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       3rd Capital Wiffleball League 

                                Creating History....Making Legends


                                                    Week 4 Results


                                 2013 Division Standings   

                                              Champions Division - ML

 Team Name



 Inter Division     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

 Inter Division

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 Legends       3 - 0       0 - 0      3 -   0      1.000      1.000       1.000     
 Tigers       3 - 0       0 - 0      3 -   0      1.000        .000      1.000     
 TRF       0 - 3       1 - 2      1 -   5        .000        .333         .166     
 UMH       0 - 3       0 - 0      0 -   3        .000        .000         .000     


                                           Contenders Division - AAA

 Team Name



Inter League     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 PVB       0 -   0       2 -   1      2 -   1       .000       .667       .667      
 NFC       0 -   0       0 -   0      0 -   0       .000       .000        .000    
 Redlegs       1 -   2       0 -   0      1 -   2      .333       .000       .333     
 WTP       2 -   1       0 -   0      2 -   1      .667       .000       .667     

   Week 4a Schedule - Thursday, June 28th

   Time / Field         J & M
               7:00     TRLF vs PVB
               7:45     PVB vs TRLF
               8:30     TRLF vs PVB

  teams highlighted in orange start at +3 runs as visiting team

   Week 4a Schedule - Friday, June 29th

   Time / Field          TLC             J & M
               8:00    LEG vs UMH          WTP vs RL
               8:45    LEG vs UMH          WTP vs RL
               9:15    LEG vs UMH          WTP vs RL

  Week 4c Schedule - Sunday, June 30th

   Time / Field             J & M
               7:00      TRLF vs Tigers
               7:45      TRLF vs Tigers


                                                        Weekly Team Stats                                       Return to Top


                                      Year To Date Statistics   
                     Team Offense                         Team Defense


 Team Name








 Team Name







 Legends        12    254     21.2  Redlegs     12        80      6.7
 Tigers       6      87     14.5  North Fork & Chance       9        61      6.8
 Tralfamadorians       9      99     11.0  Legends     12        87      7.3
 Pleasant Valley Boys     12    113       9.4  Pleasant Valley Boys     12        93      7.8
 Uncle Muscles' Hour       9     79       8.8   Warning Track Power     12      117       9.8
 Redlegs        12     77       6.4  Tigers       6        66    11.0
 Warning Track Power     12     60       5.0  Uncle Muscles' Hour       9      118    13.1
 North Fork & Chance       9     38       4.2  Tralfamadorians       9      138    15.3

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              Home Runs By Team







 Legends          142    11.8  




 Uncle Muscles' Hour         47      5.2
 Pleasant Valley Boys




 North Fork & Chance


 Warning Track Power



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                       Player Home Runs  
     Player           Team   Total       
Jerry Driggs   Legends       56
Levi Driggs Legends         53  
Tyler Wiget Legends         29
Josh Wonderleigh TRLF       25   
Corey White TRLF       19
Chris Gerrard Tigers       17
Dave Fisher PVB       17
Jarren Iles PVB       17
Ashley Flautt UMH       13   
Dave Page UMH       14
Cody Burdett UMH       10 
Kevin Flax Tigers       10 
Phil King Legends           10 
Brad Miller Redlegs           9
John Kepler PVB         8
Kyle Uhrig Redlegs                8 
Brandon Jinks TRLF         7
Eric Lewis UMH         7
Amos Jones TRLF         6
Maria Murray TRLF         6
Adam McGuire Redlegs           5
Doug Pelfrey TWC         5
Laser Shot Depugh NFC         5
Eli McKee WTP          5
Jeremy Porter Tigers         5
Matt Cox NFC         5
Ben Davis WTP          5
Blake Lansing    UMH         4 
Dustin Fout Tigers         4
Travis Rinehart Redlegs           4 
Aaron Flax Tigers         3
Blake Rinehart Redlegs           3
Dustin Weaver TRLF         3
Gabe Fisher PVB         3
Ryan Holton WTP          3
Adam Ellars Tigers         2
Brandon Kennedy PVB         2
Collin Hill Legends             2 
Lucas Detty NFC         2
Steve Clever NFC         2
Justin Collins Tigers         1
Eric Cox NFC         1

