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    2010 Stats   



                        Central Ohio Wiffleball League

                               Week 4 Results

           2011 Central Ohio Wiffleball League Standings   


      National                                                                                      Games     

      League          In Conf     Out Conf.    Overall   Winning %     Back    


      Legends           6 -  0           5 -  1         11 -  1      1.000 -  .917      - 

       GDE                3 -  0           3 - 3           6 -   3      1.000 -  .660     3.5


       Knights           0 -  3           4 - 5           4 -   8        .000 -  .333     7.0


       PVB                 0 -  6           4 - 2           4 -   8       .000 -   .333     7.0


      American                                                                                     Games    

     League          In Conf     Out Conf.    Overall   Winning %       Back    

       Redlegs           3 -  3           5 - 1           8 -   4       .500 -   .667       -

       Brothers x2    6 -  3           1 - 5           7 -   8       .666 -   .467      2.0

       Blade Sharp   2 -  1           3 - 6           5 -   7       .666 -   .417      3.0

       The U              1 -  5           2 - 4           3 -   9       .168 -   .250      5.0

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                2011 COWL Week 4 Series Summaries 

            Week 4 was a matter of diametric opposites, with all Thursday night series ending in sweeps and

  Friday night games being decided in the last at bat with the last batter.  In summary, the Brothers Squared

  do a Jekyll and Hyde, the Redlegs stake claim as the best in the AL, Blade Sharp kills a winning streak,

  the PVB old timers find new life and the Knights and U struggle.  GDE had the week off.

            The American League race continues to be nip and tuck, with only one bad series seperating all

  teams in the conference.  Even last place the U could surge to near the top spot with a surge in this week's

  fast pitch night.   Non-conference foe Blade Sharp ended the Legends 10 game winning streak, moving GDE

  within striking distance while PVB and the Knights are finding success against non-conference foes.

            The Brothers Squared played lots of wiffleball this week, catching up for vacation time and actually

  moving a week ahead of the rest of the league.  Thanks to the Hill brothers for being so accomodating

  about their schedule.  They allowed Blade Sharp to get back on schedule even though they were playing

  short handed in doing so.  As it was, they had the misfortune of starting with PVB, just as PVB's old hands

  are rounding into form with their 2nd week back,  PVB swept Bx2, behind the solid pitching of Brett Fisher

  and a solid night by all 3 Fisher brothers at the plate, with Dave leading the trio with 7 HRs and 16 RBIs.

  Collin Hill led the Bx2 in defeat with 7 RBIs on 6 HRs.  Brett Fisher picked up 2 pitching victories. 


           The Brothers Squared righted their ship on Friday night with a huge 3 game series sweep of conference

  foe The U, moving them into a virtual tie for 1st place in the conference.  Collin Hill again had a huge series

  crushing 9 HRS with 17 HRS and adding a pitching victory in the closing game.  Mallory Rutherford and Cole

  Murray also added pitching victories in the sweep.  The U had a very rough night at the plate with even

  explosive Brent Hoover only having 4 HRs and 7 RBIs to lead the U. 

           In their final series the Bx2 squared off versus the surging Blade Sharp.  Blade Sharp used a balanced

  attack to win the first 2 games of the series 14-7 and 8-4, with all 4 BS players hitting 4 HRs.  In game 3 Bx2

  posted a 7-3 win with Collin Hill preserving the victory with a game ending home run robbing web gem of a

  Money Mike McClary one-handed HR smash. 

           Despite the last inning heroics by Bx2, Blade Sharp had a good night, going 3-3 over all to catch up

  with the rest of the league schedule and move up in the AL standings 1 place.  In their first series they took

  league leading the Legends down to the wire dropping a 16-14 game on a Ben Cydrus 2 run walk off HR in

  the bottom of the 5th.  Tyler Manion and Eric Young had 3 HRs each in the losing effort, while Mike McClary

  drove in 7 RBIs in his 1st official game.  Ben Cydrus picked up the win for the Legends, adding to his league

  leading total.  Ben also led his team with 3 HRs while Levi Driggs provided 8 RBIs including a huge 3 run

  shot to put the Legends ahead in the bottom of the 4th.   

          Game 2 of the series was all Blade Sharp as they combined for 10 HRs in cruising to a 13-6 win on TLC.

