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       3rd Capital Wiffleball League 

                                Creating History....Making Legends

                                                   Week 1 Results

      Pics !


                 Opening Night game stats will be included in the week in which the series are completed


                                 2013 Division Standings   

                                              Champions Division - ML

 Team Name



Inter Division     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 Legends       3 - 0       0 - 0       3 -   0     1.000      1.000      1.000     
 UMH       0 - 0       2 - 1       2 -   1       .000        .667        .667     
 Tigers       0 - 0       0 - 0       0 -   0       .000        .000        .000     
 TRF       0 - 0       0 - 0       0 -   0       .000        .000        .000     


                                           Contenders Division - AAA

 Team Name



Inter League     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 PVB       2 -   1       0 - 0       2 -   1       .667       .000       .667      
 NFC       1 -   2       0 - 0       1 -   2       .333       .000       .333    
 Redlegs       1 -   2       0 - 0       1 -   2       .333       .000       .333     
 Rangers       0 - 0       0 - 0       0 -   0       .000       .000       .000     

Team listed first is home team / teams in blue receive +3 runs / teams in orange receive +6 runs

                         MLB                               AAA                          AA
 LEG = Legends   NFC = North Fork & Chance   
 UMH = Uncle Muscles Hour    RL = Redlegs   
 TRF = Tralfamadorians      PVB = Pleasant Valley Boys  
 TWC = Tyler Wigets Crew    RG = Rangers   
 TG    = Tigers         

                                               Week 2 Schedule - Friday, June 14th

   Time / Field          TLC             J & M              CC        Shelley
               8:00      RL vs NFC        UMH vs TG      TRLF vs LEG       PVB vs RG    
               8:45      RL vs NFC        UMH vs TG      TRLF vs LEG       PVB vs RG  
               9:15      RL vs NFC        UMH vs TG       TRLF vs LEG       PVB vs RG    

   Team listed first is home team / teams in blue receive +3 runs / teams in orange receive +6 runs

                         MLB                               AAA                          AA
 LEG = Legends   N.F.C. = North Fork & Chance   
 UMH = Uncle Muscles Hour    RL = Redlegs   
 TRF = Tralfamadorians      PVB = Pleasant Valley Boys  
 TWC = Tyler Wigets Crew    RG = Rangers   
 TG    = Tigers         


                                                        Weekly Team Stats 

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                                      Year To Date Statistics   
               Team Offense            Team Defense


 Team Name








 Team Name







 Legends           3       59     19.6  Uncle Muscles' Hour        3         6       2.0
 Uncle Muscles' Hour        3       20       9.3   Pleasant Valley Boys        3        12      4.0
 Pleasant Valley Boys        3       20       9.3   Legends        3        18       6.0
 TWC        3       18      6.0  North Fork & Chance        3        20      6.7
 Redlegs           3       12      4.0  Redlegs           3        20      9.6
 North Fork & Chance        3        6      2.0  TWC        3        59    19.6
 Tigers        0         0      0.0  Tigers        0         0      0.0
 Tralfamadorians        0         0      0.0  Tralfamadorians        0         0      0.0

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            Home Runs By Team







 Legends            25      8.3  


 Pleasant Valley Boys


 Uncle Muscles' Hour


 North Fork & Chance






 Tralfamadorians           0      0.0

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                       Player Home Runs  
     Player           Team   Total       
Levi Driggs Legends         11   
Jerry Driggs   Legends       11
Tyler Wiget TWC         6
Dave Fisher PVB         5 
Doug Pelfrey TWC         5
Eric Lewis UMH         5 
Gabe Fisher PVB         3
Brad Miller Redlegs           2
Cody Burdett UMH         2 
Collin Hill Legends             2 
Laser Shots Depugh NFC         2
Matt Cox NFC         2
Adam McGuire Redlegs           1
Blake Lansing    UMH         1
Dave Page UMH         1
John Kepler PVB         1
Kyle Uhrig Redlegs                1 
Phil King Legends             1 

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     Player     Team     Totals    
Levi Driggs Legends           26
Jerry Driggs Legends        23
Tyler Wiget TWC        11
Eric Lewis  UMH        10
Phil King  Legends         9
Dave Fisher   PVB         8
Gabe Fisher   PVB         8
Doug Pelfrey TWC         7
Cody Burdett UMH         6
Brad Miller Redlegs          5
Colin Hill Legends         5
Kyle Urigh Redlegs         4
Dave Page UMH         3
Laser Shots Depugh NFC         3
Adam McQuire Redlegs          2
Brandon Kennedy PVB         2
Cade Harper Legends         2
Johnny Kepler PVB         2
Matt Cox NFC         2
Blake Lansing UMH         1
Eric Cox NFC         1