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     Player     Team     Totals    
Jerry Driggs Legends       101
Levi Driggs Legends            91
Josh Wonderleigh     TRLF         54
Tyler Wiget Legends          49
Dave Fisher   PVB         39
Jarren Iles PVB         36
Corey White TRLF         34
Chris Gerrard Tigers         28
Phil King  Legends         28
Kevin Flax Tigers         27
Brad Miller Redlegs          23
Dave Page UMH         21
Eli McKee WTP         21
Cody Burdett UMH         20
Johnny Kepler PVB         20
Kyle Urigh Redlegs         20
Ashley Flautt UMH         18
Ben Davis WTP         18
Amos Jones TRLF         17
Brandon Kennedy PVB         17
Travis Rinehart Redlegs          17
Eric Lewis  UMH         14
Brandon Jinks TRLF         13
Maria Murray TRLF         13
Eric Cox NFC         11
Ryan Holton WTP          9
Steve Clever NFC          9
Dustin Fout Tigers          8
Gabe Fisher   PVB          8
Jeremy Porter Tigers          8
Laser Shot Depugh NFC          8
Aaron Flax Tigers          7
Adam McQuire Redlegs           7
Blake Lansing UMH          7
Doug Pelfrey TWC          7
Kannon Strausbaugh WTP          7
Matt Cox NFC          6
Colin Hill Legends          5
Justin Collins Tigers          5
Blake Rinehart Redlegs           5
Dustin Weaver       TRLF          4
Adam Ellars Tigers          3
Lucas Detty NFC          3
Aaron Davis WTP          3
Cade Harper Legends          2
Jason Urigh Redlegs          2
Matt Crawford NFC          2

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                           Runs Scored 
 Player     Team       Runs
Levi Driggs Legends             79
Jerry Driggs Legends             77
Tyler Wiget TWC          56
Phil King  Legends          46
Josh Wonderleigh TRLF          41
Jarren Iles PVB          34
John Kepler PVB          34
Corey White TRLF          32
Dave Fisher   PVB          30
Chris Garard Tigers          28
Kevin Flax Tigers          27
Amos Jones TRLF          24
Dave Page UMH          21
Blake Lansing UMH          20
Brandon Kennedy PVB          20
Kyle Urigh Redlegs           20
Brad Miller Redlegs           19
Brandon Jinks TRLF          18
Ben Davis WTP          17
Matt Cox NFC          17
Eli McKee WTP          14
Travis Rinehart Redlegs           14
Ryan Holton WTP          14
Ashley Flautt UMH          13
Eric Lewis  UMH          13
Cody Burdett UMH          12
Adam McGuire Redlegs           11
Dustin Weaver TRLF          11
Blake Rinehart Redlegs           10
Doug Pelfrey TWC           9
Justin Collins Tigers           9
Kannon Stausbaugh WTP           9
Cade Harper Legends           8
Dustin Fout Tigers           8
Jeremy Porter Tigers           8
Maria Murray TRLF           8
Laser Shot Depugh NFC           8
Aaron Flax Tigers           7
Eric Cox NFC           6
Adam Ellars Tigers           5
Collin Hill Legends           5
Steve Clever NFC           5
Gabe Fisher PVB           4
Aaron Davis WTP           3
Lucas Detty NFC           3
Matt Crawford NFC           2
Jason Uhrig Redlegs           1
Josh Kellough WTP           1

