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       3rd Capital Wiffleball League 

                                Creating History....Making Legends


                                                    Week 2 Results


                                 2013 Division Standings   

                                              Champions Division - ML

 Team Name



Inter Division     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 Tigers       2 - 1       0 - 0       2 -   1       .667        .000        .667     
 UMH       1 - 2       2 - 1       1 -   2       .333        .000        .333     
 Legends       0 - 0       0 - 0       0 -   0       .000        .000        .000     
 TRF       0 - 0       0 - 0       0 -   0       .000        .000        .000     


                                           Contenders Division - AAA

 Team Name



Inter League     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 PVB       2 -   1       0 - 0       2 -   1       .667       .000       .667      
 Redlegs       2 -   1       0 - 0       2 -   1       .333       .000       .333     
 NFC       1 -   2       0 - 0       1 -   2       .333       .000       .333    
 WTP       1 -   2       0 - 0       1 -   2       .333       .000       .333     

                                               Week 2 Schedule - Friday, June 14th

   Time / Field          TLC             J & M              CC        Shelley
               8:00      RL vs NFC        UMH vs TG      TRLF vs LEG       PVB vs RG    
               8:45      RL vs NFC        UMH vs TG      TRLF vs LEG       PVB vs RG  
               9:15      RL vs NFC        UMH vs TG       TRLF vs LEG       PVB vs RG    


                                                        Weekly Team Stats 

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                                      Year To Date Statistics   
                     Team Offense                         Team Defense


 Team Name








 Team Name







 Legends           3       59     19.6  Pleasant Valley Boys        6        30      5.0
 Tigers        3       40    13.3  Redlegs           6        30      5.0
 Uncle Muscles' Hour        6       52      8.7   Legends        3        18      6.0
 Redlegs           6       45      7.5  Uncle Muscles' Hour        6        46       7.7
 Pleasant Valley Boys        6       43       7.2   Warning Track Power        3        23      7.7
 Warning Track Power        3       18      6.0  North Fork & Chance        6        53      8.8
 North Fork & Chance        6       16      2.7  Tigers        3        32    10.7
 Tralfamadorians        0         0      0.0  Tralfamadorians        0         0      0.0

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              Home Runs By Team







 Legends            23      7.7  


 Pleasant Valley Boys


 Uncle Muscles' Hour


 North Fork & Chance




 Warning Track Power


 Tralfamadorians           0      0.0

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                       Player Home Runs  
     Player           Team   Total       
Ashley Flautt UMH       13   
Levi Driggs Legends         11   
Jerry Driggs   Legends       11
Dave Fisher PVB       10
Chris Gerrard Tigers         8
Dave Page UMH         8
Brad Miller Redlegs           6
Kevin Flax Tigers         6
Kyle Uhrig Redlegs                6 
Tyler Wiget TWC         6
Doug Pelfrey TWC         5
Eric Lewis UMH         5 
Laser Shots Depugh NFC         5
Dustin Fout Tigers         4
Jarren Iles PVB         4
Matt Cox NFC         4
Aaron Flax Tigers         3
Blake Rinehart Redlegs           3
Gabe Fisher PVB         3
Ben Davis WTP          2
Blake Lansing    UMH         2
Cody Burdett UMH         2 
Collin Hill Legends             2 
Lucas Detty NFC         2
Ryan Holton WTP          2
Adam McGuire Redlegs           1
Eric Cox NFC         1
John Kepler PVB         1
Phil King Legends             1 
Travis Rinehart Redlegs           1 

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     Player     Team     Totals    
Levi Driggs Legends           26
Jerry Driggs Legends        23
Dave Fisher   PVB        21
Ashley Flautt UMH        18
Brad Miller Redlegs         15
Dave Page UMH        15
Kevin Flax Tigers        13
Kyle Urigh Redlegs        13
Chris Gerrard Tigers        12
Tyler Wiget TWC        11
Eric Lewis  UMH        10
Phil King  Legends         9
Travis Rinehart Redlegs          9
Dustin Fout Tigers         8
Gabe Fisher   PVB         8
Jarren Iles PVB         8
Aaron Flax Tigers         7
Ben Davis WTP         7
Doug Pelfrey TWC         7
Cody Burdett UMH         6
Laser Shots Depugh NFC         6
Eli McKee WTP         6
Colin Hill Legends         5
Blake Rinehart Redlegs          4
Johnny Kepler PVB         4
Matt Cox NFC         4
Blake Lansing UMH         3
Lucas Detty NFC         3
Adam McQuire Redlegs          2
Aaron Drake WTP         2
Brandon Kennedy PVB         2
Cade Harper Legends         2
Eric Cox NFC         2
Kannon Strausbaugh WTP         2

