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    League Standings     


      2010 COWL League Stats

      2011 COWL League Stats

      2012 COWL League Stats


      2013 COWL League Stats         



                                                               2012 League Breakdowns  

                                                               **  New for 2012 - New division designations  **


      CHAMPIONS    for all past Division regular season and playoff champions

      CONTENDERS for all new teams & returning teams who have not won a divisional season or playoff championship


             Contenders Division                  Champions Division     
             Abusement Park  (TLC) (AP)            Legends                  (TLC)    (LEG)
             Dirt Dogs            (DD)            Uncle Musclez Hour              (UMH) 
             Knights               (KG) 

           The U                     (J&M)      

             Redlegs                             (RL)    
             Pleasant Valley Boys         (PVB)       



         Teams in red have selected a home field - meaning they will have choice of home or visitor in the 1st and

         3rd game of every series with a team not having a home field, irrespective of which field a game is played on.








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