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       3rd Capital Wiffleball League 

                                Creating History....Making Legends               

                          Playoff Round 2 Results

                        Divisional Championship


                                 2013 Division Standings   

                                              Champions Division - ML

 Team Name



 Inter Division     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

 Inter Division

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 Tigers       3 -   2       0 -   0      3 -   2        .600        .000         .600     
 Legends       0 -   0       3 -   1      3 -   1        .000        .750         .750     
 TRLF       2 -   3       0 -   0      2 -   3        .400        .000        .400     
 UMH       0 -   0       0 -   2      0 -   0        .000        .000         .000     


                                           Contenders Division - AAA

 Team Name



Inter League     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 PVB       0 -   0       1 -   3      1 -   3       .000        .250        .250      
 NFC       0 -   0       0 -   0      0 -   0       .000        .000        .000    
 Redlegs       0 -   0       0 -   0      0 -   0       .000        .000        .000     
 WTP       0 -   0       0 -   0      0 -   0       .000        .000        .000     


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                                      Year To Date Statistics             (number of forfeits)
                     Team Offense                         Team Defense


 Team Name








 Team Name







 Legends        25    466     18.6  Legends     25      175      7.0
 Tigers   26(3)    309     13.4  Tigers  26(3)      208      8.0
 Tralfamadorians     28    347     12.4  Warning Track Power     23      226      9.8
 Pleasant Valley Boys     27    272     10.1  Redlegs     20      206    10.3
 Uncle Muscles' Hour   23(3)    143       7.2  North Fork & Chance     23      243    10.6
 Redlegs        20    118       5.9  Uncle Muscles' Hour   23(3)      212    10.6
 North Fork & Chance     23    110       4.8  Tralfamadorians     28      331    11.8
 Warning Track Power     23    123       5.4  Pleasant Valley Boys     27      323    12.0

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              Home Runs By Team







 Legends          278    11.1  




 Uncle Muscles' Hour       112      4.7
 Pleasant Valley Boys




 North Fork & Chance


 Warning Track Power



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                       Player Home Runs  
     Player           Team         Total       
Levi Driggs Legends         76    100
Jerry Driggs   Legends       78      99
Corey White TRLF       57      68
Josh Wonderleigh TRLF       45      67
Chris Gerrard Tigers       36      56
Dave Fisher PVB       34      45
Jarren Iles PVB       32      45
Kevin Flax Tigers       32      45
Tyler Wiget Legends         41      41
Amos Jones TRLF       24      33
Justin Collins Tigers       14      28
Ashley Flautt UMH       27      27   
Phil King Legends           21      25 
Dave Page UMH       21      23 
Cody Burdett UMH       20      21 
Ben Davis WTP        17      19 
Brandon Jinks TRLF       12      19
Collin Hill Legends                5      19
Jeremy Porter Tigers         5      19
Laser Shot Depugh NFC       15      18
Blake Rinehart UMH       15      17
Eli McKee WTP        14      17
Brad Miller Redlegs         15      16
Lucas Detty NFC       16      16
Adam Ellars Tigers         9      14
Corey Conn Tigers       13      13
John Kepler PVB       12      12
Blake Lansing    UMH         9      10
Eric Lewis UMH         9      10
Matt Cox NFC         7      10
Adam McGuire Redlegs           5        8
Dustin Weaver TRLF         5        8
Kyle Uhrig Redlegs                8        8 
Gabe Fisher PVB         6        7
Eric Cox NFC         6        6
Maria Murray TRLF         6        6
Travis Rinehart Redlegs           6        6 
Doug Pelfrey TWC         5        5
Ryan Holton WTP          5        5
Aaron Drake WTP          3        4
Dustin Fout Tigers         4        4
Justin Wolverton Tigers         4        4
Aaron Flax Tigers         3        3
Jeff Iles PVB         3        3
Brandon Kennedy PVB         2        2
Michael Brown WTP          1        2
Steve Clever NFC         2        2
Brent Fisher PVB         1        1
Evan Gallaugher Redlegs           1        1
Kannon Strausbaugh WTP          1        1

