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                  Central Ohio Wiffleball League

                                  2012 Week 1 Results


                                                  Champions Division

 Team Name



Inter League     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 Legends       0 - 0       2 - 1       2 - 1       .000       .667       .667       
 UMH       0 - 0       2 - 1       2 - 1       .000       .667       .667       
 The U       0 - 0       0 - 3       0 - 3       .000       .000      .000       


                                                 Contenders Division

 Team Name



Inter League     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 PVB       0 - 0       3 - 0       3 - 0     0.000     1.000       1.00       
 Knights       2 - 1       0 - 0       2 - 1       .667       .000       .667       
 AP       2 - 1       0 - 0       2 - 1      .667      .667       .667       
 Dirt Dogs       1 - 2       0 - 0       1 - 2      .333       .000       .333      
 Redlegs       0 - 0       1 - 2       1 - 2       .000       .333      .333      

   PVB - Pleasant Valley Boys                       UMH - Uncle Muscles' Hour

  AP - Abusement Park                                   YG - Young Guns


                                                        Weekly Team Stats 

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                                      Year To Date Statistics   
               Team Offense            Team Defense


 Team Name








 Team Name







 Legends           3       55     18.3  Pleasant Valley Boys        3        20      6.7
 Knights           3       31     10.3  Abusement Park        3         22       7.3
 Uncle Muscles' Hour        3       28       9.3   Uncle Muscles' Hour        3        22       7.3 
 Pleasant Valley Boys        3        26      8.7  Dirt Dogs         3        23      7.7
 Dirt Dogs         3       25      8.3  Knights        3        24       8.0
 Abusement Park        3        24       8.0  Redlegs           3        28      9.3
 Redlegs           3       22      7.3  The U        3        26    13.8
 The U        3       20      6.7  Legends        3        42     14.0

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            Home Runs By Team







 Legends            28      9.3  
 Pleasant Valley Boys


 Abusement Park         13       4.3
 Redlegs         13       3.7
 Dirt Dogs


 Knights         13      3.3
 Uncle Muscles' Hour


 The U           7      2.3

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                2012 COWL Week 1 Series Summaries 

            2012 COWL Week 1 got under way with 3 series on Friday, May 18.   TLC field featured new teams

   Abusement Park vs the Dirt Dogs with AP being the home team via flip.  J&M field was the site of an old

   rivalry continued with last year's World Seriers runner up the U taking on perennial power house PVB.  

   Later in the week the new and improved Knights hosted AP in their inagural series on TLC.  Carroll field

   hosted the newly reconstituted Redlegs versus Uncle Musclez Hour, formerly GDE, once again claiming

   honors for the oddest team name.

            Most of the teams above are known quantities.  The questions which exist center on how the teams

   shaking up their lineups can bond, and how the new team, the Dirt Dogs, will compete with the old veterans.

            The Dirt Dogs showed they will at least be competitive, losing to AP 7-6 in their initial game against

   the fearsome AP murderers row of Hills & Andersons.   Ron won the first game on the mound and led AP

   with 2 HRs and 4 RBIs.  For the Dirt Dogs a balanced effort with HRs from all team members except

   Captain Eric Cox kept them in the game - a solid start for a new team.   DD did not have to wait long to

   record their 1st win as Eric Cox pitched them to a 12-6 game 2 win, with a balanced team attack and great

   defense again leading the way.  For AP both Ron and Collin Hill crushed 2 Hrs in the losing effort.   The

   rubber game was again a barn-burner, with Emily Manson taking an 8-7 lead into the top of the 5th and

   holding on for a 10-7 victory with the last out being retired with the tying run at the plate.   Eric Cox blasted

   his 1st career official Wiffle ball HR in the losing effort - leaving all DD players with at least 1 - a sign of

   good things to come.   Ron and Collin once again powered AP with 2 HRs apiece.   For the series Ron led

   all hitters with 6 HRs and 13 RBIs while Lucas Detty paced DD with 3 HRs and 9 RBIs.