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                           Runs Scored 
 Player     Team       Runs
Levi Driggs Legends               19
Jerry Driggs Legends             18
Blake Lansing UMH            14
Chris Garard Tigers          14
Phil King  Legends            14
Ashley Flautt UMH            13
Dave Page UMH          13
Kevin Flax Tigers          13
Kyle Urigh Redlegs           13
Dave Fisher   PVB          12
John Kepler PVB          12
Brad Miller Redlegs           11
Jarren Iles PVB          10
Travis Rinehart Redlegs           10
Blake Rinehart Redlegs            9
Tyler Wiget TWC           9
Doug Pelfrey TWC           9
Cade Harper Legends           8
Dustin Fout Tigers           8
Eric Lewis  UMH           8
Matt Cox NFC           8
Aaron Flax Tigers           7
Collin Hill Legends           5
Eli McKee WTP           5
Laser Shots Depugh NFC           5
Ryan Holton WTP           5
Ben Davis WTP           4
Brandon Kennedy PVB           4
Cody Burdett UMH           4
Gabe Fisher PVB           4
Adam McGuire Redlegs            3
Lucas Detty NFC           3
Kannon Strausbaugh WTP           3
Aaron Drake WTP           2
Eric Cox NFC           2
Steve Clever NFC           1

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                              Pitching Wins 
 Player     Team       Wins
 Dave Page  UMH          2
 John Kepler  PVB          2
 Kyle Urigh  Redlegs          2
 Aaron Flax  Tigers          1
 Ashley Flautt  UMH          1
 Chris Garrard  Tigers          1
 Dave Fisher  PVB          1
 Eric Cox  NFC          1
 Jerry Driggs  Legends          1
 Jerran  PVB          1
 Phill King  Legends          1
 "Laser Shots" Depugh  NFC          1
 Travis Rinehart  Redlegs          1


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                2013 3CWL Week 2 Series Summaries 

           Week 2 of the 2013 3rd Capital Wiffle ball League again was truncated by rain, with 4 of the 5 scheduled

   series being completed.   On Thursday the league welcomed newcomer WTP in their inaugural series against

   perennial Contenders powerhouse PVB.   Friday night was highlined by two divisional clashes of epic proportions

   and Sunday was a replay of the 2012 COWL World Series matchup.

           The first series was played in heavy air and on a wet field as we had rain most of the day Thursday.   With

   PVB being home team on the only dry field - J&M, the game featured no score until the 3rd inning when PVB

   finally broke the ice on a 2 run dinger by Dave.   PVB was playing with 3, minus the services of Gabe and Brandon

   who were on vacation.  WTP got on the board with 1 in the 4th, but Dave responded with his 2nd 2 run dinger of the

   game in the bottom of the inning.   WTP could not mount a charge in the 5th and PVB took the opener 5-1 with

   John Kepler picking up the win from the mound.   Game 2 started out entirely differently as WTP held PVB to none

   then exploded for 5 runs on their first franchise HR by Ryan H - a 3 run shot.  PVB scored a lone run in the 2nd on

   Jarren's 1st career HR and WTP blanked in the bottom.  Dave hit  a 2 runner in the 3rd and WTP again shot blanks.

   The 4th was all PVB as both Dave and Jarren hit 3 run shots to take the lead at 9-5.   WTP added a lone run in the

   bottom, but Dave and Jarren again returned serve with solo HRs in the 5th.   Ryan H. hit is 2nd HR in the game - a

   2 run blast in the bottom of the 5th but it was not enough as WTP fell 12-8 against the pitching of Jerran.  Undaunted

   and seeking their first franchise win, WTP began game 3 as game 2, with 5 runs in the 1st as Ben D crushed his 1st

   career HR.   PVB responded with 1 in the bottom on a solo by Jarren.   After holding WTP scoreless in the 2nd, PVB

   evened the score with 4 in the 2nd by playing small ball.   No score for either team happened in the 3rd.   WTP broke

   the tie with 3 in the 4th, off of Ben's 2nd HR of the game, another 3 run blast.   PVB responded with 1 to narrow the

   score to 8-6 heading into the 5th.   After holding WTP scoreless PVB went to work, quickly getting 2 men on base with

   just 1 out.   With 2 chances to win the game with a walkoff, WTP pitcher Ben D managed to get Jarren to hit into a

   ground ball force out - moving the tying run to 2nd.   After an intense battle with slugger Dave Fisher, Ben managed

   to get Dave to ground back to the pitcher, ending the game and giving WTP their first franchise victory.    