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     Player     Team          Totals    
Jerry Driggs Legends       149      200
Levi Driggs Legends          137      182
Corey White TRLF       105      130
Josh Wonderleigh     TRLF         84      126
Jarren Iles PVB         66        90
Dave Fisher   PVB         66        87
Chris Gerrard Tigers         60        85
Kevin Flax Tigers         63        83
Tyler Wiget Legends          75        75
Phil King  Legends         53        61
Amos Jones TRLF         42        56
Justin Collins Tigers         28        52
Ashley Flautt UMH         43        43
Eli McKee WTP         39        43
Cody Burdett UMH         40        42
Ben Davis WTP         37        40
Dave Page UMH         31        35
Collin Hill Legends         14        34
Johnny Kepler PVB         27        34
Brandon Jinks TRLF         24        33
Brad Miller Redlegs          31        33
Lucas Detty NFC         33        33
Laser Shot Depugh NFC         29        32
Jeremy Porter Tigers          8         30
Blake Rinehart Redlegs 

        25        27

Adam Ellars Tigers         15        23
Travis Rinehart Redlegs          23        23
Eric Cox NFC         21        22
Gabe Fisher   PVB         15        22
Blake Lansing UMH         19        22
Kyle Urigh Redlegs         20        20
Eric Lewis  UMH         16        19
Corey Conn Tigers         18        18
Matt Cox NFC         15        18
Dustin Weaver       TRLF         13        18
Brandon Kennedy PVB         17        17
Adam McQuire Redlegs           9         15
Maria Murray TRLF         13        13
Ryan Holton WTP         11        11
Kannon Strausbaugh WTP         11        11
Steve Clever NFC          9         10
Jeff Iles   PVB          9          9
Dustin Fout Tigers          8          8
Matt Crawford NFC          8          8
Aaron Drake WTP          6          7
Aaron Flax Tigers          7          7
Doug Pelfrey TWC          7          7
Justin Wolverton Tigers          6          6
Michael Brown WTP          3          6
Evan Gallaugher Redlegs           3          3
Brent Fisher   PVB          2          2
Cade Harper Legends          2          2
Jason Urigh Redlegs          2          2
Justin Kellough Redlegs           2          2

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                           Runs Scored 
 Player     Team         Runs
Jerry Driggs Legends       105       139
Levi Driggs Legends         94       133
Corey White TRLF      85       114
Phil King  Legends      84       108
Chris Garrard Tigers      69         99
Josh Wonderleigh TRLF      67         94
Jarren Iles PVB      58         81
Amos Jones TRLF      60         78
Tyler Wiget TWC      77         77
Dave Fisher   PVB      57         75
Kevin Flax Tigers      53         72
John Kepler PVB      51         67
Justin Collins Tigers      30         54
Brandon Jinks TRLF      35         49
Collin Hill Legends      17         46
Blake Lansing UMH      35         38
Dave Page UMH      33         36
Dustin Weaver TRLF      29         36
Ben Davis WTP      32         35
Brandon Kennedy PVB      20         34
Adam Ellars Tigers      27         33
Matt Cox NFC      30         33
Brad Miller Redlegs       30         32
Ashley Flautt UMH      30         30
Blake Rinehart Redlegs       26         30
Cody Burdett UMH      27         30
Eli McKee WTP      27         30
Jeremy Porter Tigers        8         30
Laser Shot Depugh NFC      27         30
Lucas Detty NFC      23         23
Eric Cox NFC      21         22
Kannon Stausbaugh WTP      20         21
Eric Lewis  UMH      17         20
Kyle Urigh Redlegs       20         20
Adam McGuire Redlegs       16         19
Travis Rinehart Redlegs       17         19
Corey Conn Tigers      17         17
Gabe Fisher PVB      14         17
Ryan Holton WTP      17         17
Jeff Iles PVB      11         11
Justin Wolverton Tigers      10         10
Doug Pelfrey TWC        9          9
Cade Harper Legends        8          8
Dustin Fout Tigers        8          8
Maria Murray TRLF        8          8
Aaron Drake WTP        5          7
Steve Clever NFC        6          6
Brent Fisher   PVB        5          5
Matt Crawford NFC        5          5
Michael Brown WTP        3          4
Evan Gallaugher Redlegs        2          2
Jason Uhrig Redlegs        1          1
Josh Kellough WTP        1          1
Justin Kellough WTP        1          1