            In a rematch of old rivals, the U faced PVB on J & M with the U being home team.  All 3 games were

   razor close, with no more than 3 runs seperating the 2 teams at any point in any of the games.  Game 1 was a

   power show by PVB as the Fishers 3, Brent, Dave and Gabe crushed 2 Hrs each to lead PVB to a 9-6 opening

   season win.  Dave Fisher picked up the win on the mound and Tyler Wiget had the U's lone HR.  Game 2

   was the Dad & Son show as Dave and Gabe each connected for 3 HRs.  Again the U had trouble shaking

   the early season slugs, with Shondrick and Brent hitting their 1st HRs of the year in a 9-8 loss as PVB

   scored 2 in the final frame to claim game 2 for Gabe's pitching win.   Game 3 was more of the same but with

   more hitting by the U as Shondrick (2), Tyler and Brent all crushed HRs in a losing 8-6 effort that was once

  again won by PVB in the 5th.   Brent Fisher picked up his 1st win of the yeara for PVB who swept the series

   3-0, leaving the World Series runner-up U in a hole to start the season.  For the series Dave led all hitters

   with 7 HR and 11 RBI while Shondrick lead the U with 3 HRs and 6 RBIs.

            Two newly reconstituted teams highlighted series #3 with the The Redlegs playing perennial power

   house Uncle Musclez Hour - the artist formerly know as GDE on CC field with UMH fielding home team.

   This game provided interest due to the Redlegs loss of Ron Anderson - the chief power hitter from last

    year to AP.  Could they make up for the deficit in RBIs through improved hitting ?   Game 1 was a normal

   game for CC field with runs being hard to come by.   UMH used big 5 run 2nd and 4th innings to win the

   opener 11-6 with Eric Lewis accounting for all 3 of UMH's HRs.   The Redlegs did show sparks of power

   as both Kyle Urigh and Matt Hoops hit 2 HRs each.  Dave Page picked up the win on the mound.  Game 2

   was another low scoring affair - but in maybe the biggest surprise of the week - the Redlegs prevailing in

   an 8-3 game, with a 4 run 2nd providing all the runs they would need for the victory.   Matt Hoops picked

   up the win on the mound, aided by the 2 HR and 5 RBI game of Blake Rinehart.  Blake Lansing hit the

   lone UMH HR.  The Rubber match was a barn burner until the bottom of the 4th, when UMH exploded

   for 9 runs to blow open a 5-3 game.  The Redlegs did not go quietly, scoring 6 in the top of the 5th with

   the last out being recorded with 2 men on base.  Eric Lewis picked up the win and aided his cause by

   leading UMH with 2 Hrs and 8 RBI's.  Each Redleg  hit 1 HR for the game - something they did not

   accomplish as a team in their 25 games last year.   For the series Eric Lewis led all hitters with 5 HRs

   and 14 RBIs while Klye Urigh, Blake Rinehart and Matt Hoops all had 4 HRs for the Redlegs.   If

   the Redlegs can continue sharing the load in this fashion they will be competitive in the Contenders

   Division and should be please about stealing 1 game against one of the best teams in the league.

           The newly minted Knights started the year with a series against Abusement Park.   The addition of

   UHS Hall-of-Famer Corey White as well as Josh Wonderleigh had sparked a good deal of attention to

   this opening series for the Knights, who struggled mightedly in 2011 to score runs.   AP was the home

   team on their home field TLC.    AP inagurated the Knights rudely with Collin and Corbin Hill hitting

   HRs in the 1st inning to take a 4-0.  Slowly the Knights began to get comfortable and with 2 4 run innings

   in the 2nd and 4th, managed to pull out an 8-7 win in the first game of the year, retiring the final out with

   2 men on and the tying run on 2nd.   Corey White picked up his first career COWL win on the mound

   while Amos Jones provided the bulk of the offense with 3 HRs.    Game 2 started the way game 1 ended,

   with the Knights putting up 7 runs in the bottom of the 1st.  AP slowly battled back, using a big 8 run 4th

   inning to seal a 12-9 victory for pitcher Emily Manson, who also was the power behind the win, crushing

   3 HRs for 5 RBIs in the game.    The rubber match was closer than the final 14-5 indicated, with AP

   loading the bases in 3 innings but only producing 4 runs from the rallies.  Josh Wonderleigh picked up

   his first COWL victory while he and Corey had their first multi HR games, hitting 2 each.  Collin Hill

   led AP with 3 HRs.    For the series Amos Jones led all hitters with 5 HRs and 10 RBIs while Collin led

   AP with 4 HRs and 8 RBIs.


            Due to Dustin's wedding on Saturday (who would skip Wiffle ball for something as trivial as

   getting married ?  lol) the Knights played their week 2 game on Wednesday, May 30th against the

   Legends.   Again, another very telling season as a prospective building power house tangles with the

   2 time COWL World Series champs.   The Legends were short handed as their ace and 13 game winner

   Ben Cydrus took the night off.   One big season and bam...Albert Pujols (just kidding Ben).   The Legends

   were home team on their home field TLC.    The Legends were not particularly kind to the Knights in the

   opening frame as 3 revolutions of the batting order and 3 HRs each by Levi and Jerry welcomed them

   before the Knights could record an out.  The Legends put up 26 runs in the 1st 3 innings but the Knights

   were not daunted, continually nipping at the Legends heels enroute to a very respectible 28-20 loss. 

