 20' should be ready by early June.

An additional field has been added to the backyard.  The current home plate is moved down the third base line towards the woods and the field rotated slightly to the 3rd base line.  A 12' high fence has been installed in left field at 90'.  The right field fence will remain at 85' and is 6'-7' tall.  Center will be 105' in length.
Naming rights for this field have been purchased by
Lansing Insurance Agency and is named Lansing Insurance Agency field.  Thanks to Mr. Lansing for his support and to Blake (Gookie Dawkins Experience) for making the connections.  
The 2nd field (driveway field) shares the left field fence of the woods field as its right field fence at 85' in length (12' tall). The left field fence is 6'-7' tall and be 90' long.  Center is slightly longer at 105' in length is also a 7' tall fence.

Naming rights for this field have been purchased by Mike and Jill Bowers, naming the field the Jim & Margaret Driggs Memorial Field, or J & M Field, for short.  Thanks Mike & Jill for your generous support.

This should allow us to hold larger tournaments and accept 20+ teams in the league for 2010.


The Front field (Fenway) has been bulldozed to be essentially level.  First base line is now level instead of uphill, and a uniform 4' incline in the warning track has been sculpted to the right field fence.  Space was added to lengthen the right
field fence to 80' and it is 14' tall from ground level.  The left field fence will remain at 85' and center will be a straight
curve at 105'.   Permanent metal halide lights have been purchased and will eventually be installed

Naming rights for this field have been purchased by TLC Oilube and the field will be name TLC Yards.  As always, a huge thank you to Jon and Sue Harper for their generous support for the 2nd straight year.


My CEO has expressed concern at the safety of our current
pressbox ... so we will be converting the current playhouse
in right field to our new pressbox, with a roof and sides
so our plunder can be left out.