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    2010 Stats   



                 2011 Central Ohio Wiffleball League

                               Playoff Round 1


           2011 Central Ohio Wiffleball League Standings   



      League          In Conf      Overall   Winning %     


      Legends           2 -  0         25 -   2         .929       

       GDE                2 -  1         20 -   8         .715       

       PVB                 1 -  2         16 - 12         .571     


       Knights            0 -  2          7 - 20         .259 



     League          In Conf       Overall     Winning %    

       Redlegs           2 -  0         14 -  13         .519

       The U              2 -  1         13 -  15        .419     

       Brothers x2    1 -  2           9 -  19         .321    

       Young Guns    0 -  2           2 -   6         .250   


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                       2011 COWL Playoff Round 1 Summaries 

            Round 1 of the National League playoff pitted the league record holder for average runs scored per

  game against the league leader in least runs allowed per game average.  Obviously, in this 3 game conference

  series featuring the Legends versus the Knights something was bound to give.   The Legends had home field

  advantage due to their better record and chose the Woods field which gives up nearly twice as many HRs as

  any other field.  The Knights chose TLC which gives up more runs that J & M but can be extremely difficult

  to hit HRs at due to the 14' high fences. 

            Game 1 featured Ben Cydrus on the mound for the Legends versus Dustin Weaver for the Knights.  The

  Knights got off to a good start with Dustin hitting a HR as the second batter of the game.  In the bottom half of

  the inning Jerry, Levi and Ben all poked HRs as Jerry hit 2 enroute to a 6-1 lead after an inning.  The Knights

  went quietly in the 2nd inning and the Legends tacked on 5 more runs on HRs by Levi and Jerry.  The Knights

  rebounded in inning 3 as Amos crushed a 3 run homer and the Knights played small ball to score 2 more to

  narrow the gap to 11-5.  The Legends tacked on 7 more runs in the bottom of the 3rd on HRs by Ben and Levi.

  Trailing 18-5 the Knights managed to push across 1 in their part of the inning.   Levi and Ben added HRs in the

  bottom of the 4th and Jerry ended the game with a walk off Granny to force the mercy rule.

           Game 2 moved to field TLC with Amos taking the mound for the Knights versus Jerry for the Legends. 

  The Knights began the game with renewed focus, jumping out to a 4-1 lead on a 3 run smash to left by Dustin

  Weaver countered by a solo shot by Jerry.  Inning 2 was a virtual replay with the Knights adding 3 more runs

  via small ball versus another solo shot by Jerry, making the score 6-2 Knights after 2.  The Knights held true

  to their pattern, holding the Legends to a single run in the top of the 3rd off a solo shot by Levi, but could not

  extend their lead in the bottom of the inning.  The Legends exploded in the 4th inning, using 3 run HRs by Jerry,

  Levi and Ben to push across 13 runs in their half of the inning.  The Knights threatened but could not score in the

  bottom of the 4th and both teams traded single runs in the 5th as the Legends closed out the series with a 16-7


          For their 1st year the Knights did a great job, cementing their place in the record books by claiming the 2nd

  best mark for runs allowed per game at 7.9.  If they stick with it and their offense does the normal improvement

  in the 2nd year, they will be very difficult to defeat.  Congratulations to Amos, Dustin, Nathan and Walter.  They

  had a great 1st year but had the unfortunate draw of being in the strongest conference.  Indeed, the Knights were

  .500 out of conference but did not manage to win a game in conference.

           Playoff series #2 featured the American conference leading Redlegs versus the new kids on the block, the

  Young Guns, with only 2 series under their belts.  Game 1 featured Blake Rinehart for the Redlegs versus Nick

  Rinehart for the Knights on the Woods field.  The Redlegs wasted little time getting down to business, jumping

  out to an 8-0 1st inning lead on HRs by Blake and Ron Anderson.  The Young Guns edged back in the 2nd,

  scoring 2 to narrow the gap to 8-2.  The Young Guns inched even closer in inning 3 out scoring the Redlegs 2-1

  to make the score 9-4 heading into the 4th. The Redlegs pushed across 5 in the bottom of the 4th courtesy of a

  3 run HR by Blake, who picked up the win when the Young Guns could only score 2 in the 4th with the final score

  being 14-7.    For the game the Young Guns hit 7 HRs, 5 more than the Redlegs, but all were solos and the

  Redlegs used smart and aggressive base running to score the old fashioned 1 base at a time way.    For the Young

  Guns Shane crushed 3 HRs, Will smashed 2 and Nick and Joe had 1 apiece.