           For the series, Dave led all hitters with 5 HRs and 13 RBIs while Jarren added 4 and 8 in his first career series.

   For WTP both Ryan H and Bend D had 2 HRs to accompany their 6 and 7 RBIs.

            In another Contenders Division series North Fork & Chance laid siege to the Redlegs, with both teams being

   fully accounted for on TLC field and the Redlegs being the home team.   Game 1 was high on laughter by low on

   scoring, with both teams thoroughly enjoying themselves in the process.   NFC got on the board first via a solo shot

   off the bat of Matt Cox.   The Redlegs took the lead after a 3 run dinger by Brad Miller in the bottom of the 2nd.

   NFC reclaimed the lead in the top of the 4th on a 4 run inning led by a 2 HR inning by Tyler "Laser Shots" Depugh

   and 4 runs to go ahead 5-3.   NFC carried this lead into the bottom of the 5th, setting up a wild comeback by the

   Redlegs after HRs by Kyle Uhrig and the first of the year by iron man Blake Rinehart.   This set the stage for a

   dramatic 3 run walk off HR by Brad Miller to claim game 1 for pitcher Kyle Uhrig 6-5.    Game 2 was a rout as the

   Redlegs brutalized the pitching of Eric Cox to the tune of 20 runs, including 3 HRs and 7 RBIs by Kyle, and single

   HRs by Blake, Brad and Travis Rinehart.   Travis picked up the win from the mound.    Seeking redemption in

   game 3 NFC took an early lead after 1 on solo shots by Luke Detty and Matt Crawford.   The Redlegs to 1 back

   in the bottom on a Blake Rinehart dinger.   Inning 2 was the reverse image with NFC getting 1 run on an Eric Cox

   HR and the Redlegs tying the score with 2 more on a Brad Miller HR.  After holding NFC scoreless in the 3rd,

   the Redlegs claimed a 1 run lead on Kyle's 5th HR of the night.   Facing a sweep, NFC retaliated, scoring 4 in

   the top of the 4th on a monster HR by Luke.   The Redlegs could not respond and trailed 8-5 heading into the

   bottom of the 5th.  They waisted no time loading the bases and had 3 chances to win the contest, eventually scoring

   2, leaving runners on 2nd and 3rd with 2 out and the score 8-7.  Brad Miller had a rare 2nd opportunity in the same

   series to end a game with a walk off, but winning pitcher Luke managed to get Brad to hit a sharp ground ball down

   the 1st base line that Matt Cox fielded deftly and stepped on the bag to secure the win for NFC. 

            For the series Kyle Uhrig led all hitters with 5 HRs and 9 RBIs.  Brad Miller added 4 and 10, while Blake

   Rinehart broke in his new flat tip with 3 hRs and 4 RBIs.   Travis added 9 RBIs on a lone HR.   For NFC, Tyler

   Depugh had 3 HRs and 4 RBIs, while Matt Cox and Luke Detty had 2 HRs and 3 RBIs.  Eric Cox had a lone HR.


             In the first real series of the year between Champions Division foes perennial power house UMH squared

   off against London power the Tigers.   Neither team was at full strength as UMH played the series with just 3,

   including a banged up Blake, and the Tigers had 2 new subs.   Game 1 was a back and forth affair with the score

   in home team UMH's favor 10-9 afgter 4.  Ashley Flautt was nearly the entire story, crushing 6 HRs with all 10

   RBIs to that point.  After adding another 3 run HR in the 4th to provide insurance, Ashley closed the Tigers out

   on the mound to win her 1st game of the year.   All Tigers contributed with Kevin Flax leading via 3 HRs and 5

   RBIs.  Every other Tiger added 1 HR in the loss.   For UMH, Dave Page added 2 HRs to Ashley's total in the win.

   Game 2 was another nail biter as the lead changed in 3 of the first 4 innings.   The Tigers laid claim to the game in

   the 3rd as they pushed across 7 runs on 2 HRs in the inning by Chris.   UMH made a valiant comeback with 5 in

   the top of the 5th on the 3rd and 4th HRs by Ashley and Dave's 3rd of the game.   With the go-ahead run at the

   plate in Ashley and 2 men on base, winning pitcher Chris retired Ashley on a line drive to left field to secure the

   win for the Tigers 13-11.   Game 3 was typical of games played by teams with 3 players - they tend to run out of

   juice and UMH was no exception on this night.   Chris again put on a show at the plate, crushing 4 more HRs and

   again every Tiger contributed at least 1 HR.   In the end it was Aaron Flax getting the 17-7 victory on the mound.

