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                 2011 Central Ohio Wiffleball League

                         Division Championships


           2011 Central Ohio Wiffleball League Standings   



      League          In Conf      Overall   Winning %     


      Legends           3 -  1         28 -   3         .900       

       PVB                 1 -  3         17 - 15         .530     




     League          In Conf       Overall     Winning %    

       Redlegs           0 -  3         14 -  16         .467

       The U              3 -  0         16 -  15        .516     


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      2011 COWL Divisional Championship Summary 

            Round 1 of the American League playoff matched the first year Redlegs versus the two veterans the U.

  This series was expected to be very close because the teams and their records were so evenly matched,   Even

  the stats of both sets of players in their corresponding batting line-ups are almost identical,

            On paper, it appeared the Redlegs had a slight advantage defensively as they give up nearly 3 runs less

  per game.  While a single series may have accounted for the difference between the two teams average wise,

  the Redlegs have a standout defender in Drew Nichols while the U really lacks a single defender who stands

  out.  Behind Drew, all the other Redlegs fielders steady and very smart.   Defensively the U falls in the better

  than average category but the Redlegs probably are slightly better on average.

             Offensively the teams are almost mirror images of each other.  Brent Hoover and Ronnie Anderson are

  two of the best power hitters in the league, with Brad Miller / Drew Nichols and Shay Netter / Shondrick Locklear

  having about the same numbers and the Redlegs Blake Rinehart being very comparable to the U's

  Jordan Nelson / John Kepler pairing.  If anything here, we would give the advantage to the U as they have more

  power hitters overall and when close games come down to the wire, an extra HR or two can make a huge difference.

            Pitching wise, we would again give a slight advantage to the U, just because their pitchers have 2 years and

  several other tournaments under their belts. 

            For the series, the home Redlegs chose J & M field as their home, hoping to take advantage of their slight

  edge in defending and perhaps keep the U from playing so much long ball.  

           Game 1 was somewhat of a surprise as the U exploded with 10 runs in the 1st 2 innings, jumping out to a 10-1

  lead.  The last 3 innings were played event with the final being 13-3 and Shondrick picking up the win.  Brent supplied

  the offensive fireworks, hitting 2 HRs.   The key to the game was the surprising ability of the U to aggressively

  run the bases as they were successful in dodging multiple peg attempts by the Redlegs and then take extra bases

  on the over throws.

           Looking to even the series in game 2, the visiting Redlegs corrected course and jumped out to a 3-0 in the 1st

  inning on a 3 run HR by Drew Nichols.  The pitching of Brad Miller held the U scoreless thru 3 innings and the

  Redlegs carried their 3-0 lead into the bottom of the 4th.  Brent Hoover erased the entire Redleg lead with 3 RBIs

  on 2 HRs in the bottom of the 4th and the game entered the final frame tied at 3.

           The U continued their night of aggressive base running successfully by pushing the go-ahead run across from

  2nd on a ground ball to the 1st base side.  The Redlegs threatened in the bottom of the 5th when with 2 on and 2 out

  Drew Nichols hit a high fly ball to the deepest section of center field, which Brent hauled in with his back to the fence,

  giving the U a 2-0 lead in the best of 5 series.

           The series switched to the Woods field where the U would be home team and the Redlegs wasted no time in

  publishing their intent to climb back in the series, scoring 10 runs in the top of the 1st on 3 run HRs by both Drew

  and Ronnie.   The U did not fold, however, and continued their relentless aggression on the base paths, taking

  extra bases nearly at will.  By the bottom of the 4th the U had cut the lead to 11-9.  After holding the Redlegs to

  1 run in the top of the 4th, the U exploded for 6 runs in the bottom of the inning, keyed by a grand slam by Brent,

  the U's only HR of the game.  The Redlegs could not recover and the U claimed the game 15-11 and the series


            The surprise from this series was how tenacious the U played, both on offense and defense.  They

  manufactured runs by base hits and aggressive base running and got key outs when they needed them by tough

  pitching and big defensive plays.  Their base running was simply fantastic and they stuck with it even after being

  pegged once or twice.  The experience they have gained from playing secondary tournaments was obvious and

  they were relentless, even when trailing on the scoreboard. 

            The Redlegs had a good series too.  They pitched very well, fielded adequately and had more HRs than the

  U, a surprising turn of events.  The U would simply not be denied. 