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                           Runs Scored 
 Player     Team       Runs
Levi Driggs Legends               19
Jerry Driggs Legends             18
Phil King  Legends            14
Tyler Wiget TWC           9
Doug Pelfrey TWC           9
Cade Harper Legends           8
Eric Lewis  UMH           8
Dave Fisher   PVB           6
Blake Lansing UMH           5
Collin Hill Legends           5
John Kepler PVB           5
Brad Miller Redlegs            4
Brandon Kennedy PVB           4
Cody Burdett UMH           4
Gabe Fisher PVB           4
Adam McGuire Redlegs            3
Dave Page UMH           3
Matt Cox NFC           3
Travis Rinehart Redlegs            3
Laser Shots Depugh NFC           2
Steve Clever NFC           1

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                              Pitching Wins 
 Player     Team       Wins
 Dave Page  UMH          2
 Dave Fisher  PVB          1
 Eric Cox  NFC          1
 Jerry Driggs  Legends          1
 John Kepler  PVB          1
 Kyle Urigh  Redlegs          1
 Phill King  Legends          1


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                2013 3CWL Week 1 Series Summaries 

            The 2013 3rd Capital Wiffle ball League attempted to get under way on the first Friday of June with

   the biggest slate of games on Sunday evening.   As has been the case pretty much all spring both evenings

   were heavy with humidity and Sunday night even saw spotty drizzles.   The air was very heavy on both

   nights and Friday saw gusts, first blowing out to left on J&M and then out to left - making HRs on these

   fields difficult to come by.

            Week 1 featured the first match-ups of teams from the different divisions - the major league and AAA

   divisions - with the major league teams giving up 3 runs per game in each game of the series. 

            The intent of this rule change was to give the solid but less prolific teams a fighting chance in all 3 games

   of the series - to even out the disparity in scores and therefore win / loss records.   As evidenced by the 2 series

   conducted under the new rules - the intention was achieved, resulting in 2 games that finished within the margin

   of error, and 2 more within 2 runs.

            Series 1 pitted North Fork & Chance, formerly known as the Dirt Dogs, versus perennial powerhouse and

   winner of back-to-back 2012 and 2013 3CWL Benefit Tourneys Uncle Muscles Hour, with NFC receiving a +3

   advantage on J&M field.   UMH began game 1 were they left off in the tourney, with Dave Page and Eric Lewis

   crushing HRs enroute to a 5 run first inning - and a lead they never relinquished.   All 4 UMHers hit HRs in the

   game with Eric Lewis leading with 2 and 5 RBIs as Dave Page picked up the win on the mound.  For NFC Matt

   Cox had a HR in the 11-5 losing effort as NFC was unable to sustain a rally.    Game 2 saw NFC take a 6-0 lead

   into the bottom of the 3rd before UMH could get on the board with a single run.   Both teams added a run in the

   4th and both shot blanks in the 5th as NFC claimed game 2 by a score of 6-2 behind the arm of Eric Cox.   Every

   win will be crucial and very difficult to come by for AAA teams against the loaded ML teams and this was a

   significant victory for NFC.   Tyler Depugh was the hero of the game, crushing 2 solo HRs to provide all the scoring

   NFC needed for the win.   Newcomer Cody Burdett provided the lone HR for UMH.   The rubber game of the series

   was a barn burner as the 2 teams stayed neck-and-neck thru out.    Home team UMH scored a run in the bottom of

   the 3rd on an HR by Eric Lewis to pull within 1, 4-3, where the score stayed going into the bottom of the 5th.   Eric

   again provided the heroics as he crushed a 1 out walk off grand slam as UMH won game 2 by a score of 7-4 and the

   series 2-1.  Dave Page again claimed the win from the mound.   For the series Eric Lewis led all players with 4 HRs

   and 10 RBIs while Cody Burdett added 2 HRs and 6 RBIs and Dave Page and Blake Lansing contributed 1 HR each

   and 3 and 1 RBIs respectively.   Matt Cox and Tyler Depugh led NFC with 2 HRs each and 2 and 3 RBIs.

           Sunday night brought 2 Contenders Division foes against each other in the Pleasant Valley Boys and the

   Redlegs.   PVB won the toss and chose to be home team.   After holding the Redlegs to 1 run on Adam McGuire's

   1st HR of the year in the top of the 1st, PVB took full advantage of the outblowing left field breeze and used their

   entire stable of 6 HRs in the bottom of the 1st enroute to a 9 run inning.  Dave Fisher got his 2013 season started

   in fine fashion, mashing 3 HRs in the inning, with Gabe Fisher adding 2 of his own and John Kepler claiming his

   1st of the year.   Ironically, as the wind shifted, blowing in from center, scoring opportunities for both teams

   evaporated and neither team scored the rest of the game - leaving PVB to claim game 1 9-1 and a pitching win for

   Dave.  Dave added 5 RBIs to accompany his 3 1st inning HRs, while Gabe had 4 RBIs.   Game 2 was a much closer

   affair as both teams had scored 3 after 3.   A 3 run HR by Gabe, his 2nd HR of the game, would provide the difference

   in the 7-5 win for PVB and a pitching win for John Kepler.   The Redlegs were still experiencing a power outage as no

   player managed to hit a HR.   This issue quickly dispersed in Game 3 as Brad Miller hailed 2013 by crushing his 1st

   2 HRs of the year, and Kyle Urigh added a 3 run dinger to propel the Redlegs to a 6-3 win and narrow the series to 2

   games to 1.   PVB went uncharacteristically dark in the game as they managed nary a HR off the skilled pitching of

   Kyle Urigh.

