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                  Central Ohio Wiffleball League

                           2012 Best Of Voting Results


            The top 2 vote getters are listed as the Best Of with the top vote getter being listed first. 

            Honorable Mention recipients received the next 2 highest vote tallies and are listed in alphabetical order.

            Special Mention recipients received more than one vote and are listed alphabetically also.


      Toughest Out                                                                                                                                                                                           Return to Top     



        This category describes the players in the league who are the hardest to get out - whether by virtue of their

    bat control, speed or pitch selection rarely make outs.       

    Best Of :                                                 Honorable Mention :                                        Special Mention :          

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Brad Miller       (Redlegs) 

    Blake Lansing  (UMH)                       Gabe Fisher    (PVB)                                       Corbin Hill        (AP)

    Levi Driggs       (Legends)                  Phill King        (Legends)                                 Corey White    (Knights)  

                                                                       Corey White    (Knights)                                 Lucas Detty       (Dirt Dogs)     

                                                                                                                                                 Matt Hoops         (Redlegs) 


          The commissioning team was somewhat surprised by the outcome of this voting.   Blake is an absolute lock at the top of

    the list as anything but a grounder back to the pitcher is a guaranteed hit for him.   His speed plus the head start from batting

    on the wrong side of the plate makes him almost impossible to retire.  

           Levi's inclusion in so many ballots was a surprise to us as he has always been a prototypical feast or famine hitter for the

    Legends - generally either a HR or an out.   Granted, he probably bats .750 on HRs, having hit nearly 250 in the last 2 years,

    but we are convinced he would bat .059 if we suddenly outlawed HRs.

           Conspicuous by his absence on this list, at least to us, is Josh Wonderleigh, who we observed makes very few outs - both

    do to his speed, bat control (lots of line drives) and ability to hit all kinds of pitches (go opposite field).

      Best Base Runner                                                                                                                Return to Top             



        This category describes the players in the league who run the bases the best - by virtue of their speed, savvy or perhaps

    willingness to surprise opponents by throwing caution to the wind.     


    Best Of :                                                 Honorable Mention :                                        Special Mention :          


    Blake Lansing    (UMH)                   Dave Page                (UMH)                                Brent Hoover           (The U)

    Phill King            (Legends)              John Bruce               (UMH)                               Collin Hill                (AP)

                                                                      Josh Wonderleigh    (Knights)                          Trevor Thomas       (Redlegs) 


          Again, we were somewhat surprised by the outcome of this voting.   Blake is a no-brainer at the top of this list, and UMH

    is the undisputed king of the base paths in our league.  All of their lineup has speed, is base savvy and very little in the way

    of conscious about taking extra bases.  They will run at the least provocation - and they are good at it.

          Not that Phill is not an excellent base runner - he absolutely is.   He takes extra bases when the opportunity presents its

    self and you can count on your index finger the number of times he has been thrown out since the league began.  The

    surprise to us is that his name would come to mind when running bases at all.   Levi and Jerry have combined for over 500

    HRs in the last 2 years - meaning Phill's base running has mostly consisted of walking from whatever base he is on back to

    home plate after a bomb - he just doesn't get many chances to display his ability.

          The rest of the list is dead on in our opinion - although Corbin Hill, had he played more, probably would have been on the

    list somewhere also.   Adam McGuire from the Redlegs is also a dangerous base runner that didn't make the list.

      Best General Pitcher                                                                                                                                                                                  Return to Top     



        This category describes the players in the league who do the best job of pitching on a normal basis - they give up the

    fewest HRs, walks, runs - get opponents to hit into easy pop flies, double plays, routine grounders and generally manage

    the game in a way that gives their team the best chance to win.     


    Best Of :                                                 Honorable Mention :                                        Special Mention :          


    Amos Jones    (Knights)                    Brett Fisher      (PVB)                                      Blake Rinehart            (Redlegs)

    Ben Cyrdus     (Legends - tie)          Dave Page       (UMH)                                       Brad Miller                  (Redlegs)

    John Kepler  (U - tie)                                                                                                    Collin Hill                     (AP)

                                                                                                                                                 Eric Cox                       (Dirt Dogs)

                                                                                                                                                 Matt Hoops                   (Dirt Dogs)



          The only surprise on this list is the inclusion of someone who only pitched 1 game this year - Ben Cydrus - which

    indicates just how good he is at pitching - he made the All Star team and didn't even play this year.  