   Jerry picked up the 1st win of the season for the Legends and he and Levi led the Legends with 7 HRs

   each while Jerry drove in 17 RBIs.  For the Knights Corey White and Josh Wonderleigh both had coming

   out parties, hitting 5 HRs each.   Game 2 was an entirely different game, with the pitching of Josh

   Wonderleigh holding the Legends in check.   The lack of a 4th batter ultimately did the Legends in as they

   went thru the batting order 3 times in the top of the 3rd with 9 straight hits - but only scored 1 run in the

   process due to ghost runners.   Corey continued his hot bat powering the Knights with 4 HRs as the

   Knights won game 2 12-10.   The rubber match featured infrequently used pitcher Phill King vs Dustin
   Weaver and the game was very close.   The Legends scored consistently, with at least 3 runs in each of

   the 1st 4 innings while managing to hold the Knights scoreless in the 2nd.  This single inning provided the

   difference as the Legends won the series 2-1 on a 16-10 victory.  Jerry led the Legends with 5 HRs as

   Levi added 4.  Corey added 2 more for the Knights.   For the series Jerry led all hitters with 13 HRs and

   29 RBIs while Levi added 13 and 19 respectively.   Phil scored 16 runs for the Legends in the process.

   All 4 Knights batters were solid, with Corey having a monster series, crushing 11 HRs and 17 RBIs.  Josh

   added 6 HRs and 10 RBIs while Amos continued his improved 2012 with 5 more HRs. 


   Upset Award of the Week

           The surprise upset of the week belongs to the Knights and the Redlegs, who upset COWL

   World Series champs the Legends and Uncle Musclez Hour, respectively.   Any games stolen

   from these 2 teams is absolutely huge, as they historically lose very begrudgingly.

           You in the Contenders Division - LOOK OUT.    Their is a new sheriff in town named

   the Knights.    The additions of Corey White and Josh Wonderleigh have put your division

   pennant hopes in dire jeopardy, not to mention the dramatically improved play of Amos

   and Dustin.   Maybe it is just chemistry but take the Legends word on it - better suit up when

   you're scheduled against the Knights.   Josh's speed, Corey's sweet stroke and the steadiness

   of Amos and Dustin will be providing headaches for those in the Contender's Division pront.

            The Redlegs surprised us also.   We believed they would struggle and they managed to

   take one from UMH.  That is a solid accomplishment anytime but to start the season that is

   remarkable.   If they can improve from where they started they will make a run at defending

   their division title.


                   COWL Wiffler of the Week                                        Return to Top


                                              Dave Fisher - PVB - aka Bootman Dave Fisher

           2012 COWL Week 1 Wiffler of the Week is a toss-up.    There are seveal contenders but no real

   clear cut winner for the State Farm sponsored Wiffler of the Week T Shirt.  

            Ron Anderson has to be listed in the group of contenders.  Debuting on a new team, he led them

   to a 2-1 series victory over the Dirt Dogs, crushing 6 HRs and driving in 13, plus winning a game from

   the mound.

           All 3 of Blake Rinehart, Kyle Urigh and Matt Hoops from the Redlegs deserve props for managing

   to squeak out a win from the stingy UMH, with all contributing 4 HRs in the effort.

           Eric Lewis started the season in fine fashion, leading those stingy UMHers with 5 HRs and 14 RBIs

   both important contributions as they played with out their cleanup man and power hitter Andy Russell. 

   Eric also won a game from the mound as he was leading UMH at the plate.

           Levi & Jerry Driggs both put up good numbers in the Legends 2-1 series victory over the upstart

   Knights, with each taking the league lead in HRs and RBIs with 13 each, and 29 and 19 respectively.

            But the big winner this week goes to a man held together with bailing wire.   Dave Fisher returned

    from a year of shoulder impairment to be hobbled by a new ankle injury.    Despite the obvious debilitation

    of his advancing age, the grizzled veteran led a youthful PVB team to the only series sweep in week 1

    over their ancient foes the U.   PVB is officially the only undefeated team in the league as of today.  

            Dave picked up a pitching win, had 7 J&M HRs on a heavy air night, and added 11 RBIs.   For his

    gutty performance, and in recognition that at this pace he will not be ambulatory by mid-season, Dave Fisher

    is the 2012 COWL Week 1 Wiffler of the Week and wins the State Farm Wiffler of the Week T.

