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    2010 Stats   


            Central Ohio Wiffleball League

                                Week 1 Results


          2011 Central Ohio Wiffleball League Standings   


      National                                                                                      Games     

      League          In Conf     Out Conf.    Overall   Winning %     Back    


      Legends           3 -  0           0 -  0          3 -   0      1.000 -  .000        - 

       GDE                0 -  0           1 - 2           1 -   2       .000 -   .333       2.0

       PVB                 1 -  2           0 - 0           1 -   2       .333 -   .000      2.0


       Knights           0 -  3           0 -  0           0 -   3      .000 -   .000      3.0


    American                                                                                     Games    

     League          In Conf     Out Conf.    Overall   Winning %       Back    


      The U               0 -  0           2 - 1           2 -   1       .000 -   .666       -

       Brothers x2    2 -  1           0 - 0           2 -   1       .666 -   .000       -

       Redlegs           1 -  2           2 - 1           3 -   3       .500 -   .333      1.0

       Blade Sharp   0 -  0           0 - 0           0 -   0       .000 -   .000      2.0

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                2011 COWL Week 1 Series Summaries 

            COWL Week 1 was one of surprises.   First, the new teams were surprisingly competitive.  Secondly,

   all the 3 game series were extremely close.  Thirdly, some solid teams from last year have improved

   significantly and stand poised to make lots of noise during the year.

            The 3 new teams, The Redlegs, Brother's Squared and the Knights all turned in excellent games.

            The Redlegs played 2 series, falling in the first to the Brother's Squared 2-1, but rebounding to win

   their second series 2-1 against PVB, an upper echelon team a year ago.  The Redlegs were very consistent

   through out their lineup with their 1-3 hitters all hitting 5 - 8 HRs.  Ron Anderson crushed 8 HRs to drive in

   an impressive 18 RBIs and Brad Miller went yard 6 times en route to 19 RBIs.  At this point the Redlegs

   own the most dangerous lead off batter as Drew Nichols led all lead off men with 6 HRs and 12 RBIs.  The

   Redlegs have decent team speed, have obviously played a fair amount of baseball and will improve quickly

   as their feel for our rules and the COWL brand of wiffleball improves.  In  both of their series they out scored

   their opponents narrowly.  When it all comes together they will contend for their division title.

           The Brothers Squared won their first series against the Redlegs 2-1, playing with only 3 players in game

   1.   Corbin Hill showed he will be a serious long ball threat, slamming 7 HRs in the series.  Ashley Flautt

   also did serious damage smashing 6 HRs of her own.  They are a sleeper team in our opinion.  They will not

   over power many teams but are one of those teams where you look at the scoreboard in the last inning and

   they will be ahead or dangerously close.  Once they are at full strength they will be able to beat anyone in

   the league and have staked their current claim already at the top of the American League.


            PVB was slightly short-handed, but still narrowly missed winning their first series of the year against

   the Redlegs.  Gabe Fisher and Zach each had a good series, smashing 5 amd 4 HRs respectively.  If Dave

   Fisher would have had his normal night, PVB could have very well went undefeated.  Still, no one doubts that

   Dave will again contend for title of HR king as he is one of the most dangerous hitters in the league, as

   well as being one of the best fielders.  If Dave is able to get his full team of Brett and Brent in the lineup 1/2

   the time and can be as competitive with the young version of PVB as they were this past week, they will

   be a factor in the National League race and will be capable of winning any series.


             The Knights drew a tough assignment, with their opening series being against the 2010 COWL World

   Series Champion the Legends.  After struggling in game 1 they narrowed the gap to 8-5 in game 2 and

   actually had the winning run at the plate in the bottom of the 5th of game 3.   It will be interesting to watch

   how dramatically they improve in the next few weeks as they get used to playing together and to the rules.

   The Knights have excellent team speed, they all field well and their hitting improved by magnitudes in just

   the 3 games they played.  By mid season they too will be a team to be reckoned with.


            The Legends had a strange night, racing out to an impressive 25-5 opening game victory but then

   slumping to only score 19 runs the rest of the series.  Ben Cydrus had a great night, crushing 3 homers in

   game 1 and not making an out in the final game.  Ben also racked up 2 pitching wins on the night to tie him

   for league lead with Drew Nicols of the Redlegs.  Jerry had a very workman like night, book ending 2 four

   HR efforts in games 1 and 3 around a 2 HR effort in game 2 to complement the 21 RBIs for the series. 

   Levi "Crush" Driggs had an off night hitting only 4 HRs, which still places him in the top 10 on the leader

   board.  Likewise, Phil "Scorpion" King struggled somewhat at the plate, ending the night with lots of hits

   but no HRs.   Phil did record 2 saves on the night but needs to work on his weak Francisco Cordero impression. 

           The surprise upset of the week belongs to the U, as they shocked 2010 COWL World Series Runner

   Up GDE 2-1.  The U demonstrated they are taking no prisoners in 2011.  They were led by stalwart Brent

   Hoover who crushed 7 HRs and drove in 13 RBIs in his opening bid to improve upon his 6th place finish

   in the HR and RBI races.  The U has improved steadily and have served notice they will compete for the

   National League Crown this year.  