          What is indicated by the results in our opinion is that every team now has a bona-fide solid starting pitcher who can

    shut the opposition down - which totally explains why the games have gotten closer and closer and closer - and why

    scoring stats are down - especially when the two "best" for each team match up in a series.

          Either that - or everyone simply voted for themselves during the balloting.    Which, given the fine gentlemen who

    populate our league, I simply refuse to believe.


      Best Outfielders                                                                                                            Return to Top             



        This category describes the players in the league who consistently make not only the routine plays, but the difficult

    plays in the outfield including the dives and the crashes into the fences.


    Best Of :                                                 Honorable Mention :                                        Special Mention :          


     Levi Driggs       (Legends)                 Josh Wonderleigh    (Knights)                         Adam McGuire          (Redlegs)

    Dave Fisher       (PVB)                        Matt Cox                  (Dirt Dogs)                       John Bruce                (UMH)  

                                                                                                                                                  Tyler Wiget            (The U)  


          No surprises here.   Levi is always diving somewhere and those gorilla arms and size 14 dogs means the whole field

    is only 2 steps wide in each direction for him.   Dave has recovered from his physical ailments - and although not entirely

    back up to his pre-injury form, still does the best imitation of the FTD man when catching a fly ball of anyone we have seen. 

      Best Infielders                                                                                                               Return to Top             



        This category describes the players in the league who consistently make not only the routine plays, but the difficult

     plays in the infield - snatching the screaming line drives and the hard bouncers and making good throws to the pitcher.


     Best Of :                                                 Honorable Mention :                                        Special Mention :          


    Phill King                 (Legends)           Corey White    (Knights)                                  Eric Cox               (Dirt Dogs) 

    Eric Lewis                (UMH - tie)                                                                                   John Kepler         (The U)                      

    Trevor Thomas      (UMH - tie)                                                                                    Kyle Uhrig          (Redlegs) 


          Once again - no surprises here.   The guys in column 1 all can flat out field - quick hands, quick feet and accurate

    with their throws - they make their pitchers look good.


      Most Feared Pitcher                                                                                               Return to Top             



         This category describes the players in the league who batters least like to face with the game on the line - due

     to their unpredictability, their control, their gyrations, their disregard about throwing flat pitches - making them a

     nightmare to hit in difficult spots against.


     Best Of :                                                 Honorable Mention :                                 Special Mention :          


    Josh Wonderleigh     (Knights)        Brett Fisher       (PVB)                               Blake Rinehart    (Redlegs) 

    Shondrick Locklear (The U)            Levi Driggs       (Legends)                         Collin Hill            (AP)                   

                                                                                                                                            Dave Fisher         (PVB)  

                                                                                                                                            Dustin Weaver   (Knights)  


          As evidenced by the myriad of guys who received multiple votes, our league has some solid relief pitching -

    it will be interesting to see who the Rollie Fingers Reliever of the Year is next year.

      Most Feared Hitter                                                                                             Return to Top             



        This category describes the players in the league who teams least like to see come to bat with two outs and the

     game tied - those batters most likely to spoil the game by ending it with a walk off.


     Best Of :                                                 Honorable Mention :                                 Special Mention :          


     Levi Driggs       (Legends)                 Andy Russell     (UMH)                             Brad Miller        (Redlegs)    

    Dave Fisher       (PVB - tie)               Corey White      (Knights)                          Collin Hill           (AP)

    Ashley Flautt    (UMH - tie)                                                                                  Lucas Detty         (Dirt Dogs)  

                                                                                                                                           Tyler Wiget         (The U)  


          This is a solid list - a veritable murderers row, if you will - with the only surprise being, for the first time in the history of

    the league - a girl has made the Best Of list.  Congratulations Ashley !

      Player Most Wanted to Be Stolen                                                                                      Return to Top             



        This category describes the players in the league who teams would most like to steal to be on their own team.