         Congratulations old man, you deserve it.    We hope you make it to next week.

    Game Scores  (Home team on top)                                                                               Return to Top 

  AP                        7                                       Dirt Dogs          12                                    AP                     10                       
  Dirt Dogs            6                                       AP                        6                                   Dirt Dogs            7
  WP – Ron Anderson                                    WP – Eric Cox
                                         WP – Emily Manson
  HRs - Ron Anderson AP(2)                        HRs - Ron Anderson AP(2)                    HRs - Ron Anderson AP(2)      

             Collin Hill AP(1)                                           Collin Hill AP(2)                                      Collin Hill AP(2) 

             Lauren Stout AP(1)                                      Matt Cox DD(1)                                     Emily Manson AP(1)

             Matt Cox DD(1)                                           Lucas Detty DD(1)                                Matt Cox DD(1)    

             Tyler Depugh DD(1)                                    Matt Davis DD(1)                                  Eric Cox DD(1)    

             Lucas Detty DD(1)                                                                                                       Lucas Detty DD(1)                             

             Matt Davis DD(1)

  The U               6                                        PVB                  9                                       The U               6                      
  PVB                  9                                       The U                8                                       PVB                  9 
  WP –  Dave Fisher                                    WP – Gabe Fisher 
                                   WP – Brent Fisher
  HRs - Brent Fisher PVB(2)                      HRs -Dave Fisher PVB(3)                       HRs -Dave Fisher PVB(2)      

             Dave Fisher PVB(2)                                 Gabe Fisher PVB(3)                                 Shondrick Locklear U(2)   

             Gabe Fisher PVB(2)                                 Brent Hoover U(1)                                    Gabe Fisher PVB(1)

             Brandon Kennedy PVB (1)                      Shondrick Locklear U(1)                          Brandon Kennedy PVB (1)       

             Tyler Wiget U(1)                                                                                                         Brent Hoover U(1)                                                                                                                                                                                           Tyler Wiget U(1)                  

  UMH                11                                      Redlegs              8                                    UMH                14                   
  Redlegs              6                                      UMH                  3                                    Redlegs              8       
  WP –  Dave Page                                       WP – Matt Hoops
                                   WP –  Eric Lewis
  HRs - Eric Lewis UMH(3)                        HRs -Blake Rinehart RL(2)                   HRs - Eric Lewis UMH(3)    

             Kyle Urigh RL(2)                                      Kyle Urigh RL(1)                                     Dave Page UMH(1)

             Matt Hoops RL(2)                                    Matt Hoops RL(1)                                   Blake Rinehart RL(1) 

             Blake Rinehart RL(1)                              Blake Lansing UMH(1)                           Kyle Urigh RL(1)    

                                                                                                                                                   Matt Hoops RL(1)       

                                                                                                                                                   Travis Rinehart RL(1)       


  Abusement Park     7                                 Knights                    9                               Abusement Park       5       
  Knights                    8                                 Abusement Park   12                               Knights                    14
  WP –  Corey White                                    WP –  Emily Manson
                               WP –Josh Wonderleigh
  HRs - Amos Jones KG(3)                         HRs - Emily Manson AP(3)                     HRs - Collin Hill AP(3)        

             Corey White KG(1)                                   Corbin Hill AP(1)                                       Corey White KG(2)    

             Dustin Weaver KG(1)                               Amos Jones KG(1)                                     Josh Wonderleigh KG(2)    

             Collin Hill AP(1)                                        Corey White KG(1)                                    Amos Jones KG(1)    

             Lauren Stout AP(1)                                   Dustin Weaver KG(1)                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  Legends             28                                    Knights               12                                   Legends                16                      
  Knights              20                                     Legends             10                                   Knights                 10
  WP –  Jerry Driggs                                   WP –
Josh Wonderleigh                            WP – Phill King
  HRs - Jerry Driggs Leg(7)                       HRs - Corey White KG(4)                        HRs - Jerry Driggs Leg(5)

             Levi Driggs Leg(7)                                   Amos Jones KG(2)                                     Levi Driggs Leg(4)    

             Corey White KG(5)                                  Jerry Driggs Leg(2)                                   Corey White KG(2)      

             Josh Wonderleigh KG(5)                         Levi Driggs Leg(2)                                     Amos Jones KG(1) 

             Amos Jones KG(2)                                   Josh Wonderleigh KG(1)                           Dustin Weaver KG(1)

             Dustin Weaver KG(2)                              Dustin Weaver KG(1) 

             Phill King Leg(1)