           Game 2 moved to TLC with the Young Guns being the home team and sending Will to the mound versus

  Mr. Anderson for the Redlegs.  The Redlegs slowly built a lead by scoring 1, 3 and 5 runs in the 1st 3 innings as

  Ronnie and Brad combined for 6 HRs.    A 6 run top of the 4th put the Redlegs up 15-1 and in sight of a mercy

  win, but the Young Guns responded with 4 runs on 2 Shane HRs.  The Redlegs again used aggressive base

  running in the top of the 5th and scored 4 runs to lead 19-5.  The Young Guns put a real scare into the Redlegs,

  scoring 6 runs without an out in the bottom of the 5th before a runner to home got pegged deflating the rally and

  ending the Young Guns brave come-back.


           For the game Ronnie Anderson picked up the win and led the Redlegs with 4 HRs and 10 RBIs.  Brad Miller

  added 2 HRs and Blake and Drew Nichols also added a HR each.  For the Young Guns Shane again led with 2 HRs

  and 6 RBIs with Nick also adding a 3 run HR. 

          For so little experience the Young Guns were remarkably competitive, in spite of being without their best

  hitter statistically Taylor Wallingford.  I hope they join the league at the start next year and if so will be a threat

  to win the new team conference. 


  Playoff series #3 pitted the 2nd and 3rd place teams in the American conference in a series of old grizzled vets

  against the new kids on the block, i.e., the U versus Brothers Squared.  Game 1 was an absolute barn burner as

  the Brothers Squared built an 8-1 lead through 3 innings on the U's home field TLC, only to see this lead whittle

  away as John and Shondrick hit key HRs in the 4th and 5th innings to surge within striking distance but to

  eventually fall 8-7 as a Shondrick bid to win via walkoff ended with Colin Hill catch a deep drive to center field

  with his back against the fence.  Collin Hill picked up the win while smashing 2 key HRs.  All the U cranked HRs

in the game, hitting 6 while only scoring 7 runs total.

  The U wasted no time in game 2 at BX2's choice for home field, the Woods, by crushing 3 HRs in the 1st inning

  on the way to a 11-0 start.  From there the score grew to 20-4 into the bottom of the 5th, whereupon BX2 jump

  started and scored 7 runs to make the final 20-11.  Shondrick hit 2 HRs while Brent Hoover and Shay Netter

  both added 1, but the story of the game was aggressive base running by the U as they used numerous BX2
  overthrows to take extra bases and score runs in bunches while playing small ball.  Shay Netter picked up the

  win on the mound while Collin Hill again lead BX2 with 2 HRs, a number matched by Casey Zupi.

  The rubber game of the night was another classic as BX2 posted an early lead back on TLC.   By this time the

  thick air had cooled and the only HR in the game belonged to Collin Hill in the 1st, a 3 run shot.  The U went

  about their business playing small ball and aggressively running the bases, finally taking the lead 7-4 in the

  bottom of the 4th.  BX2 scored a fluke run on a swinging bunt and multiple overthrows to make the score 7-5

  with 2 outs, but were retired in order to give the U their first playoff series victory.  John Kepler picked up the

  win and the U will move on to challenge the Redlegs for the Divisional Championship.

  The last playoff series of round 1 featured 2 of the best teams in the league, Gookie Dawkins Experience and

  the Pleasant Valley Boys.  GDE had home field advantage and chose TLC as their home field, a wise choice

  considering they had but 3 players.  Game 1 was all PVB as they raced to a 14-4 lead as all 5 players for PVB

  hit HRs.  GDE eventually found their stride and scored 6 runs in the bottom of the 5th, but it was too little too

  late as PVB took a 1-0 lead in the series with a 17-10 win.  Brett Fisher picked up the win for PVB while Blake

  Lansing hit the only 2 HRs for GDE.

  Game 2 was a different case as play moved to PVB's choice for home field, the Woods.  GDE jumped out to a

  9-0 lead in inning 1 on 2 HRs by Eric Lewis.  GDE added to their lead until the bottom of the 4th by playing

  small ball and won the game 14-5 as Blake Lansing did an excellent job on the mound in picking up the win.