          The National League Divisional Championship series features the league leading Legends versus the ever

  dangerous Pleasant Valley Boys, filling in for GDE after GDE players got caught in a mix of vacations, returning

  to school and work schedules.

            The Legends chose the Woods field as their home, a place where they have averaged 24 runs and 14 home

  runs per game through out the year. PVB also chose the Woods field as their home.

            The key to this series will likely come down to if PVB can hold the Legends down just enough from scoring,

  and then put up big numbers on their side of the ledger.  In both defeats this year Legends opponents scored 17

  runs and still their margin of victory was but 1 and 2 runs.  So, it will likely take 15+ to defeat the Legends.

             Returning from a nearly 3 week layoff the Legends started a man down in game 1, sending Jerry to the

  mound with Levi and Phill in the field.  Brent Fisher got his night off to a good start with a 3 run HR in inning 1 to

  give PVB the early lead.   The Legends also got off to a quick start, putting up 6 in the bottom of the inning on HRs

  by both Levi and Jerry.    Inning 2 was all PVB as Brett, Brent , Dave and Gabe hit 2 HRs apiece in the frame to

  push across 14 runs in the big inning.   After 4 1/2 innings PVB lead the contest 23-8.  The Legends made it

  interesting by scoring 11 runs in the bottom of the 5th but Brett recorded the final out of the game with 2 men on to

  give PVB a 1-0 lead in the series. 

            PVB did exactly what they needed to; they hit the ball extremely well, pitched well and may one solid defensive

  play after another - the exact prescription required to beat the Legends, especially on the Woods field.  Gabe Fisher

  crushed 4 HRs for PVB, and brothers Dave, Brent and Brett hit 3, 2 and 2 respectively.  For the Legends, Levi led

  with 4 HRs while Jerry added 3 and 8 RBIs.  Ben delivered 2 HRs in the losing effort.

            Looking to even the series, the Legends sent ace Ben Cydrus to the mound in game 2 to square off against

  Trevor Thomas.  The game started fairly slowly, with the game being time at 10-10 after 3 innings.  After been

  pitched and egg in the top of inning 4, the Legends bats roared to life and they put up 15 runs to end the game via

  the mercy rule 25-10.   Levi led the Legends barrage with 5 HRs and 10 RBIs.  Jerry added 4 HRs and 9 RBIs

  while Phill hit his first HR of the series.  For PVB Brett and Gabe Fisher hit 2 HRs and Brent and Dave added 1

  each.  Ben Cydrus picked up the win to even the series at 1 game each as PVB then became the home team and

  sent Brent to the mound to square off against Phill of the Legends.

           The Legends got started quickly, jumping out to a 12-2 lead after 2 innings on 2 HRs each by Jerry and Levi.

  Ben's bat came to life in inning 3 as he crushed 2 HRs while Levi and Jerry added another to again end the contest

  via the mercy rule 19-2.   Jerry's final HR of the game pushed him across the 100 HR mark for the year, narrowly

  edging Levi out for the mark by a single dinger.  For the game Levi and Jerry led all batters with 3 HRs each,

  while Ben added 2 and Phill 1.  Brent had the lone HR for PVB.

           Down 2 games to 1 and needing a victory to extend the series, the home PVB sent Dave Fisher to the mound

  to try and change the momentum.  The Legends would have none of it and put up 13 runs in the top half of inning 1,

  on 2 HRs apiece by Levi and Jerry.   After Dave and Jerry both pitched goose eggs for their teams in the 2nd, PVB

  entered the top of the 3rd down 13-3.  Once again the Legends went off, with every Legends batter recording a HR

  in the frame.  Levi smashed 3 HRs to lead, while Jerry added 2 and Ben and Phill both tacked on 1 HR each in the

  11 run barrage.   Needing 6 runs to extend the game, PVB was unable to score in the bottom of the 3rd and the

  game ended 24-3 and the Legends claimed the series 3-1 and earned a trip to their 2nd straight COWL World


           For the series Levi led all hitters with 17 HRs and 31 RBIs, giving Levi 103 for the year.  Jerry hit 15 HRs in

  the series and added 34 RBIs to bring his lead leading totals to 104 HRs and 207 RBIs.  Ben and Phill both added

