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    2010 Stats   



                        Central Ohio Wiffleball League

                               Week 2 Results

           2011 Central Ohio Wiffleball League Standings   


      National                                                                                      Games     

      League          In Conf     Out Conf.    Overall   Winning %     Back    


      Legends           3 -  0           3 -  0          6 -   0      1.000 -  .000        - 

       GDE                0 -  0           3 - 3           3 -   3       .000 -   .500      3.0


       Knights           0 -  3           2 -  1          2 -   4       .000 -   .667      4.0


       PVB                 1 -  5           0 - 0           1 -   5       .167 -   .000      5.0



    American                                                                                     Games    

     League          In Conf     Out Conf.    Overall   Winning %       Back    

       Brothers x2    2 -  1           0 - 0           2 -   1       .666 -   .000       -

       Redlegs           1 -  2           2 - 1           3 -   3       .500 -   .333      1.0

       The U              0 -  0           2 - 4           2 -   4       .000 -   .333      2.0

       Blade Sharp   0 -  0           2 - 4           2 -   4       .000 -   .333      2.0

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                2011 COWL Week 2 Series Summaries 

            COWL Week 2 was another wild week !  To summarize, Brothers Squared moved into 1st place in

  the AL without playing a game, the Redlegs jumped into a tie for 2nd the same way, Blade Sharp lost 2

  razor close game 3's in back-to-back series, the Knights won their 1st career game and series, Gookie

  got back on track, PVB's youth not enough against the Legends and the Legends had a night for the 0000

  record books.

            GDE faced the ever dangerous Blade Sharp and returned to their old form, scoring 26 runs in the

  opening game of the series.  All Gookies got untracked with Andy, Eric and Dave crushing 4 HRs each and

  totalling 23 RBIs between the 3.  Blade Sharp returned the favor in game 2, scoring 10 runs in the 1st

  inning en route to a 19-4 mercy rule with Tyler Manion donating 4 HRs and 11 RBIs in the win.  The

  rubber game was won in a thriller by GDE 16-14 with GDE holding off a furious Blade Sharp rally in the

  bottom of the 5th.   Balanced offense was the key for GDE all night as Eric, Andy and Dave all went

  yard 3 times in the series winner.  Tyler Manion again led Blade Sharp with 14 HRs and 11 RBI's.

           After losing a squeaker in the oppening game of their series against Blade Sharp 6-4, the Knights got

  into the win column for the year by posting an 8-7 win in game 2.  Dustin was the hero, smashing 3 HRs and

  accounting for 6 of the Knights 8 RBI's in the game.  A pitching duel ensued in the the nightcap, with Walter

  holding the Blade Sharp lineup to just 1 run in a 3-1 victory to clinch the series.  Nathan hit a key 2 run HR

  in the bottom of the 4th to provide the margin of victory.   With the series win the Knights moved out of the

  basement in the NL and are definitely a team on the way up the standings.

            The Legends faced their nemesis from 2010, the U in a battle of NL leaders.  Behind the stellar

   pitching of their ace Ben, the Legends squeezed out a 12-7 win in game 1 with Levi providing the firepower

   in the form of 5 HRs and 8 RBIs.  Game 2 was tight heading into the top of the 4th with a 19-15 Legends lead

   when the Legends posted a league record 24 runs, hitting 13 HRs in 1 inning, another league best.  For the

   game, Jerry equaled Levi's all time league best 10 HRs, while Levi crushed 9 of his own and Phill and Ben

   tallied 4 each, for a league record of 27 for the game.  Jerry also had 20 RBIs and the Legends shattered the

   league mark for runs in a single game by scoring 44.   In the losing effort both Brent and Shondrick smashed

   3 HRs with one of Shondricks landing over the bank in center field beyond the press box from the Woods

   diamond.  That's a fur piece, as they say.  In game 3 the Legends relied on developing young pitching ace

   Phill King and defense as the U was held to just 1 run. 

            PVB played with their young team once again, and had the misfortune of catching the Legends on their

   hot night.  While PVB put up an excellent showing, and was close going late into the games, the 4th inning of    

   each proved to be magical for the Legends as they scored a total 47 runs in the series in the 4th innings alone.