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                              Pitching Wins 
 Player     Team       Wins
 Jerry Driggs  Legends       9      12
 Phill King  Legends       6       8
 Amos Jones  TRLF       3       5
 Dave Fisher  PVB       3       5
 Jerran Iles  PVB       5
 John Kepler  PVB       4       5
 Justin Collins  Tigers       3       5
 Adam Ellars  Tigers       3       4
 Josh Wonderleigh  TRLF       2       4
 Ashley Flautt  UMH       3
 Brandon Kennedy  PVB       3
 Chris Garrard  Tigers       3
 Eric Cox  NFC       3
 Kevin Flax  Tigers       3
 Kyle Urigh  Redlegs       3
 Ben Davis  WTP       2
 Dave Page  UMH       2
 Jeremey Porter  Tigers       0       2
 Laser Shot Depugh  NFC       2
 Levi Driggs  Legends       2
 Matt Crawford  NFC       2
 Tyler Wiget  Legends       2
 Aaron Flax  Tigers       1
 Blake Rinehart  Redlegs       1
 Brad Miller  Redlegs       1
 Corey White  TRLF       1
 Eli McKee  WTP       1
 Kannon Strausbaugh  WTP       1
 Maria Murray  TRLF       1
 Travis Rinehart  Redlegs       1

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      Pitching Saves  (only for Designated Relievers) 
 Player     Team        Saves
 Collin Hill  Legends      0          1
 Levi Driggs  Legends      9        10

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Return to Top 

          2013 3CWL Playoff Week 2 Series Summaries 

           Early in the year, after it became common knowledge that the Tigers would be joining our league

   for the year, someone made the comment the season was kind of pointless because there was a 100%

   probability of the Tigers meeting the Legends in the World Series.    I chuckled knowing there are a

   lot of things that have to go right for any team to make it to the World Series, and given the new league

   designations, the path was even more fraught with peril.

          The Divisional Playoff round validated my suspicions and even though the eventuality the person

   predicted with 100% likelihood has come to pass - it was in dire jeopardy on both Friday and Sunday

   nights and could have easily crumbled to 0% had a single wrong turn occurred for the Tigers or Legends

   in their series.

           We had very strong suspicions the TRLF vs Tigers series would be extremely close - and thought

   if TRLF could get a strong 3rd pitching start (they did) and get some timely hits from someone besides

   Josh Wonderleigh and Corey White (at times they did), and if they managed to steal a game on CC field

   (they did), the Tigers could be in real trouble (and they were).

           Although the Tigers are certainly one of the best Wiffle ball teams in Ohio, our format of requiring

   different pitchers for each game evens the field somewhat.   While Justin Collins, Chris Garrard,

   Kevin Flax, Jeremey Porter and Adam Ellars have been the model of consistency at the plate (every

   series it seems they all have 10 HRs, 15 RBIs and 15 Runs) the teams with solid pitching have played

   them very close this year and typically do very well in our league - despite other team deficiencies.

