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           2012 Tourney and COWL League Schedule  

   COWL League Schedule      NWBA State Tourney

                                  National Wiffle Ball Association  

          2012 Ohio State Slow Pitch Championship  

                              Friday / Saturday June 1st / 2nd 

                                                            Click here for full details  


                   2012 COWL League Schedule  

      Contenders Division                Champions Division   
       Abusement Park   (AP)          Legends                              (LEG)
       Dirt Dogs            (DD)          formerly GDE       (GDE)
       Knights               (KG)           Pleasant Valley Boys         (PVB)     
       CyClones            (CC)          Redlegs                            (RL) 
       Young Guns        (YG)

          The U                           


          Friday May 18th - League night #1

          Friday May 25th - League night #2 / Emilee Coy Benefit HR Derby competition

          Friday June   8th - League night #3

          Friday June 15th - League night #4

          Friday June 22nd - League night #5

          Friday June 29th - League night #6

          Friday July    6th - Make Up night

          Friday July 13th - League night #7

          July 16th - 22nd    Playoff Round 1 - Texas Shootout Rounds 1 & 2 

          July 23rd - 29th    Playoff Round 2 - Divisional Championships

          July 30th - August 5th - 2012 COWL World Series

            League Entry Fee :  $100 per team


            Home Field Cost :      $  50 per team OR  $100 in HR Derby sponsorship donations

                                                          Choose a HOME

                                                   Guarantees Home-Home against non conference teams WITHOUT a home field

                                                          Guarantees Home-Away-Home against conference teams WITHOUT a home field

                                                          Guarantees Home-Away-Flip against conference teams WITH a home field



            Division Change :      $ 50 OR  $100 in HR Derby sponsorship donations

                                                          Change your DIVISION

                                                   Pick your division to improve your chances !


             Cost for Both :          $ 75 OR  $175 in HR Derby sponsorship donations

                                                          Change your DIVISION and acquire a HOME field


            Teams with high school baseball players or college students will be free to make up missed league nights in May or

            early June as soon as they are able.  These will be scheduled as an early series of each night so the teams on schedule

            can play their regular 2 game schedule for the night and be on their way. 

            These double series will start at 6:30 and should be complete by the time the normal 8 PM games get started.

   Format Changes :

     1.  Only 2 games per night on non-conference nights - 1 home and 1 away (with exceptions below) - 1 series with each team

     2.  3 games per night on conference nights - play each conference foe in 1-3 game series (home determined by coin flip)


     3.  22 game regular season

     4.  7 nights of league play - 2 double non-conference series nights (play 2 non-conference foes in same night = 4 games)

     5.  Friday night league night, starting at 8 PM (2 games should be done by 10 PM)

     6.  Friday night will be the only night games are played under the lights - makeup nights can be any night, but games on

          makeup nights will be done before dark.


     7.  Playoffs to start in the 3rd week of July


     8.  Playoffs to be Texas shootout style, i.e.,

               - team with best overall record chooses who they play in round 1 of playoff - inside or outside of division

                         +  and where on the bracket they will go to

                         +  can choose bye if odd number of teams

               - team with 2nd best overall record chooses who they play in round 1 of playoff - inside or outside of division

               - team with 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc... until all teams paired off in bracket

               - as as result divisional rivals may end up anywhere on bracket

     Field Descriptions :

     TLC field is now the field closest to the woods - best known for high scoring, wide open games

     J & M is the field closest to the driveway - the best choice for defense, small ball minded teams

     Shelley field is the newest field, narrow, but with the shortest fences protected by overhanging trees

     Carrol (CC) field is the front field, with short but 14' tall right and left field fences - bettter hit HRs to win here

  Week 1    Friday  May 18th   Conference #1   home team listed 1st  
      Field             TLC            J & M         Shelley             Carroll
     8:00   LEG     VS   RL    U      VS    PVB    CC    VS    KG    AP      VS    DD
     8:45   RL       VS   LEG      PVB  VS   U     KG    VS    CC   DD      VS    AP
      9:30   LEG     VS   RL   U      VS    PVB    CC    VS    KG   AP      VS    DD



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