   PVB was led by Gabe who ended a fine night with 6 HRs and 12 RBIs, moving him above his Dad in the HR

   count and into the top 10.  Just wait until he gets a few years older Dave and starts trash talking you.  Dave

   also had a decent night, tallying 5 HRs and 8 RBIs and I am pulling for him. 


            Week 3 promises to be a crucial week as key conference battles rage.  GDE will face conference foe

   PVB while the Brothers Squared square off against the U and the Redlegs battle conference opponent

   Blade Sharp.

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                 COWL Wiffler of the Week                                        Return to Top


                                                             Phill "The Scorpion" King

        The picture for COWL Wiffler of the Week 2 was a fairly clear one.  While Tyler Manion had a

  career night for Blade Sharp with 10 HRs and all 4 of Blake, Andy, Eric and Dave had solid nights for

  for GDE, one team had a night for the history books, and one player was the starting spot.

        En route to breaking 6 league records against the ever dangerous U, the Legends were led by their

  leadoff man Phill King.  Phill lead off 2 of the 3 games versus the U with solo HRs and never looked

  back.  For the night Phil tallied 10 HRs and 21 RBI - an impressive number concerning Levi & Jerry

  combined for 31 RBIs of their own against the U and left few runners on for Phil.  Phil also had 2 quality

  pitching wins on the night and was marginally improved on his Francisco Cordero impression, although his

  Ricky Henderson impression is first rate.

        Congrats to "The Scorp" for his solid night at the plate, on the mound and in the field.

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    Game Scores  (Home team on top)                                                                             Return to Top 

  Blade Sharp     10                                  GDE                   4                                  Blade Sharp      14                
  GDE                 26                                  Blade Sharp     18                                  GDE                 16            
  WP – Daimond Dave Page                   WP – Nate Sprouse
                               WP – Andy Russell 
  HRs -Andy Russell GDE(4)                 HRs -Tyler Manion BS(4)                   HRs -Blake Lansing GDE(3)

             Eric Lewis GDE(4)                                Eric Young BS(3) )                               Eric Lewis GDE(3)

             Dave Page GDE(4)                               Nate Sprouse BS(1)                             Andy Russell GDE(3)   

             Blake Lansing GDE(1)                         Ollie Parker BS(1)   

             Eric Young BS(3)                                   Andy Russell GDE(2)

             Nate Sprouse BS(2)

             Tyler Manion BS(2)


  The U                7                                   Legends          44                                  The U                1                           
  Legends          12                                   The U              15                                  Legends          10         
  WP –Ben Cydrus                                  WP –
Jerry Driggs                                WP – Phill King
  HRs - Levi Driggs Leg(5)                    HRs - Jerry Driggs Leg(10)               HRs - Levi Driggs Leg(3) 

             Phill King Leg(2)                                   Levi Driggs Leg(9)                             Jerry Driggs Leg(2) 

             Jerry Driggs Leg(2)                              Ben Cydrus Leg(4)                             Ben Cydrus Leg(1)    

             Ben Cydrus Leg(1)                                Phill King Leg(4)                                Phill King Leg(1)                               

             Brent Hoover U(1)                                Brent Hoover U(3)                              Brent Hoover U(1) 

             John Kepler U(1)                                  Shondrick Locklear U(3)

             Jordan Nelson U(1)                              Shay Netter U(2)

             Shondrick Locklear U(1)


  Knights              4                                  Blade Sharp      7                                 Knights             3                     
  Blade Sharp      6                                   Knights             8                                 Blade Sharp      1   
  WP – Eric Young                                   WP – Dustin Weaver
                          WP –Walter Schausiel
  HRs - Nate Sprouse BS(2)                   HRs - Dustin Weaver KN(3)             HRs -Nathan Rinehart KN(1)

             Tyler Manion BS(1)                             Walter Schauseil KN(2)                                

             Dustin Weaver KN(1)                          Nathan Rinehart KN(1)                           

             Walter Schauseil KN(1)                       Tyler Manion BS(3)                                                             