           Which brings us to TRLF's pitching staff.   Amos Jones and Josh Wonderleigh are both difficult to

   hit off of for very different reasons.   Amos hugs the noodle and will hazard walks with called flat pitches,

   but if he gets ahead, which he often does, these pitches are just plain hard to hit.   In short, he has no

   fear of walking batters with flat pitches.  You will hit his pitch or not hit at all - a very difficult position

   for batters who are used to swinging for the fences.  His pitches are perfectly legal, skirting the noodle,

   and difficult to get in the air.  Josh is just crazy.   His delays, hitches and behind-the-back, between-the-

   legs and no-look pitches are difficult to maintain concentration on.   He makes more mistakes than Amos

   because he often winds up behind in the count - but to hit him a batter has to be very patient - somewhat

   unnerving for players used to just hacking away.

          I am not sure what else we can say about the Tigers.  Up and down the lineup they are the best team

   in our league, and maybe anywhere.   We have been somewhat amazed as we put in their stats this

   year.   They are machine-like.    There have been few 15+ HRs series, which has surprised us, but NO,

   zip, nada, zilch, series for any players on this team with less than 5 HRs.   All the Tigers routinely hit

   10 HRs each series.   A good series is 12 HRs and a bad series is 8 HRs.   No other team in league

   history, with the exception of the 2010 Legends, has been so consistent with HRs up and down the lineup.   


           In the other series, by general consent PVB is probably the team that picked their league designation

   most successfully this year.   They averaged over 4 HRs per game - and have been around 5 all year - even

   though J&M was their chosen home field.  With their +3 headstart against major league teams, on a

   field where it is difficult to hit HRs anyway, they were formidable foes, winning over 1/2 their games even

   against ML teams.   Most fellow AAA teams had little chance to beat them - because most of these

   conference games were on J&M field - and their opponents averaged only 1.3 HRs per game on this field. 

           Statistically, the reality is, many of the teams carrying AAA designations should have been AA teams.

   Only PVB averaged more HRs than the AA designated allotment of 3 - meaning all those who did not

   average 3 donated 3 runs they could have received free, back to the kitty.  Aside from PVB, in only 4

   individual games (out of 18 - thus 36 chances) did a team reach the 6 HR AAA allotment.   In 11 of those

   36 chances NEITHER team hit more than 4 HRs.

          But PVB had this figured out.   They routinely used all 6 of their HRs (more times than all other AAA

   teams combined) and they even were able to generally save them until they counted - with more than 1

   person on base.   The Legends knew entering this series PVB would be a very, very difficult opponent.  

   John Kepler and Dave Fisher are solid, veteran pitchers - who have played against the Legends dozens

   of times, knowing all their weaknesses.   Jarren Iles will probably be a unanimous choice for Rookie of

   the Year due to his HR ability and speed.  The Legends understood clearly PVB would be a dangerous foe.

          Game 1 of the Tigers vs TRLF occurred on CC field on Friday, August 2nd, with light air and low

   humidity.    Justin Collins faced off against Corey White of TRLF, a surprise choice.   Corey was red hot

   from at the plate, crushing HRs on each of his 1st 4 at bats.   TRLF jumped to a 4 run lead, but the Tigers

   took advantage of the pitching choice and scored 13 runs on 9 HRs in the 1st 2 innings.   Corey did right

   the ship, but not before the Tigers led 14-5.   As Corey cooled at the plate Brandon Jinks caught fire,

   crushing 5 HRs of his own.   TRLF made a valiant comeback, falling 17-14 with the tying run at the plate

   in the 5th.   Game 1 to the Tigers who were led by Jeremey Porter with 5 HRs while both Corey and

   Brandon crushed 5 for TRLF.

          Game 2 featured many fewer HRs as Amos put the brakes on Tiger batters.    Josh Wonderleigh

   began a series long tear, hitting 2 HRs in the 1st inning to give TRLF a lead they would never

   relinquish.   TRLF managed to stay just ahead of the Tigers.   Eventually, Amos coerced Chris Garrard

   to fly out ending the game with TRLF ahead 16-14 - a game steal on CC field.   Josh led TRLF with 3

   HRs while Jeremey again led the Tigers with 3 HRs.  With the series tied 1-1 and play turned to TLC field.  