  Nathaniel Sprouse and Mike McClary each had 3 HRs in the win while Tyler Manion and Eric Young each

  had 2.  In the rubber game of the series Blade Sharp built a 6-3 lead on J & M heading into the bottom of the

  5th.  Once again the Legends came from behind as Jerry Driggs led off the inning with a homer, followed by

  back-to-back hits by Levi and Ben.  Phil King then hit a squibber deep down the right field line which spun

  up the hill allowing the deceptively speedy Ben to roll all the way from 1st to tie the score.  With the winning

  run on 1st and 0, Jerry's line drive cleared the center field fence by mere millimeters and the Legends claimed

  their 2nd come from behind victory on Jerry's 3 HR of the game, to take the series 2-1.

          The Redlegs made a major move up the standings this week by posting an impressive series sweep of the

  ever improving Knights.  The Redlegs won a pitching duel in game 1 3-1 behind the solid pitching of Ron

  Anderson, who also provided the Redlegs only runs on the only HR in the game, a 3 run shot.  Game 2 was

  more wide open, with the Redlegs posting a 14-6 win behind the pitching of Blake Rinehart.  Brad Miller was the

  offensive hero crushing 2 HRs and 6 RBIs in the game.  Game 3 was another pitching masterpiece as Brad

  Miller pitched a complete game shut out, one of the rarest feats in COWL.  The Redlegs blanked the Knights

  5-0 to sweep the series.  Once the Knights figure out how to score runs they will be a dangerous opponent as

  they are very stingy in the field.


            Week 5 is the first fast pitch week of the year.  All teams will play 1 fast pitch game with every other

   team in the league, half this week and half in week 2 at the end of the year.  All slow pitch games scheduled

   in the 1st half must be played before the fast pitch nights or the will be considered forfeits for the team not

   able to play on the regular scheduled nights. 

             The fast pitch rules are posted on the main COWL stats page.  Please note that this is not unlimited

   fast pitch as seen on YouTube videos.  The balls used in those tournaments are scuffed with sand paper to

   get them to move so dramatically.  Our version of fast pitch is considered pitch-to-hit speed, with movement

   and location emphasized, and not speed.  Teams may request pitches be slowed down if they are too fast,

   although 35 mph is permissible.   At that speed, batters will not be shocked by how fast pitches approach.


             Secondly, note that yellow stick official bats may be altered as desired.  They can be stuffed, filled,

   painted, sanded, taped, whatever.  As long as it is still an official Wiffle bat as the base it is ok.

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                 COWL Wiffler of the Week                                        Return to Top



        WEEK 4 COWL Wiffler of the Week was a very difficult choice as the series were either blow outs,

  or razor close.   Dave Fisher was considered strongly as he led a resurgence by the PVB old timers,

  crushing 7 HRS and 16 RBIs and numerous defensive gems in their series sweep over the Bx2.  Each of
  the Blade Sharp crew delivered big numbers (7 HRs ~ 15 RBIs) in their 3-3 weekend including a win over

  league leading Legends.  Ron Anderson had a pitching victory, 4 HRs and 8 RBIs to lead the Redlegs in

  their series sweep of the Knights.

         Wiffler of Week 4 is awarded to Collin Hill, who held the short-handed Brothers Squared to a 4-5

  record in 3 series, including a crucial sweep of confrence foe the U.  Collin crushed 19 HRs and 34 RBIs

  while recording 2 pitching victories and ending game 3 of the Blade Sharp series with an acrobatic rob

  of a Mike McCleary HR crush.  For his heroics in leading his team to a good weekend, despite adversity,

  Collin earns COWL Week 4 Wiffler of the Week.

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    Game Scores  (Home team on top)                                                                             Return to Top 

  Brothers x2       6                                 The U                 13                                 Brothers x2       10               
  The U                0                                  Brothers x2       16                                 The U                  7                
  WP – Mallory Rutherford                   WP – Cole Murray
                                WP – Collin Hill
  HRs - Collin Hill Bx2(1)                      HRs - Collin Hill Bx2(5)                        HRs - Collin Hill Bx2(3) 

             Mallory Rutherford(1)                         Corbin Hill Bx2(2)                                  Corbin Hill Bx2(2) 

             Eric Young BS(2)                                  Cole Murray Bx2(2)                               Mallory Ruth. Bx2(1) 

