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                                  Past Tournament Winners





Emilee Coy


  Click Here to see the Results from the For Emilee Tourney and HR Derby 


                      2012 NWBA Slow Pitch State Champions !


                                                           Champs - The Bulldogs

     Working their way back thru the loser's bracket after suffering 3 losses on the day, the Bulldogs showed tenacious resilience to

  post walk off wins over the host Legends, then a loser's bracket final 9-3 win over the U, and lastly, a thrilling come from behind

  win over tWo in the sudden death championship. 


                           2nd Place - The Bulldogs

     tWo had a fantastic day, winning their brutal pool and crushing the ball all day long.   Justin's troops showed why they are the

  prohibitive favorite at London every year.  Congrats to a fantastic day for tWo.  Nice guys that they are, I am still holding it

  against them that Jace turned down a wrestling camp shirt for a basketball one.


            2011 NWBA State Champions 



         Fast Pitch State Champions - the Dirtybirds             Slow Pitch State Champions - the Legends

     Click here for a Complete 2011 NWBA OH State Tourney Review 


     2011 Goldstick Spring Champions 


                             2011 Goldstick Spring Challenge Champions - The Bulldogs     



                               2011 Goldstick Spring Challenge 2nd Place - The Tigers


                                                 Pool winners highlighted in blue

                        Pool A                                Pool B                                 Pool C


               1 - Yankees   (1-5)                5 - GDE               (2-2)         9 - Dirtybirds  (4-3)

               2 - The U       (2-4)               6 - Tigers              (5-3)       10 - PVB             (2-3)

               3 - Legends  (2-2)               7 - Wildcats          (3-3)       11 - B Sharp      (4-4)

                                                             8 - Clamdiggers  (4-3)       12 - Bulldogs     (6-1)



        The tournament went off without a hitch.  For the first time in over a month, the sun shined on the

  weekend, making it a GREAT weekend to be wiffle balling.   The Legends crew was surprised at both

  how competitive the pools were, and how close all of the games were.  Of the 50 games played, only 2

  were decided by the mercy rule. 14 were decided in the last at bat, and 25 were decided by 3 runs or

  less.  There were 5 game ending walk-off home runs.

         Most of all, THANK YOU to the teams that joined us !  Thanks to my crew for helping get every

  thing ready.  As I shared with many of you, on Wednesday our fields were mostly under water.  Levi

  and I worked feverishly on Thurs. and Friday to get everything in order.  Thanks to Tim Beavers for

  umpiring 7 games, and to John, Brent, Dave Page and Dave Fisher for umpiring multiple games thru

  out the day.  The umpiring was very good, I heard lots of excellent reports and we know from

  experience how frustrating it can be to have an umpire who doesn't have a clue.

        The Clamdiggers beat PVB in the opening round of the Winner's Bracket.  The Bulldogs came from

  behind late in the game to beat the Legends in the other WB game, and both the Clamdiggers and Bulldogs

  showed why they have been standard bearers at London and continue to be threats to win London.

        The Bulldogs won the Winner's Bracket by narrowly defeating the Clamdiggers in a great finals game.

         GDE was designated as the best of the Loser's Bracket teams and was awarded a bye to start the

  tournament.   The Yankees fell to the U in a pool game rematch reversal 3- 2, Blade Sharp fell to the

  Dirtybirds and the Tigers bead the Wildcats narrowly to finish the 1st round of the Loser's bracket.

         In the 2nd round of the Loser's Bracket the Dirtybirds beat the U and the Tigers beat GDE with a walk

  off HR by Adam.   In the Loser's Bracket x2 the Yanks lost in a close game to Blade Sharp who went on to

  win the Loser's Bracket x2 by beating the Wildcats 17-7.

         In the semi-finals of the Loser's Bracket the Dirtybirds beat the Legends 19-17 and the Tigers eliminated

   PVB.   In the finals the Tigers beat the Dirtybirds 22-20.

         Blade Sharp beat their way back into a chance to play for the tourney championship by beating the

  Clamdiggers 14-7 but were turned back in the final Loser's Bracket game by the Tigers 17-8.

         For the 3rd time in as many tries at our Spring Goldstick Tourney the Tigers had worked their way

  completely thru the Loser's Bracket to play in the sudden death championship game.  But, the Bulldog's

  rest and youth caught up with the aging Tigers and the Bulldogs won the championship game 17-4 claiming

  the title of 2011 Legends Goldstick Spring Champion.



         2010 Craig Hitchens Goldstick Challenge 





                                                Champions - The Paints

                           Joey Davis, Derrick Webb, Mike Hamilton, Aaron Ragland


                                                              2nd Place - The Tigers

                              Other Finishers


Team   Place   Record
Paints       1st       8-1
Legends    DNF       9-0
Tistros       2nd     10-2
Gookie Dawkins Experience      4th      8-4
Yankees        4th      7-5
The U            5-5
Wall-to-Wall           5-4
3JT             5-5
Pleasant Valley Boys             3-5   
Flakey Jakes            2-5 
True Colors             1-5 












    2009 Wide Open Wiffleball Tourney Champions 



                                                             The Legends


      2009 Matt Howe Benefit Goldstick Champions 


                    Click Here to see the Gazette Article



                        Youth Champions - Sharks  (with Matt being on farthest right of picture)




                                                    Adult Champions - Colt 45's



                                                        2nd Place - The Legends