          Game 3 paired Josh Wonderliegh from TRLF against Kevin Flax of the Tigers.   The game was a

   see-saw affair as both teams traded turns taking the lead.   The Tigers were led by Chris Garrard who

   crushed 5 HRs, including several of the tape measure variety.   But Josh countered with 4 of his own and

   TRLF played small slightly better, winning the game 14-11 and moving within 1 game of clinching the

   series and advancing to the World Series.

           Game 4 saw a real enigma, as both TRLF and the Tigers turned to relatively inexperienced pitchers

   in Brandon Jinks and Jeremey Porter.   Surprisingly, both pitchers did exceptionally well, and after 3

   innings TRLF led 4-3.   The Tigers used some fielding breakdowns as Chris and Justin caught fire,

   hammering 2 HRs each to claim a 14-3 lead.   Josh again tried to carry TRLF as he also hit 2 HRs in the

   inning and the gap closed to 14-11.   Inning 5 saw the Tigers again break loose as HRs by Chris, Kevin

   and Justin increased the score to 21-14.   Josh and Brandon hit HRs to narrow the score to 21-16

   but the Tigers evened the series at 2 games each and forced a game 5 back to CC field.

            With both teams having their pitching innings reset, the Tigers made a surprise move, starting

   Jeremey for the 2nd game in a row.   TRLF countered with Josh.  The Tigers used multiple HR innings

   by Chris and Kevin to build a 9-3 lead heading into the 4th as TRLF could not get a clutch hit to break

   the ice and get going.  Josh stepped into the void, crushing 4 HRs in the last 2 innings to single handily

   power TRLF into a lead, with the last HR being a 3 runner to put TRLF up 11-9 with just 3 outs

   seperating TRLF from a 2nd trip to the World Series.

            Josh coerced Chris into a leadoff pop up for an out.   Justin narrowed the score 11-10 on a 2 strike

   mistake to Justin who hammered the drive to right center.   Kevin then tied the score on a follow up shot

   to right center.   Jeremey laced a single to the fence in right center, bringing up Chris with one out and

   the game tied.   With 2 strikes Chris hit his 4th blast of the game, claiming a 13-11 win and series win

   for the Tigers.

            This was just a flat out fun series to watch as there were dramatic swings in the production of each

   team evidenced by the 2 game streaks each team had.   The surprise of the series was Jeremey Porter's

   mastery on the mound and how the Tigers rode this unexpected skill to a series victory.  For the series

   Chris led the Tigers with 15 HRs and 18 RBIs.   Displaying their characteristic consistency, Justin,

   Kevin and Jeremey all contributed 10 HRs and 16, 17 and 15 RBIs respectively.

            TRLF was led by Amos with 18 HRs and a huge 34 RBIs.  Both Corey and Brandon contributed 7

   HRs each and 17 and 9 RBIs respectively.   Amos added 4 HRs and 6 RBIs.

            In the end it was the Tigers just refusing to get beat.  They are best with their backs to the wall

   and won the final 2 games facing elimination.


            The bottom bracket series began on J&M field with PVB being the home team and sending ace

   John Kepler to the mound against Legends ace Jerry Driggs.   The Legends managed to get out of the

   gate early on HRs by Jerry and Levi in the 1st and 7 runs.   After a back to the pitcher double play

   ended inning 1, the Legends added 3 more on HRs by Levi and Collin Hill.   PVB jumped back in the

   game with 3 of their own a 3 run dinger by Dave Fisher to make the score 10-6 after 2.    Levi and Jerry

   each hit 3 run blasts in the top of the 3rd and another line-drive double play ended a PVB rally in the 3rd.

   The 4th inning saw Levi and Jerry hitting multiple HRs and Collin adding another, to the final total of 17

   in the inning.  The game ended with the score 30-6 in the 4th.