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                              Pitching Wins 
 Player     Team       Wins
 Jerry Driggs  Legends          6
 Jerran Iles  PVB          3
 John Kepler  PVB          3
 Kyle Urigh  Redlegs          3
 Phill King  Legends          3
 Brandon Kennedy  PVB          2
 Dave Page  UMH          2
 Eric Cox  NFC          2
 Laser Shot Depugh  NFC          2
 Levi Driggs  Legends          2
 Aaron Flax  Tigers          1
 Adam Ellars  Tigers          1
 Amos Jones  TRLF          1
 Ashley Flautt  UMH          1
 Ben Davis  WTP          1
 Blake Rinehart  Redlegs          1
 Chris Garrard  Tigers          1
 Dave Fisher  PVB          1
 Eli McKee  WTP          1
 Justin Collins  Tigers          1
 Kannon Strausbaugh  WTP          1
 Kevin Flax  Tigers          1
 Matt Crawford  NFC          1
 Maria Murray  TRLF          1
 Travis Rinehart  Redlegs          1

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      Pitching Saves  (only for Designated Relievers) 
 Player     Team       Saves
 Levi Driggs  Legends          5

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Return to Top 

                2013 3CWL Week 4 Series Summaries 

           Week 4 in the 3CWL started on Thursday, June 27th with PVB taking on the Tralfamadorians on J&M

   field after a couple of days of monsoon like rains.   The fields were wet and the air rather heavy, but thanks

   to the turf batter's boxes and base areas the field was playable, if somewhat soggy.

           This series validated our suspicions that the AAA designation is having an impact - one game was one

   by PVB within the margin of the head start, and another was close at the end because of the new rule.

            The Tralfamadorians are repeating last year's pattern, where they started off very slowly then went on

   a tear to eventually wind up in the COWL World Series.   They entered the game with pretty much a full

   lineup with Corey White, Josh Wonderleigh, Amos Jones and Brandon Jinks suiting up for the clash.  PVB,

   seeking to stretch their lead in the Contenders Division, countered with Dave Fisher, John Kepler, Brandon

   Kennedy and new star Jarren Iles.

            Game 1 was close to the top of the 4th, where TRLF exploded a 7-4 lead into a 15-5 gap.  PVB could

   not respond and TRLF won Game 1 16-8 behind the pitching of Amos Jones.   Josh Wonderleigh started the

   series in fine fashion, crushing 5 HRs to accompany his 9 RBIs.  Corey added 3 HRs and 3 RBIs while Amos

   and Brandon each had an HR.    Jarren rapped 2 HRs and John 1 in the losing effort.

             Game 2 saw TRLF as the home team and PVB went right to work, building a 7-0 lead heading into the 4th

   on some nifty small balling.  TRLF got untracked thanks to a 3 run dinger by Corey narrowing the lead to 9-5.

   PVB added a run in the top of the 5th on some nifty base running, a run that would prove crucial in the victory.

   Josh crushed a 2 run HR and after a couple of hits TRLF had narrowed the score to 10-9 with the tying run on

   2nd and 1 out.   TRLF could not get the hit they needed and fell in game 2 10-9 - a game in which the 3 run lead

   provided to AAA teams proved to be the difference.   Jarren picked up the win on the mound.

            The rubber match would prove to be a barn burner as both teams hit very well.   HRs by Josh, Brandon and

   Corey erased the lead PVB was granted and added on by HRs by Dave and John.   AFter 4 innings the score was

   11-7 PVB.  TRLF rallied in the top of the 5th and loaded the bases with 2 outs.  Corey calmly stepped to the plate

   and delivered a game tying Granny, but TRLF was unable to get any insurance runs.   In the bottom half of the

   inning Brandon led off.   Normally a poke and run guy, and without an HR on the night, Brandon shocked all by

   taking a 2 strike pitch from Corey and depositing it on the far side of the left field fence for the game and series

   winner.   Once again the game fell within the lead margin of error.  Brandon also picked up the win on the mound.

             For the series Josh led all hitters with 8 HRs and 17 RBIs.   Corey added 7 HRs and 11 RBIs while Brandon

   Jinks had 3 HRs and Amos 1.   PVB had a decidedly low HR count with Jarren leading the way with 3 HRs and 4

   RBIs while John added 2 and 6, Brandon 1 and 6 and Dave 1 and 5.  