             Mike McCrary BS(2)                           Tim Trainer Bx2(1)                                Maddie Davis Bx2(1)

             Collin Hill Bx2(2)                                  Brent Hoover U(3)                                 Brent Hoover U(1)

             Cole Murray Bx2(1)                             Jordan Nelson U(3)                                Bobby U(1)

                                                                            John Kepler U(1)

                                                                            Bobby U(1)

  Blade Sharp     18                                  Brothers x2        4                                  Blade Sharp       3                
  Brothers x2        7                                  Blade Sharp       8                                  Brothers x2        7              
  WP – Mike McCary                             WP – Nate Sprouse
                               WP – Collin Hill
  HRs - Tyler Manion BS(2)                  HRs - Collin Hill Bx2(1)                        HRs - Collin Hill Bx2(1) 

             Nate Sprouse BS(3)                                                    

             Eric Young BS(2)                                                            

             Mike McCary BS(2)                           

             Collin Hill Bx2(2)                                   

             Cole Murray Bx2(1)

  PVB                  19                                  Brothers x2        11                               PVB                  10                
  Brothers x2        8                                  PVB                    18                               Brothers x2        2              
  WP – Brett Fisher                                 WP –
Brett Fisher                                 WP – Trevor Thomas
  HRs - Trevor Thomas PVB(2)             HRs - Brent Fisher PVB(4)                  HRs - David Fisher PVB(2)

             Dave Fisher PVB(3)                              David Fisher PVB(3)                             Collin Hill Bx2(1) 

             Brett Fisher PVB(1)                              Trevor Thomas PVB(2)                              

             Collin Hill Bx2(3)                                   Corbin Hill Bx2(3)

             Corbin Hill Bx2(1)                                  Collin Hill Bx2(2)  

             Justin Kellogh Bx2(1)                            Justin Kellogh Bx2(1)


  Legends          16                                   Blade Sharp     13                                 Legends             8                          
  Blade Sharp    15                                   Legends             6                                 Blade Sharp       6     
  WP – Ben Cydrus                                  WP –
Mike McCary                            WP – Phill King
  HRs - Ben Cydrus Leg(3)                    HRs - Mike McCary BS(3)                HRs - Jerry Driggs Leg(3) 

             Phill King Leg(2)                                   Nate Sprouse BS(3)                            

             Levi Driggs Leg(2)                               Tyler Manion BS(2)                            

             Eric Young BS(3)                                  Eric Young BS(2)                                                            

             Tyler Manion BS(3)                             Jerry Driggs Leg(2)                           

             Nate Sprouse BS(2)                              Phill King Leg(1) 

             Mike McCary BS(1)                             



  Redlegs             3                                   Knights              6                                 Redlegs             5                  
  Knights              1                                   Redlegs           14                                 Knights              0    
  WP – Ron Anderson                              WP – Blake Rinehart
                          WP – Brad Miller
  HRs - Ron Anderson RL(1)                   HRs - Ron Anderson RL(2)              HRs -Ron Anderson RL(1) 

                                                                              Brad Miller RL(2)                             Drew Nichols RL(1)    

                                                                              Drew Nichols RL(1)              

                                                                              Dustin Weaver KN(1)                                                         

                                                                              Walter Schauseil KN(1)     


                                    2011 Player Stat Summary 

                            Year To Date Statistics 
               Team Offense            Team Defense













  Runs Allowed



 Legends          12    219       18.3  Redlegs         12      86     7.2
 GDE        9    130     14.4   B Sharp      12    103     8.6
 PVB       12     135    11.3  Knights      12    106     8.8
 B Sharp         12     118      9.8  Legends      12    105     8.8
 Redlegs          12     99      8.3  Brothers X2      15    156   10.4
 Brothers X2       15     120       8.0  GDE      12    108   12.0
 The U       12       95      7.9  The U      12    152   12.7
 Knights          12     80      6.7  PVB      12    182   15.2
   Home Runs By Team







 Legends        113      9.4  


 B Sharp




 The U       48       4.0
 Brothers X2       67       4.5 
 Redlegs       40       3.3
 Knights       29      2.5