            For the series Ashley led all hitters with 13 HRs and 18 RBIs.   Dave Page added a respectible 7 HRs to

   accompany his 12 RBIs.  With his bum wrist hindering him Blake Lansing was still able to hit 1 HR.   For the

   series winning Tigers Chris Garrard led with 8 HRs and 12 RBIs, Kevin Flax added 6 HRs and 13 RBIs while

   newbies Dustin Fout and Aaron Flax added 4 and 3 HRs and 8 and 7 RBIs.

             The last series scheduled for the week on Sunday was a replay of the 2012 COWL World Series between

   the Legends and the Tralfamadorians.   Alas, the weather again turned sour and the series was postponed due to

   another 2" of rain falling on Sunday.




          Upset Award of the Week   

           The surprise upset of the week belongs to the newest 3CWL team - WTP.   In their 1st series

   they were more than competitive, holding their own against 2012 Contenders Division champ PVB

   losing 2 games by a total of 6 runs and earning their 1st franchise win in game 3 8-6.  

           Congratulations and welcome to WTP !   They will stir things up in the Contenders Division

   and will get dramatically better in the weeks to come !


                                       Herbie Strange State Farm  

                      3CWL Wiffler of the Week                                     Return to Top


                                                                    UMH's Ashley Flautt


               It seems only appropriate that the first lady to earn a place in the 3CWL record books

      would also be the first lady to win 3CWL Wiffler of the Week.   Ashley Flautt put on a dominate

      performance in the UMH series against the powerful Tigers.   Playing with only 3, Ashley nearly

      single handedly lifted UMH to a series victory, crushing 13 HRs and 18 RBIs and gaining the

      lone UMH win on the mound.   Ashley is quickly becoming the most feared hitter in the league.

      Congratulations to Ashley for being the Herbie Strange State Farm 3CWL Wiffler of the Week !


    Game Scores  (Home team on top)                                                                      Return to Top


  PVB       0-0-2-3-X= 5                               WTP      5-0-0-1-2=   8                                PVB     1-4-0-1-0=  6                     
  WTP      0-0-0-1-0=  1                               PVB       0-1-2-6-3= 12                                WTP    5-0-0-3-0=  8      
  WP –  John Kepler                                   WP – Jerran Iles
                                         WP – Ben Davis
  HRs - Dave Fisher PVB(2)                      HRs - Dave Fisher PVB(3)                        HRs -Ben Davis WTP(2) 

                                                                                Jarren Iles PVB(3)                                     Jarren Iles PVB(1)

                                                                                Ryan Holton WTP(2) 

  UMH     2-5-3-4-X= 14                             Tigers    1-4-7-1-X= 13                               UMH    2-3-1-1-0=   7                       
  Tigers    3-3-3-0-0=   9                              UMH      2-1-2-1-5= 13                              Tigers    5-2-3-2-5= 17   
  WP –  Ashley Flautt                                  WP –   Chris Gerrard
                                 WP –  Aaron Flax
  HRs - Ashley Flautt UMH(6)                   HRs - Chris Gerrard TG(3)                     HRs - Chris Gerrard TG(4)

             Dave Page UMH(2)                                   Kevin Flax TG(2)                                     Dustin Fout TG(2)

             Kevin Flax TG(3)                                       Aaron Flax TG(1)                                     Kevin Flax TG(1)    

             Chris Gerrard TG(1)                                  Ashley Flautt UMH(4)                             Aaron Flax TG(1)

             Aaron Flax TG(1)                                       Dave Page UMH(3)                                 Ashley Flautt UMH(3)

             Dustin Fout TG(1)                                      Blake Lansing UMH(1)                           Dave Page UMH(2)       

  Redlegs  0-3-0-0-3= 6                               NFC        1-0-0=   1                                    Redlegs  0-0-4-0-3= 7                   
  NFC       0-1-0-4-0=  5                               Redlegs  9-6-5= 20                                    NFC        2-2-0-2-2= 8  
  WP –  Kyle Uhrig                                      WP –  Travis Rinehart
                              WP –   Laser Shot Depugh  
  HRs - Brad Miller RL(2)                         HRs - Kyle Uhrig RL(3)                            HRs - Luke Detty NFC(1)     

             Kyle Uhrig RL(1)                                      Blake Rinehart RL(1)                                Matt Cox NFC(1)   

             Blake Rinehart RL(1)                               Brad Miller RL(1)                                      Eric Cox NFC(1)   

             Tyler Depugh NFC(3)                               Travis Rinehart RL(1)                               Kyle Uhrig RL(1)

             Matt Cox NFC(1)                                                                                                          Blake Rinehart RL(1)  

                                                                                                                                                     Brad Miller RL(1)