             The remainder of the week 4 series I have little 1st hand knowledge of, as, due to golf and building a dirt

   bike track, I was unable to see any of the games.

              WTP scored a major victory - claiming their very 1st 3CWL series win with a 2-1 win over the Redlegs.

   Games 1 and 3 were razor thin wins, first for the Redlegs and then WTP in the rubber match.  This series was most

   notable for its dearth of HRs - with a grand total of 1 being hit by each team in the entire series.   Game 1 was won

   by the Redlegs in the 7th inning on a 2 run base hit by newbie Jason Uhrig with Kyle Uhrig picking up the win on

   the mound.   Game 2 was all wTP as they used a 6 run 3rd inning enroute to a 9-1 spanking of the veteran Reds.

   Brad Miller hit the lone series HR for the Reds in this game and WTP scored all 9 runs without the benefit of a

   SINGLE HR.  Talk about small ball.   Kannon Strausbaugh picked up the win for WTP.   The rubber match was

   another low scoring thriller with the teams WTP scoring single runs in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th and then playing

   outstanding D behind the solid pitching of Eli McKee for the 3-1 WTP win to claim the series.   Ben Davis hit the

   lone WTP series HR in this game - in effect, the game winner.   

             WTP is competing.  When the runs start coming they will be dangerous.

            UMH and the Legends locked up in what portended to be a return to Wiffle ball glory - with many of the

   league's most thrilling games, and record shattering performances coming at the hands of these 2 teams.  To sum

   the entire series up in a word - meh.   The Legends really had no patented huge innings - with 11 being their biggest

   on the night.   Their offense was a steady, but light rain that built totals slowly.   UMH struggled to get anything

   big going, with their biggest inning on the night being a 5 spot.  With Blake Lansing still nursing a bum wrist,

   swinging with one hand still, and Eric Lewis playing his 1st series in nearly a month, UMH has not found their

   mid season rhythm yet and has, in truth, struggled offensively since winning the Blake Benefit Tourney.  

            The Legends used a 10 run 2nd inning in the opener, sandwhiched by a pair of 5's to build a 20-4 lead on UMH

   and claim the game by the mercy rule in the 4th.   Levi, Tyler and Jerry combined for 4, 4 and 3 HRs while David

   Page had a typical solid night with 3 HRs to match team mate, and surprise of the night, Cody Burdett with 3.  Game

   2  was more of the same as the Legends built a 20-6 lead enroute to a 28-6 win as Levi and Jerry combined for 9 HRs

   while Phill provided the extra pop with his 1st 4 HR effort of the year.   Dave Page hit a couple of dingers as Blake

   managed to one hand an HR out for UMH.     Game 3 was much like the 1st 2 as the Legends used innings of 2,7,2

   and finally 11 to outdistance UMH 22-12.   Levi and Jerry crushed 4 HRs each while both Phill and Tyler added 3.

   Cody Burdett did and excellent stand up routine to compliment his 4 HRs, even calling the last.

           For the series, Levi led all players, and secured another place in the record books with his 13 HR 24 RBI

   performance.   Jerry had a pedestrian night with 11 HRs and 22 RBIs while Tyler and Phill added significant punch

   with 9 and 6 HRs respectively.  Cody led UMH with 8 HRs and 14 RBIs while Dave smashed line drives all night,

   with 6 of them finding their way out of the yard.  Blake and Eric Lewis both added 2 HRs.


           The final series was a finish to the opening night stem winder between the Tralfamadorians and the Tigers -

   a game in which the teams combined for 19 runs in the 5th inning as TRLF scored 9 to tie it, only to have the Tigers

   respond with 5 in the top of the 6th - and then fall 1 short with the winning run at the plate, 20-19.    Chris Garrard

   and Kevin Flax both made grand entrances that night with 5 HRs apiece, while Josh Wonderleigh hit 4 to keep

   TRLF close.   Corey White and Amos Jones added 2 HRs each and the newest TRLF, Brandon Jinks, crushed his

   1st career HR.   