           Game 2 featured Phil King of the Legends against Dave Fisher of PVB, who held the Legends

   scoreless in the 1st and then hit an HR to give PVB a 4-0 lead.    Jerry got the Legends started in the

   2nd witha 3 run dinger and Collin added a solo shot to tie the score.   PVB quickly jumped back on top

   with Jarren's first blast of the evening to lead 7-4, where the score remained going into the 4th.   The

   Legends got in gear in the 4th as all 4 hit HRs in the inning.   Another line drive resulting in a double

   play ended the 4th for PVB.   Inning 5 was a replay as the Legends added 6 more on HRs by Jerry

   and Collin.   PVB went quietly in the 5th and the Legends won game 2 16-7 to lead the series 2-0.

            Game 3 moved to TLC field where the home Legends started Levi against PVB's Eric Young.

   PVB found TLC to their liking as Jarren and Eric both hit HRs in the 1st 3 innings and the Legends

   never really got started.   After successive 5 run innings in the 4th and 5th keyed by HRs by Jarren

   and Dave, PVB claimed their 1st series win with a 17-11 victory.

           The Legends suited up Jerry for game 4 with Jarren taking the mound for PVB.   After another
   grounder to the pitcher double play to end the PVB 1st the Legends promptly scored 8 on HRs by

   all Legends.    The Legends added 3 more in the 2nd on HRs by Jerry and Levi but PVB got busy

   in the 3rd, adding 4 of their own on HRs by Jarren and Dave.   The Legends responded with a 9

   run inninged keyed y 2 HRs from Collin.   Leading 20-7 PVB fought back as some key small ball

   hits and timely 3 run HRs by Jarren and Dave cut the lead to 20-17.    With 2 outs and no one in

   Phil King stepped to the plate and provded probably the biggest hit of the series - a 3 run dinger

   just inside the fair pole down the right field line.   The other 3 Legends followed with successive

   dingers and before the inning was over the Legends had added 8 more runs.   Although PVB made

   a heroic effort at a comeback, a 3 run dinger by Eric signaled the end of their HRs and they

   eventually succumbed 28-20 to fall 3 games to 1 in the series.


          Levi had a monster series with 17 HRs and 34 RBIs.  Jerry and Collin followed closely behind

   with 12 and 11 HRs respectively and 28 and 16 RBIs.  Phil clocked in with 4 HRs and 7 RBIs.   PVB

   was led by Dave and Jarren with 6 HRs and 12 RBIs each.   Eric added 3 HRs and 8 RBIs while

   John contributed 6 RBIs.

          Upset Award of the Week   

          Although both series ended probably as the Las Vegas odds makers would have

   predicted, neither was an easy win and both could have went the other way if key plays

   at crucial moments would have went different than they did.


                                           Herbie Strange State Farm  

                        3CWL Wiffler of the Week                                  Return to Top

            The 3CWL Divisional Playoff series Wifflers of the Week were fairly easy to pick.   Both of

   these players carried their teams at key moments in their respective series.

            As for those deserving Honorable Mentions, for the Tigers Chris Garrard delivered key HR

   after key HR, especially in the late games - even amidst some serious gruff from his team mates,

   until he delivered the final blow - a 2 run walkoff HR in the bottom of the 5th inning of game 5.  

   Chris had 15 HRs and 18 RBIs in the series win.  

            An honorable mention has to go to Josh Wonderleigh who was probably just one pitch away from

   being the Wiffler of the Week - had Chris hit into a double play instead of a walk off HR.   Josh had

   18 HRs and 34 RBIs and a pitching win in a truly epic series.             

            But the Wiffler of the Week for this series has to go to surprise pitching ace Jeremey Porter,

   who went from no pitching experience to winning game 4 and then being asked to go the distance

   in the deciding game 5 - and delivered in spades.    He also spear headed the Tiger attack in game 1

   crushing 5 HRs and driving in 7, including a pivotal 3 run dinger in the bottom of the 4th that proved

   to be the game winner.   Jeremey had 10 HRs and 15 RBIs in the series - but it was hit clamp down

   on the Tralfamadorians on the mound that earns him Wiffler of the Week.            