                                    2011 Player Stat Summary 

                            Year To Date Statistics 
               Team Offense            Team Defense













  Runs Allowed



 Legends          6    110       18.3  Legends       6     44     7.3
 GDE        6     77     12.8   Brothers X2       3     23     7.7
 B Sharp         6     56      9.3  B Sharp       6     56     9.3
 The U       6       55      9.2  Redlegs          6     59     8.3
 Redlegs          6     55      9.2  Knights       6     59     9.8
 PVB       6       54      9.0  GDE       6     74   12.3
 Brothers X2       3       25       8.3  The U       6     97   16.2
 Knights          6       36      6.0  PVB       6   108    18.0
   Home Runs By Team







 Legends         62   10.3   


 B Sharp




 The U      28      4.7
 Redlegs      21      3.5
 Brothers X2      14      4.7 
 Knights      14     2.3


                      Home Runs  
     Player    Team     Total       
Jerry Driggs   Legends       24          
Levi Driggs Legends         21            
Andy Russell GDE        17           
Tyler Manion B Sharp       14      
Brent Hoover U       12          
Gabe Fisher PVB       11            
Ben Cydrus Legends       10           
Phil King Legends           10         
Eric Young   W2W         9     
Ronnie Anderson Redlegs         8            
Corbin Hill BrothersX2         7            
Dave Fisher PVB         7            
Dave Page GDE         7           
Eric Lewis. GDE         7     
Nathaniel Sprouse W2W         7     
Shay Netter U         7         
Shondrick Locklear U         7         
Ashley Flautt BrothersX2         6            
Blake Lansing    GDE           6            
Brad Miller Redlegs           6            
Drew Nichols Redlegs           6            
Dustin Weaver Knights         5            
Zach PVB         5            
Walter Schausiel Knights         4            
Nathan Rinehart Knights         4            
Jordan PVB         3           
Blake Rinehart Redlegs           2            
Amos Jones Knights         1           
Collin Hill BrothersX2         1            
Ollie Parker B Sharp         1     
John Kepler U         1      
Jordan Nelson U         1      
Trevor Thomas PVB         1         
Derrick Webb Paints          
Janae Driggs   GDE        
Brett Fisher PVB          
Jim Driggs Jr. sub          
JR Kennedy W2W           


     Player     Team    Total    
Jerry Driggs Legends       46           
Andy Russell GDE        35           
Levi Driggs Legends          31           
Tyler Manion  B Sharp       26          
Gabe Fisher PVB       20
Brad Miller Redlegs        19           
Brent Hoover U       19          
Ronnie Anderson     Redlegs        18           
Ben Cydrus Legends        17         
Phil King  Legends       16
Eric Lewis  GDE       15
Shay Netter The U          15          
Blake Lansing GDE       14     
Dustin Weaver       Knights       14    
Ashley Flautt BrothersX2       13     
Corbin Hill BrothersX2       13       
Dave Page GDE       13
Shondrick Locklear  U       13           
Drew Nichols Redlegs        12          
David Fisher       PVB        11     
Nathaniel Sprouse       W2W       11         
Zach   PVB       11
Eric Young  W2W       10 
Nathan Rinehart Knights         9    
Walter Schauseil Knights         8           
Blake Rinehart Redlegs          6        
Johnny Kepler U         6
Ollie Parker  B Sharp         6          
Amos Jones Knights         5
Jordan PVB         4          
Jordan Nelson U         4
Trevor Thomas  PVB         3          
Collin Hill BrothersX2         1        
Gary PVB         1       
Brent Fisher PVB               
Janae Driggs 3JT        
Derrick Webb Paints         
Jim Driggs 3JT       
JR McCary W2W          
Brett Fisher   PVB        


                   Pitching Wins...
 Player     Team    Wins
 Ben Cydrus   Legends        3
 Andy Russell  GDE        2
 Jerry Driggs  Legends        2
 Drew Nichols  Redlegs        2
 Brad Miller   Redlegs        1
 Brent Hoover  U        1
 Collin Hill  BrothersX2        1
 Dave Page  GDE        1
 Dustin Weaver  Knights        1
 Eric Young  B Sharp        1
 Gary ?  PVB        1
 John Kepler  U        1
 Maddie Davis  BrothersX2        1
 Phill King  Legends        1
 Ron Anderson  Redlegs        1
 Tyler Manion  B Sharp        1
 Walter Schausiel  Knights        1


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