           Needing some division wins desperately, TRLF quickly fell behind 10-1 in game 2 as Kevin Flax and Jeremy

   Porter of the Tigers both had a multi HR 1st.  Scoring 4 then 3, TRLF managed to pull within 4, but could get no

  closer as the Tigers ujsed HRs by Chris and Adam Ellars to post a 5 in the 4th and seal game 2 17-8.    Seeking at

  least a moral victory, TRLF again fell behind 5-0 after 2 in game 3 on solo shots by all 5 Tigers.   A 7 run 3rd giving

  TRLF their first lead of the night was short lived as the Tigers posted 6 of their own on HRs by Kevin, Chris and

  Jeremy.    TRLF could score no more and the Tigers earned a sweep 10-7 in game 3. 

           For the series, Kevin Flax led all hitters with 10 HRs and 16 RBIs while team mate Chris Garrard added 10

   HRs and 16 RBIs.   Jeremy Porter jumped in the scorebook with 5 HRs and 8 RBIs while Adam Ellars hit his first

   2 3CWL HRs.    For TRLF, both Josh and Corey hit 5 HRs while driving in 11 and 12 RBIs.   Amos added 3 HRs

   and Brandon hit 1. 

           The last series of the week - NFC vs Tigers was a wash as a deluge dumped over an inch of rain on Legends \     

   Park in an hour.  

          Upset Award of the Week   

          There were 2 surprise upsets  this week and I could not bring myself to choose between them.


         The first was a Major League vs AAA series - the first recorded series victory of an AAA team

   over a ML team.   PVB clashed against 2012 World Series Runner Up the Tralfamadorians.

   Despite being outgunned in the HR total 19-7 and being out scored 37-25, PVB managed to win

   the series 2 games to 1, in no small part due to the new rules introduced about games between

   inter-division opponents.

          PVB used good fielding, good pitching and smart base running to score just enough runs to

   win the series - the first where a AAA team has defeated a ML team.


            Props have to be given to WTP in their first series victory in franchise history.   Again, with

    only 1 HR in the entire series, WTP used excellent, pitching, fielding and base running to pull

    off a 2-1 series victory against Contenders Division foe and front runner the Redlegs.   WTP is

     beginning to sneak up on teams.   When their hitting comes around - watch out !


                                       Herbie Strange State Farm  

                      3CWL Wiffler of the Week                                     Return to Top


                                                               Phill "The Scorpion" King


           While there were several series upsets in week 4 - WTP over the Redlegs, PVB over the

   Tralfamadorians, there were few over-the-top individual performances in those games.   I do not

   know if it was heavy air, good pitching or something else, but those series would most notable

   for their defense and lack of offense.  As a matter of stats, in both cases players from the losing

   teams had better nights statistically than players from the winning teams.    As such, there is

   really no stand out representative for Wiffler of the Week from those series.

            The Tigers all had an excellent night in their series sweep of TRLF - but it is hard to pick

    from among them because their stats are so close.

            That leaves the UMH versus Legends series - one which has provided several Wiffler of the

     Week in past years.   While Levi, Jerry and Tyler all had solid, but pedestrian nights at the plate,

    where the Legends gained the biggest advantage was on the mound and in the field.  Phill King

    simply had a career  night on the mound - nearly unhittable.   Added to this were some web

    gems in key spots, and his best night at the plate this year - and viola !    The few large rallies

     the Legends generated were anchored by HR outbursts by Phill, who was almost perfect on the

    night from the plate.   When Phill is on, the Legends are on.   He was - and there is your Wiffler

    of Week 4.   


              Congratulations to Phill for capturing his first solo State Farm 3CWL Wiffler of the Week

    highly coveted T-Shirt !