           For the Legends Levi Driggs got started early - hitting a HR in his first at bat, and not letting up

   until his 17th HR in game 4 at his last at bat.  In between he drove in 34 runs, obviously hitting

   numerous multi run HRs.

          Congratulations to Jeremey and Levi for being selected as 3CWL Wifflers of the Week !             


    Game Scores  (Home team on top)                                                                               Return to Top 


  Tigers    7-6-3-1-X= 17                                  Tigers    5-4-2-1-2= 14                                 TRLF     5-2-1-6-X= 14  

  TRLF     4-7-0-0-3= 14                                  TRLF     4-5-1-2-4= 16                                 Tigers    3-2-2-2-2=  11           

  WP –  Justin Collins                                      WP –  Amos Jones                                       WP – Josh Wonderleigh  

  HRs - Jeremy Porter TIG(5)                        HRs - Josh Wonderleigh TR(3)                  HRs - Josh Wonderleigh TR(3)

             Kevin Flax TIG(3)                                         Brandon Jinks TR(1)                                  Amos Jones TR(2)  

             Justin Collins TIG(2)                                     Corey White TR(1)                                     Corey White TR(1) 

             Chris Gerrard TIG(1)                                    Jeremy Porter TIG(3)                                 Chris Gerrard TIG(5) 

             Corey White TR(5)                                        Kevin Flax TIG(1)                                      Justin Collins TIG(2)  

             Brandon Jinks TR(3)                                     Justin Collins TIG(1)                                  Kevin Flax TIG(1)                         

             Josh Wonderleigh TR(3)                               Chris Gerrard TIG(1) 

             Amos Jones TR(2)  

             Aaron Drake WTP(1)   

  TRLF     0-3-1-7-5  = 16                               Tigers     5-3-1-0--4= 13                     

  Tigers    1-1-1-11-7=  21                               TRLF     0-3-2-3-3 = 11                                

  WP – Jeremey Porter                                   WP –  Jeremey Porter                                              

  HRs - Chris Gerrard TIG(4)                        HRs - Chris Gerrard TIG(4)                                

             Justin Collins TIG(4)                                    Kevin Flax TIG(2)                              

             Kevin Flax TIG(2)                                        Justin Collins TIG(1)                      

             Jeremy Porter TIG(2)                                  Josh Wonderleigh TR(5)                                           

             Josh Wonderleigh TR(4)                                                                                                            

             Brandon Jinks TR(2)                                                                          

            Corey White TR(1)                               

  PVB         3-3-0-0  =   6                                 PVB         4-3-0-0-0 = 7                             Legends   0-4-1-6-0= 11

  Legends   7-3-7-13= 30                                Legends   0-4-0-6-6= 16                            PVB         4-3-5-5-0 = 17  

  WP –  Jerry Driggs                                      WP –  Phill King                                        WP –  Eric Young 

  HRs - Levi Driggs LG(5)                             HRs - Collin Hill LG(3)                            HRs - Jarren Iles PVB(2)     

             Jerry Driggs LG(4)                                       Jerry Driggs LG(3)                                 Dave Fisher PVB(1)          

             Collin Hill LG(2)                                            Levi Driggs LG(2)                                  John Kepler PVB(1)             

             Phill King LG(1)                                            Phill King LG(1)                                      Levi Driggs LG(5)       

             Dave Fisher PVB(1)                                     Dave Fisher PVB(1)                                Collin Hill LG(3)     

                                                                                    Jarren Iles PVB(1)                                  Jerry Driggs LG(1)  

  Legends     7-8-2-11-X= 28                   
  PVB           3-3-1-5-8   = 20                         
  WP –  Jerry Driggs                                
  HRs - Levi Driggs LG(5)                         

             Jerry Driggs LG(4)                                       )                                      

             Collin Hill LG(3)                                                                

             Phill King LG(2)                             

             Dave Fisher PVB(3)        

             Jarren Iles PVB(2)     

             Eric Young PVB(1)