                       Home Runs  
     Player    Team      Total       
Jerry Driggs   Legends         41          
Levi Driggs Legends           34
Ben Cydrus Legends         25           
Collin Hill BrothersX2         25      
Dave Fisher PVB         22           
Brent Hoover U         21         
Corbin Hill BrothersX2         21         
Tyler Manion Blade Sharp         21     
Andy Russell GDE          17           
Gabe Fisher PVB         17            
Eric Young   BS         16     
Nathaniel Sprouse Blade Sharp         15    
Ronnie Anderson Redlegs         15           
Eric Lewis. GDE         14      
Phil King Legends             14         
Dave Page GDE         13          
Brad Miller Redlegs           12          
Drew Nichols Redlegs           11           
Brent Fisher PVB         10         
Nathan Rinehart Knights         10          
Shondrick Locklear U         10      
Blake Lansing    GDE             9            
Shay Netter U           9         
Dustin Weaver Knights           9            
Trevor Thomas PVB           8         
Walter Schausiel Knights           8            
Ashley Flautt BrothersX2           6            
Cole Murray BrothersX2           6      
Jordan PVB           6           
Mike McCary   Blade Sharp           6     
Zach PVB           6            
Brett Fisher PVB           4         
Jordan Nelson U           4      
Blake Rinehart Redlegs             3            
Maddie Davis BrothersX2           3           
Amos Jones Knights           2          
Justin Kellogh BrothersX2           2      
John Kepler U           2     
Casey Cox BrothersX2           1           
Ollie Parker Blade Sharp           1     
Tim Trainer BrothersX2           1      
Mallory Rutherford BrothersX2           1      


     Player     Team     Total    
Jerry Driggs Legends        78           
Ben Cydrus Legends         50         
Levi Driggs Legends           48           
Corbin Hill BrothersX2        45       
Collin Hill BrothersX2        44        
Eric Lewis  GDE        38
Tyler Manion  B Sharp        37          
Andy Russell GDE         35           
Brent Hoover U        34          
Brad Miller Redlegs         34           
Phil King  Legends        33
Ronnie Anderson     Redlegs         32           
David Fisher       PVB        31     
Dave Page GDE        29
Blake Lansing GDE        28      
Brent Fisher PVB         28      
Nathan Rinehart Knights        24   
Dustin Weaver       Knights        24    
Drew Nichols Redlegs         23          
Nathaniel Sprouse       Blade Sharp        22         
Gabe Fisher PVB        20
Shay Netter The U           19          
Shondrick Locklear  U        18           
Trevor Thomas  PVB        18         
Eric Young  Blade Sharp        17 
Mike McCary Blade Sharp        17 
Amos Jones Knights        15
Brett Fisher   PVB        15        
Walter Schauseil Knights        15        
Ashley Flautt BrothersX2        13     
Johnny Kepler U        12 
Jordan Nelson U        11
Zach   PVB        11
Blake Rinehart Redlegs         10        
Justin Kellogh BrothersX2         6       
Ollie Parker  B Sharp         6          
Cole Murray BrothersX2         5       
Jordan PVB         4          
Mallory Rutherford BrothersX2         4       
Maddie Davis BrothersX2         4       
Gary PVB         3       
Paul Rinehart Knights         2        
Casey Cox BrothersX2         1       


                   Pitching Wins...
 Player     Team    Wins
 Ben Cydrus   Legends        5
 Brad Miller   Redlegs        3
 Collin Hill  BrothersX2        3
 Jerry Driggs  Legends        3
 Phill King  Legends        3
 Ron Anderson  Redlegs        3
 Andy Russell  GDE        2
 Brett Fisher  PVB        2
 Blake Lansing  GDE        2
 Drew Nichols  Redlegs        2
 Dustin Weaver  Knights        2
 Eric Young  Blade Sharp        2
 Mike McCary  Blade Sharp        2
 Blake Rinehart  Redlegs        1
 Brent Hoover  U        1
 Cole Murray  BrothersX2        1
 Corbin Hill  BrothersX2        1
 Dave Page  GDE        1
 Amos Jones  Knights        1
 Eric Lewis  GDE        1
 Gary ?  PVB        1
 John Kepler  U        1
 Maddie Davis  BrothersX2        1
 Mallory Rutherford  BrothersX2        1
 Shondrick Locklear  U        1
 Tyler Manion  Blade Sharp        1
 Trevor Thomas  PVB        1
 Walter Schausiel  Knights        1


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