  3 HRs apiece and 11 RBIs.

           For PVB, Gabe Fisher had 6 HRs and 9 RBIs, leading him to a top 5 finish in HRs and top 10 in RBIs, the 1st

  time a youngster has cracked the leader top 5 while using the solid balls.  Brent Fisher completed another very

  good year crushing 6 HRs with 9 RBIs to bring his yearly totals to 23 HRs and 57 RBIs, both respectable numbers

  given the limited number of times Brent could play due to his schedule.  Brett led all PVB players ieth 12 RBIs on

  the night to accompany his 5 HRs, bringing his yearly totals to16 HRs and 58 RBIs.  Dave Fisher again wins

  bragging rights among the Fisher siblings by crushing a total of 41 HRs on the year with 67 RBIs.   Trevor Thomas

  completed a very good year as lead-off man with 13 HRs and 33 RBIs.


           The National League Champion and defending 2010 COWL World Series champ Legends will not take on the

  American League Champion The U, appearing in their first COWL World Series.


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      COWL Wiffler of the Week Divisional Championship                          Return to Top



           The COWL Wiffler of the Week for the Divisional Championship left us scratching our collective heads.

  On the PVB vs Legends side, both Levi and Jerry had pretty much average nights, crushing 17 and 15 HRs

  respectively and pushing across 31 and 34 RBIs.

           But the real wow factor came from The U versus the Redlegs series.  We felt going in this series was

  too close to call and would go either way depending upon who had the big inning in each game.

           As usual, we were way off.  The U took control of the series early and really never let up.  There was

  little concern exhibited even when they were down.  While they did not hit their usual number of long bombs,

  their pitching was excellent, their defense very good, and their base running was nothing short of exceptional.

           We would never have imagined The U would win this series, or any series for that matter, with their

  speed on the base paths.  They have some pretty big dudes and I don't think they really exhibited the tendency

  to push for extra bases consistently all year.

           But they sure did on the American League Championship night, and it paid off in spades.  The were

  relentlessly aggressive all night, even after being pegged out on several occasions.  Surprisingly, it was not

  just the small guys (read Brent), but the big uglies (no offense intended) who kept pounding the ball into the

  gaps and grinding out base hits and extra bases.  It was just plain fun to watch.

           So, we could not pick just one of them...as a result we have our first multi player Wiffler of the Week.

           Congratulations to Shay Netter, Shondrick Locklear, Brent Hoover, Jordan Nelson and John Kepler for

  their impressive American League Championship and for being selected as Wifflers of the Week !


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    Game Scores  (Home team on top)                                                                             Return to Top 

  Redlegs              3                                   The U                4                                   Redlegs            11               
  The U                13                                   Redlegs            3                                   The U                15 
  WP –  Shondrick Locklear                      WP –  John Kepler
                               WP –  Brent Hoover
  HRs - Brent Hoover U(2)                       HRs - Brent Hoover U(2)                               Brent Hoover U(2)  

             Shay Netter U(1)                                     Drew Nichols RL(1)                             Blake Rinehart RL(1)

             Ronnie Anderson RL(2)                                                                                        Ronnie Anderson RL(1)


  Legends           19                                     Legends           25                                 PVB                   2       
  PVB                  23                                     PVB                 10                                 Legends           19 
  WP –  Brett Fisher                                   WP –  Ben Cydrus
                               WP –  Phill King
  HRs - Gabe Fisher PVB(4)                      HRs - Levi Driggs LEG(5)                 HRs - Levi Driggs LEG(3) 

             Dave Fisher PVB(3)                                 Jerry Driggs LEG(4)                           Jerry Driggs LEG(3)

             Brett Fisher PVB(2)                                 Phill King LEG(1)                                Phill King LEG(1) 

             Brent Fisher PVB(2)                                Brett Fisher PVB(2)                             Brent Fisher PVB(1)  

             Levi Driggs LEG(4)                                 Gabe Fisher PVB(2)      

             Jerry Driggs LEG(3)                                Brent Fisher PVB(1)   

             Ben Cydrus LEG(2)                                 Dave Fisher PVB(1)             

  PVB                   3       
  Legends           24 
WP –  Jerry Driggs
  HRs - Levi Driggs LEG(5) 

             Jerry Driggs LEG(4)

             Phill King LEG(1) 

             Ben Cydrus LEG(1)                    

             Brett Fisher PVB(1)                             

             Brent Fisher PVB(1)                             




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