           The final series of Week 1 saw last year's COWL World Series champ Legends versus TWC.   TWC has been

   struggling to find players, but did manage to defeat an opponent on Opening Night with just 2 as Tyler Wiget

   enjoyed a career night.   The Legends had a full stable and attempting to defeat them short-handed promised to be a

   herculean task but TWC was game and gave it the old college try.   TWC was home team on TLC field.   The Legends

   wasted little time in the 1st inning, jumping out to a 7 run lead on a 2 HR inning by Levi Driggs.   Tyler Wiget and Doug

   Pelfrey both responded with HRs in the bottom of the inning and the Legends led after 1 7-6.   Inning 2 saw the Legends

   1st offensive output of the year as they put up 11 on the back of a 2 HR inning by Jerry and a 3rd Levi HR.   As the winds

   shifted to blow in from left field scoring came to a standstill and each team could only manage 1 additional run as the

   Legends took game 1 18-6 with Jerry picking up the win.  Game 2 was a strange affair as TCW jumped out to a 6-2 lead

   after 2 innings on 2 additional HRs by Tyler and Doug's 3rd of the night.  Trailing 6-2 in the bottom of the 3rd the Legends

   switched tactics somewhat, choosing to hit with the wind to right.  The explosion continued until they had scored 18 runs to

   end the game in the mercy rule with Phill gaining the victory.  Levi and Jerry combined for 9 HRs in the inning and Phill

   crushed his 1st dinger of the year - a granny down the left field line.    Game 3 began much the same way as Jerry and

   Levi combined for 8 HRs in innings 1 and 2 and while Tyler and Doug hit 5 total of their own, including 3 in one inning for

   Doug, it was not enough as the Legends again ended the game by the mercy rule 22-5.  Cade Harper picked up his 1st win

   on the mound.  For the series Levi led all with 11 HRs and 26 RBIs while Jerry added 11 and 23.  Phil had an HR to go with

   9 RBIs.  Tyler added 6 HRs to his total and 11 RBIs while Doug crushed 5 HRs.


          Upset Award of the Week   

           The surprise upset of the week belongs to North Fork and Chance in their 6-2 win over

   powerhouse UMH.   The additional 3 runs were not needed, but provided insurance as every

   win from a team in the Major League could prove pivotal to the winner of the Contenders



    Game Scores  (Home team on top)                                                                               Return to Top 

  UMH   5-0-2-4-X =11                             
 NFC     3-1-2-0-X= 6                                  UMH   2-0-1-0-4= 7  (walkoff)                       
  NFC     4-0-0-1-0=  5                                UMH    0-0-1-1-0=  2                                  NFC    3-0-1-0-0= 4  
  WP –  Dave Page                                      WP – Eric Cox
                                           WP –  Dave Page   
  HRs - Eric Lewis UMH(2)                        HRs - Tyler Depugh NFC(2)                    HRs -Eric Lewis UMH(2)     

             Blake Lansing UMH(1)                              Cody Burdett UMH(1)                           Matt Cox NFC(1)   

             Dave Page UMH(1)                                

             Cody Burdett UMH(1)                            

             Matt Cox NFC(1)                              

  PVB       9-0-0-0-X= 9                              Redlegs 1-2-1-0-1=  5                                   PVB       0-1-0-2-0=  3                     
  Redlegs 1-0-0-0-0=  1                              PVB       3-1-1-0-2= 7                                    Redlegs 1-2-2-0-1=  6 
  WP –  Dave Fisher                                   WP – John Kepler
                                        WP – Kyle Urigh
  HRs - Dave Fisher PVB(4)                      HRs - Dave Fisher PVB(1)                         HRs -Brad Miller RL(2) 

             Gabe Fisher PVB(2)                                  Gabe Fisher PVB(1)                                   Kyle Urigh RL(1) 

             John Kepler PVB(1)                         

             Adam McGuire RL(1)                      


  TWC       2-4-0-0-0=     6                           Legends  0-2-18 = 20                                 TWC        2-1-4   =    7                               
  Legends  6-11-1-0-1= 19                          TWC        2-3-0   =   5                                 Legends  10-10-2 = 22   
  WP –  Jerry Driggs                                   WP – Phill King
                                          WP –  Collin Hill
  HRs - Levi Driggs LG(3)                         HRs - Jerry Driggs LG(5)                         HRs - Jerry Driggs Leg(4)

             Jerry Driggs LG(2)                                  Levi Driggs LG(4)                                        Levi Driggs Leg(4)    

             Collin Hill LG(2)                                       Phill King LG(1)                                           Doug Pelfrey TWC(3)  

             Tyler Wiget TWC(1)                                Tyler Wiget TWC(2)                                    Tyler Wiget TWC(2)    

             Doug Pelfrey TWC(1)                              Doug Pelfrey TWC(1)