    Game Scores  (Home team on top)                                                                               Return to Top 

  PVB         3-3-1-1-0=   8                           TRLF       0-0-0-5-4=   9                               PVB         5-3-4-1-1=  14     

  TRLF       2-1-4-8-1= 16                           PVB         5-0-2-2-1=  10                              TRLF       2-0-3-1-7=  13  

  WP –  Amos Jones                                   WP –  Jarren Iles                                         WP – Brandon Kennedy

  HRs - Josh Wonderleigh TR(5)              HRs - Josh Wonderleigh TR(2)                  HRs - Corey White TR(3)

             Corey White TR(3)                                  Jarren Iles PVB (2)                                     Josh Wonderleigh TR(2)            

             Amos Jones TR(1)                                   Corey White TR(1)                                     Brandon Jinks TR(2)

             Brandon Jinks TR(1)                               Dave Fisher PVB (1)                                   Brandon Kennedy PVB(1)

             Jarren Iles PVB (2)                                                                                                       John Kepler PVB (1)  

             John Kepler PVB (1)                                                                                                     Dave Fisher PVB (1)  

  Redlegs   0-0-2-0-0-0-2=  4                      
WTP        1-1-6-0-1= 9                                 Redlegs   0-0-1-0-1= 1                     
  WTP        0-1-1-0-0-0-0 = 2                      Redlegs   0-0-0-0-1= 1                                 WTP        0-1-0-0-2= 3  
  WP –  Blake Rinehart                             WP – Kannon Strausbaugh
                          WP –  Eli McKee   
  HRs -                                                        HRs -Brad Miller RL(1)                             HRs - Ben Davis WTP(1)

  Legends   4-10-4-3-X= 21                        UMH       0-1-2-3-0=   6                               Legends   2-7-2-11-X= 22           
  UMH        3-0-1-3-0  =   9                        Legends   5-1-6-8-8= 28                               UMH       1-5-0-2-4=    12 
  WP –  Jerry Driggs                                  WP –
Phill King                                            WP –  Jerry Driggs          

  SP –   Levi Driggs                                     SP –  Levi Driggs                                        SP –   Levi Driggs  
  HRs -Tyler Wiget LG(4)                         HRs - Levi Driggs LG(5)                            HRs - Levi Driggs LG(4)       

             Levi Driggs LG(4)                                    Phill King LG(4)                                          Jerry Driggs LG(4)        

             Jerry Driggs LG(3)                                  Jerry Driggs LG(4)                                      Tyler Wiget LG(3)     

             Dave Page UMH(3)                                 Tyler Wiget LG(2)                                       Phill King LG(2)  

             Cody Burdett UMH(3)                             Dave Page UMH(2)                                    Cody Burdett UMH(4)    

             Blake Lansing UMH(1)                           Blake Lansing UMH(1) )                            Eric Lewis UMH(2)        

                                                                               Cody Burdett UMH(1)                                Dave Page UMH(1)


  TRLF    0-2-2-1-9-5= 19                           Tigers    10-1-1-5-X= 17                             TRLF    0-0-7-0-0=    7        
  Tigers    2-2-0-6-4-6= 20                           TRLF    1-4-3-0-0=     8                              Tigers    2-2-6-0-0= 10 
  WP –  Kevin Flax                                      WP – Adam Ellars
                                      WP –   Jeremy Porter

  HRs - Chris Garrard TG(5)                     HRs - Kevin Flax TG(3)                             HRs - Jeremy Porter TG(3)   

             Kevin Flax TG(5)                                     Jeremy Porter TG(2)                                   Kevin Flax TG(2)  

             Josh Wonderleigh TR(4)                         Chris Garrard TG(2)                                    Chris Garrard TG(2) 

             Amos Jones TR(2)                                   Adam Ellars TG(1)                                       Justin Collins TG(1)

             Corey White TR(2)                                   Corey White TR(2)                                     Adam Ellars TG(1)   

             Brandon Jinks TR(2)                                Josh Wonderleigh TR(1)                            Corey White TR(1)      

                                                                                Amos Jones TR(1)