  Game 3 moved back to TLC where GDE was home and an all out pitching dual ensued, Eric Lewis versus Brent

  Fisher.   After 3 innings GDE had snuck in 3 runs off of 2 HRs by Cody Cambell.   PVB had numerous chances

  to get on the board but were the victims of bad bounces as 2 balls bounced directly to fielders leading to double

  plays.  In the top of the fifth PVB managed to place their first 2 runners on base with no outs, only to have 2

  consecutive batters strike out swinging and then have the game end on a deep fly to left.  Eric picked up the

  4-0 win for GDE.

  After the game it was decided by GDE that they would not be able to make any more series dates due to

  vacations, work schedules and going back to school, so PVB was given a pass to the Division Championship

  against the Legends.


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                     COWL Wiffler of the Week 8                          Return to Top



           The COWL Wiffler of the Week for Playoff week 1 was a fairly clear choice.  One of the series we expected

  to be very close, including several picking it for the upset of the week, was the Redlegs vs the Young Guns series.

  The Young Guns had shown marked improvement in their limited playing time and had came very close to beating

  the Redlegs in their regular season series.

            Well Ronnie Anderson would have none of that, nearly single handedly beating the Youngs Guns by crushing

  7 HRs and 19 RBIs, and picking up the decisive win in game 2 from the mound.

            Ron has had a great year, being mentioned as honorable mention for Wiffler of the Week nearly every week.

  Here's to Mr. Anderson for escaping the matrix and being the real Wiffler of the Week !


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    Game Scores  (Home team on top)                                                                             Return to Top 

  Redlegs            23                                   Young Guns    13                                         
  Young Guns      18                                   Redlegs            4                                    
  WP –  Blake Rinehart                            WP –  Ron Anderson
  HRs - Blake Rinehart RL(2)                 HRs - Ronnie Anderson RL(4)                

             Ronnie Anderson RL(1)                         Brad Miller RL(2)                           

             Shane YG(3)                                            Blake Rinehart RL(1)                           

             Will YG(2)                                               Drew Nichols RL(1)                           

             Nick Rinehart YG(1)                              Shane YG(2)

             Joe YG(1)                                                Nick Rinehart YG(1)   


  The U               7                                     Brothers X2      10                                 The U               7    

  Brothers X2     8                                     The U                20                                 Brothers X2     5     
  WP –  Collin Hill                                     WP – 
Shay Netter                               WP –  John Kepler         
  HRs - Collin Hill BX2(2)                        HRs - Shondrick Locklear U(1)          HRs -Collin Hill BX2(1)         

             Trent Chaffin BX2(1)                              Brent Hoover U(1)                

             Casey Zupi BX2(1)                                  Shay Netter U(1)                                

             Shondrick Locklear U(2)                         Collin Hill BX2(2)               

             Jordan Nelson U(1)                                 Casey Zupi BX2(2) 

             Brent Hoover U(1)                                  Trent Chaffin BX2(1)   

             John Kepler U(1) 

             Shay Netter U(1)                                

  Legends           24                                     Knights             16      
  Knights              6                                     Legends              7     
  WP –  Ben Cydrus                                   WP – 
Jerry Driggs                           
  HRs - Levi Driggs LEG(5)                     HRs - Jerry Driggs LEG(4)             

             Jerry Driggs LEG(5)                               Ben Cydrus LEG(1)                          

             Ben Cydrus LEG(3)                                 Levi Driggs LEG(1)                         

             Phill King LEG(1)                                    Dustin Weaver KG(1)                             

             Nathan Rinehart KG(2)                                   

             Dustin Weaver KG(1)                              

  GDE                10                                     PVB                   5                                   GDE                 5 
  PVB                 17                                    GDE                 14                                   PVB                  0     
  WP –  Brett Fisher                                  WP –  Blake Lansing 
                            WP –  Eric Lewis 
  HRs - Brett Fisher PVB(1)                     HRs - Eric Lewis (2)                             HRs - Cody Campell GDE(2)     

             Brent Fisher PVB(1)                                Brett Fisher PVB(1)                      

             Dave Fisher PVB(1)                                Brent Fisher PVB(1)                    

             Gabe Fisher PVB(1)                                                    

             Trevor Thomas PVB(1)

             Blake Lansing GDE(2)                             


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