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                                                      Central Ohio Wiffle Ball League - 2012 Pictures 


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                                                  Matt "Beef" Davis, Lucas Detty, Tyler "Laser Shots" Depugh, Matt Cox, Eric Cox



                                                               Tralfamadorians                                         Return to Top




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                                                                                      Redlegs                                            Return to Top


                                                  Blake Rinehart, Kyle Uhrig, Brad Miller, Adam McGuire, Matt Hoops, Travis Rinehart




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                                                                Pleasant Valley Boys                  Return to Top


                                                          Brent Fisher, Brett Fisher, Gabe Fisher, Brandon Kennedy, Dave Fisher




                                  Uncle Musclez Hour                          Return to Top


                                                        Blake Lansing, Eric Lewis, Dave Page, John Bruce, Andy Russell


                                                 Tigers                             Return to Top




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                                       Action Pics of All Teams


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