            I do not believe there is any call for panic among the GDE, as they started off slowly last year but won

   a league record 20 games in a row to finish the season.  Andy Russell is making an early bid for league MVP,

   as he is in mid-season form already, crushing 8 HRs and a whopping 19 RBIs in their losing cause.  The rest

   of the normally very consistent and dangerous GDE crew had a relatively quiet night, but it is inevitable

   they will right the ship and be one of the most difficult teams to beat, as their normally consistent offense

   is rivaled only by their extremely stingy defense and possibly best overall pitching staff in the league.


           Of the 5 series played, 4 had a total run differential of 3 or less between the 2 teams for the entire series.

   Should that result become the norm, this season should be the extremely exciting as each series could come

   down to the final at bat of the final inning of the final game.   It is obvious the league has a great combination of

   new and returning teams, with a fun mix of old and young players (some on the same teams even).  It will be

   interesting to watch the old guys try to hang in against the stellar young athletes on most teams.


            For the up coming week, both Blade Sharp and Legends will play 2 series.  Blade Sharp to catch up

   and Legends to make up for upcoming vacation.  The Redlegs and Brothers Squared both have off weeks as

   they are enjoying vacation time.

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                 COWL Wiffler of the Week                                        Return to Top


                                                            Brent Hoover of The "U"

        The 1st COWL Wiffler of the Week was a difficult decision.   Many of the new teams had players who

  turned in fantastic weeks and receive Honorable Mention thereby.  Ron Anderson had a big first night,

  smashing 7 HRs and 18 RBIs for the Redlegs.   Fellow Redlegs Brad Miller and Drew Nichols also

  crushed 6 HRs in their first night of play and both added pitching victories en route to a season opening

  series win vs PVB. 

        Corbin Hill had a superb debut by smashing 7 HRs and 13 RBIs and team mate Ashley Flautt represented

  the fairer half by crushing 6 HRs and 11 RBIs as Brothers Squared opened their first series in COWL with

  a 2-1 series win over the Redlegs.

        Gabe Fisher carried the PVB on his back with 5 HRs and 8 RBIs in a PVB victory over the Redlegs. 

  Andy Russell picked up where he left off last season for GDE, going yard 8 times while driving in 19 RBIs

  against The U.  Ben Cydrus from the Legends earns Honorable Mention for his 4 HR 9 RBI and 2 pitching

  victory performance against the Kinghts.

        But the Wiffler of the Week comes from the surprise upset of the week as The U staked claim to their

  1st series victory of the year over 2010 American League Champs GDE 2 -1.   For the U, Shay Nett earns

  honorable mention by crushing 5 HRs and 9 RBIs filling in for Jordan Nelson.

        Brent Hoover wins his 2nd career Wiffler of the Week award by delivering 7 HRs, 13 RBIs and a pitching

  victory in The U's upset win over GDE.

        For being chosen as Wiffler of the Week Brent Hoover will receive a free Wiffler of the Week t-shirt

  complements of Shelleys Nursery and Garden Center. Congratulations Brent !

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    Game Scores  (Home team on top)                                                                               Return to Top 

  Redlegs     12                                        PVB                12                                     Redlegs          12                       
  PVB             8                                        Redlegs          10                                     PVB                  8 
  WP – Brad Miller                                 WP – Gary
                                              WP – Drew Nichols 
  HRs - Brad Miller RL (2)                    HRs -Gabe Fisher PVB (4)                   HRs - Brad Miller RL (2)      

             Gabe Fisher PVB (2)                            Drew Nichols RL (3)

             Ron Anderson RL (1)                           Ron Anderson RL (2) 

             Dave Fisher PVB (1)                            Brad Miller RL (1)   

                                                                            Dave Fisher PVB (1) 

  Brothers X2       9                                 Redlegs           9                                       Brothers X2     10                      
  Redlegs             8                                  Brothers X2    8                                       Redlegs             7 
  WP – Collin Hill                                    WP – Maddie Davis
                               WP – Ron Anderson
  HRs - Corbin Hill B2(4)                      HRs - Ashley Flautt B2(2)                      HRs -Corbin Hill B2(3)       

             Ashley Flautt B2(2)                             Drew Nichols RL (2)                               Ashley Flautt B2(2) 

             Ron Anderson RL (2)                         Ron Anderson RL (1)                              Ron Anderson RL (2) 

             Blake Rinehart RL (1)                                                                                         Drew Nichols RL (1) 

                                                                                                                                            Brad Miller RL (1)                                                                                                                                                                                         Collin Hill B2(1)                  

  GDE                12                                 The U              12                                    GDE                 9                         
  The U              17                                 GDE                10                                    The U               3
  WP – Brent Hoover                             WP – John Kepler
                                  WP – Andy Russell
  HRs - Andy Russell GDE(4)              HRs - Brent Hoover  U(4)                     HRs -Andy Russell GDE(4)   

