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                                   National Wiffle Ball Association  

          2012 Ohio State Slow Pitch Championship  

                           Friday / Saturday June 1st / June 2nd 


                              Date       Format       Prizes      Location       Cost       Rules       Wifflebacks


              Who can dethrone the 2011 NWBA Ohio State Champs ? 


            DirtyBirds - 2011 NWBA Ohio Fast pitch Champs        The Legends - 2011 NWBA Ohio Slow pitch Champs



                                            Dates :                              Return to top              

    Date :  Friday, June 1st, 2012 (SVC Challenge under the lights)

                   Saturday, June 2nd (pool play & tournaments)


                                          Format :                            Return to top            

                                            Underhand Slow Pitch
Pool tournaments with Wiffle Backs*

             Double elimination for 1st & 2nd place teams

              Single elimination tourney for places 2-4

                                      4 game guarantee

                                                            Rules synopsis below


                           For BRAGGING rights among SVC schools

  Get your team together and see where you stand in the Wiffle hierarchy

                                  T-Shirts for SVC Challenge champ

              With option for all to play in the Saturday Tourney for $10 more


                                                                                 Prizes :                             Return to top 

                 State Championship trophy for 1st Place

                                  Championship T-Shirts for 1st Place

                                     Tournament  T-Shirts for 2nd Place

                                                                                  Where :                                                      Return to top

                                      Legends Park    


                   4 - 90 degree stadium lighted fields

           Carpeted batters boxes & pitchers mounds

          Clearly marked foul lines - 25' tall foul poles

                    Common sense rules on pitch height and play

               Competent officials who know the rules                                           



                                           Cost :                              Return to top

                                                               $40 SVC Challenge

                                  $50 b4 May 24th

                                                                                $60 after

       Hosted by Legends Field & Wide Open Wiffleball

                                      Sponsored by


                             Herbie Strange State Farm


    What's a Wiffle Back ?                                               Return to top

     Pool tournament example, #1 team plays #2, #3 versus #4

        #1 and #3 win, and play in final

        #2 and #4 play in consolation

        If #1 wins in final and #2 wins in consolation, then #2 will play #3 for 2nd and 3rd place

     If #3 wins and #4 wins, then #4 will play #2 for 2nd and 3rd place    

       For Complete rules click here  


      General Rules : Underhand Slow Pitch                 Return to top

       1.  3+ players per team - bat as many players as you like

       2.  4 defenders in the field, plus optional catcher who must stay in foul territory

       3.  Pitching noodle will be used to enforce minimum arch on pitches

       4.  Pitcher's mound is 22' from home plate

       5.  6 balls = a double, 10 balls = home run, 3 strikes = an out

                 - batter must state choice on 6th ball, choice to walk or hit is unalterable

       5.  Only official unaltered Wiffle bats permitted

       6.  Pitcher's hand - both feet on pitching box, only retires runners to 1st base

       7.  Pegging of runners with ball permitted on all bases

       8.  Tagging on fly balls permitted

       9.  No infield fly rule in effect - runners should run everything out     

     10.  Fouled 3rd strikes caught by catcher = strike out, otherwise fouls must clear batter's head to be out  

     11.  No sliding permitted

     12.  Unlimited Home Runs allowed

     13.  Teams will use their own bats - bats will be checked before each game

     For additional information concerning the pitching noodles, see our rules page