     Best Of :                                                 Honorable Mention :                                Special Mention :          


     Corey White           (Knights)           Dave Page      (UMH)                                Blake Lansing   (UMH)

    Josh Wonderleigh   (Knights)          Levi Driggs     (Legends)                           Collin Hill           (AP)


            One would assume the player most wanted by other teams to be stolen would be the lead vote getter in one or more

     of the other categories - because they are the best hitter, best fielder, best pitcher, etc.   Au' Contraire, my friend.   The

     winner of the most desired to be stolen leads not a single other category.   While this player is Honorable or Special

     mention in most every other category, he leads in only this category.   This is a reflection on what a well rounded player

     Corey is and how nice of a guy he is also. 

             A most scarey proposition would be all of these heavy weights joining forces to become 1 team - aka the Avengers

     or the Justice League.   Let us hope this does not come to pass !   Their only deficiency would be the stats recording as

     I have a hard time making heads or tails of their current sheets when they do the recording.


     Web Gem Master                                                                                             Return to Top             



        This category describes the players in the league who is most likely to create a highlight after a spectacular

     defensive play - either in the outfield or infield.


     Best Of :                                                 Honorable Mention :                                 Special Mention :          


     Eric Lewis       (UMH)                        Dave Fisher         (PVB)                             Adam McGuire       (Redlegs)

    Levi Driggs    (Legends)                     Phill King             (Legends)                        Matt Cox                  (Dirt Dogs)

                                                                                                                                                     Trevor Thomas      (PVB)                               


          After seeing these exact folks make diving plays on us all year - we agree they belong.


     Team that Has the Most Fun                                                                                             Return to Top             



        This category describes the team that has the most fun - ribbing each other good naturedly and not taking the

     silly game of hitting a plastic ball with a 5 oz bat or themselves to seriously.


     Best Of :                                                 Honorable Mention :                                 Special Mention :          


     Dirt Dogs                                               Uncle Musclez Hour                     


          This was a landslide - those Dogs sure know how to have a good time - no matter what the score is !   These are

      truly great guys - and we loved having them in the league this year.  Our question - can they continue to have so much

      fun as they continue to get better and thus have closer games !?!   We bet so.

     Most Fun to Play Against                                                                                    Return to Top             



        This category describes the team that is the most fun to play against - because they balance their good natured

     ribbing of opponents and fellow team mates with a competitive spirit and close games.


     Best Of :                                                 Honorable Mention :                                 Special Mention :          


     PVB                                                         Redlegs                                                      Dirt Dogs

                                                                       Uncle Musclez Hour                                 Knights 


          Once again - this was a landslide.    The Fisher boys constant barrage of one liners to both their teammates

     and opponents - combined with Dave's break dancing on the mound - always makes these guys a hoot to play.  

     Therein lies a subtle danger because they can beat you while you are laughing and almost make you feel good

     about it !   Even their team picture illustrates this as Dave had his eyes closed in all 3 pics I took.

          There is a surprise here - the only significant complaints we received this year centered on the use of solid

     balls for Little Leaguers - and PVB was the team with them (3 of 'em at times).   Fortunately for all you

     complainers out there - Gabe & crew will be onto regular balls next year !    Knowing Dave, however,  he may

     just go out and recruit a whole new batch of little guys just to aggravate you. 

     Favorite Field                                                                                                 Return to Top             



            This category describes the field most teams list as the one they would like to play their games on.


     Best Of :                                                 Honorable Mention :                                 Special Mention :          


     TLC (woods field)                               CC Field    (out front)                                J & M

            Hopefully next year we have a new addition to this list - Shelley field.   The number of teams we had on

     Friday nights did not warrant playing on this field regularly and thus only 1/2 the league got to play a series

     on it.    We think it will rise through the ranks because it is a good cross between all 3 fields - easier to hit

     home runs to straight left and right but still wide and open enough to beat out hits while playing small ball.

           The surprise here is that only 1 playoff game was conducted on J & M field - out of the 23 total that

     were played.   We surmise that is because the relative lack of HRs that it begrudges.   Our assumption is

     that teams would rather get beat than not hit HRs - and we understand that.  Cause Wiffle Ball is all about

     the Long Ball !

           Thanks for your participation in our survey !

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