             Shondrick Locklear U(3)                     Shay Netter U(3)                                   Dave Page GDE(1)

             Brent Hoover  U(2)                              Andy Russell GDE(4)                           Brent Hoover  U(4)     

             Shay Netter U(2)                                  Blake Lansing GDE(1)                         

             Dave Page GDE(1)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

  Knights             6                                 Legends            8                                    Knights           10                     
  Legends          25                                 Knights             5                                    Legends          12
  WP – Ben Cydrus                                WP – Jerry Driggs
                                WP –Ben Cydrus
  HRs - Jerry Driggs Leg(4)                HRs -  Jerry Driggs Leg(2)                   HRs - Jerry Driggs Leg(4)

             Ben Cydrus Leg(3)                              Levi Driggs Leg(2)                                Walter Schauseil KN(2)

             Levi Driggs Leg(2)                              Nathan Rinehart KN(1)                         Amos Jones KN(1)    

             Dustin Weaver KN(1)                                                                                         Ben Cydrus Leg(1)



                                    2011 Player Stat Summary 

                            Year To Date Statistics 
               Team Offense            Team Defense













  Runs Allowed



 Legends          3     44       14.7  Legends       3       21     7.0
 The U       3       32    10.7  Brothers X2       3    23     7.7
 GDE        3      31     10.3   Redlegs       6    26     8.3
 Redlegs          6     55      9.2  PVB       3     29      9.7
 PVB       3      26      8.6  The U       3      31   10.3
 Brothers X2       3       25       8.3  GDE       3     32   10.7
 Knights          3     21      7.0  Knights       3    44   14.7
 B Sharp          B Sharp      
   Home Runs By Team







 Legends         18     6.0   
 The U      16      5.3
 Brothers X2      14      4.7 




 Redlegs      21      3.5
 Knights       5     1.7
 B Sharp    


                              Home Runs  
     Player    Team    Total         Avg
Jerry Driggs   Legends       10            3.3
Andy Russell GDE         8             2.7
Brent Hoover U        7             2.3
Ronnie Anderson Redlegs        8             1.3
Corbin Hill BrothersX2        7             2.3
Ashley Flautt BrothersX2        6             2.0
Gabe Fisher PVB        5             1.7
Shay Netter U        5             1.7
Ben Cydrus Legends        4             1.3
Levi Driggs Legends          4             1.3
Shondrick Locklear U        4             1.3
Zach PVB        4             1.3
Brad Miller Redlegs          6             1.0
Drew Nichols Redlegs          6             1.0
Dave Fisher PVB        2             0.7
Dave Page GDE        2             0.7
Walter Schausiel Knights        2             0.7
Blake Rinehart Redlegs          2             0.3
Amos Jones Knights        1             0.3
Blake Lansing    GDE          1             0.3
Collin Hill BrothersX2        1             0.3
Dustin Weaver Knights        1             0.3
Blake Lansing    GDE          1             0.3
Nathan Rinehart Knights        1             0.3
Phil King Legends            
Nathaniel Sprouse W2W        
Derrick Webb Paints          
Janae Driggs   GDE        
Eric Young   W2W      
Eric Lewis. GDE       
Brett Fisher PVB          
Jordan Nelson U          
Jim Driggs Jr. sub          
JR Kennedy W2W           
Trevor Thomas PVB        


     Player     Team    Total    
Jerry Driggs Legends       21           
Andy Russell GDE        19           
Brad Miller Redlegs        19           
Ronnie Anderson     Redlegs        18           
Brent Hoover U       13             
Corbin Hill BrothersX2       13             
Ashley Flautt BrothersX2       13             
Drew Nichols Redlegs        12          
Ben Cydrus Legends          9             
Zach   PVB         9
Shay Netter The U            9          
Levi Driggs Legends            8           
Gabe Fisher PVB         8
Shondrick Locklear  U        7           
Blake Lansing GDE         6             
Blake Rinehart Redlegs          6        
David Fisher       PVB         6     
Dustin Weaver       Knights         6     
Phil King  Legends         6
Walter Schauseil Knights         6           
Nathan Rinehart Knights         5     
Amos Jones Knights         4
Eric Lewis  GDE         4
Johnny Kepler U         3
Dave Page GDE         2
Collin Hill BrothersX2         1             
Gary PVB         1             
Brent Fisher PVB               
Janae Driggs 3JT        
Derrick Webb Paints         
Nathaniel Sprouse       W2W        
Jordan Nelson U       
Eric Young  W2W      
Jim Driggs 3JT       
JR McCary W2W          
Brett Fisher   PVB        


                   Pitching Wins...
 Player     Team    Wins
 Ben Cydrus   Legends        2
 Drew Nichols  Redlegs        2
 Andy Russell  GDE        1
 Brad Miller   Redlegs        1
 Brent Hoover  U        1
 Collin Hill  BrothersX2        1
 Gary ?  PVB        1
 Jerry Driggs  Legends        1
 John Kepler  U        1
 Maddie Davis  BrothersX2        1
 Ron Anderson  Redlegs        1


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