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                  Central Ohio Wiffleball League

                                   2012 Week 3 Results


                                                  Champions Division

 Team Name



Inter League     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 Legends       0 - 0       3 - 0       3 - 0       .000     1.000     1.000       
 UMH       0 - 0       3 - 0       3 - 0     0.000     1.000     1.000       
 The U       0 - 0       0 - 3       0 - 3       .000      .000       .000       


                                                 Contenders Division

 Team Name



Inter League     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 Dirt Dogs       0 - 0       3 - 0       3 - 0       .000     1.000    1.000      
 Redlegs       2 - 1       0 - 0       2 - 1       .667       .000       .667      
 Knights       1 - 2       0 - 0       1 - 2       .333       .000       .333       
 AP       0 - 0       0 - 3       0 - 3      .000       .000       .000       
 PVB       0 - 0       0 - 3       0 - 3      .000       .000       .000       

   PVB - Pleasant Valley Boys                       UMH - Uncle Muscles' Hour

  AP - Abusement Park                                   YG - Young Guns


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                                                  Champions Division 

 Team Name



Inter League     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 Legends       0 - 0       8 - 1       8 - 1       .000       .889       .889        0
 UMH       3 - 0       5 - 1       8 - 1     1.000       .833       .889        0
 The U       0 - 3       0 - 6       0 - 9       .000       .000      .000        8


                                                 Contenders Division

 Team Name



Inter League     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 Redlegs       5 - 1       1 - 2       6 - 3       .830       .333       .667     
 Knights       3 - 3       1 - 2       4 - 5       .500       .333       .440      2.0
 Dirt Dogs       4 - 5       0 - 0       4 - 5       .440       .000       .440      2.5
 AP       3 - 3       0 - 3       3 - 6       .500       .000       .333      3.0 
 PVB       0 - 0       3 - 6       3 - 6       .000       .333        .333      3.0 

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                                  2012 COWL Week 3 Series Summaries                Return to Top 

            2012 COWL Week 3 nearly turned into TV Sweeps week, as an unexpected sweep took shape and a very unexpected

   sweep was narrowly avoided in our Series-of-the-Week.

            The Dirt Dogs and the U hooked up in a cross division struggle between last place teams.  The U have been struggling

   of late to score while the Dirt Dogs have had a number of close game losses as they settle into the Wiffle Ball scene.   The U

   was home team on J & M but found themselves down 7-1 after 4 innings in game 1 after HRs by the Dirt Dogs, Matt Cox (2)

   Eric Cox (1) and Lucas Detty (1).   While the U rallied in the final frame they fell short 11 - 4 with Lucas Detty claiming

   game 1 on the mound.   Game 2 saw the U staking a 2-0 lead but clutch hitting by the Cox boys and Lucas Detty again drove

   the U into a sizeable hole, trailing 7-2 in the 4th.  A furious rally for the U eventually fell short in a 9-6 loss with Eric Cox

   winning his 2nd game of the year for the Dogs.  Game 3 was a pitching duel as the Dogs staked a 3-2 lead in the 1st and

   never trailed, winning 4-3 behind the clever pitching of Steve Clever for the series sweep.   For the series Eric Cox had his

   biggest night of the year, smashing 3 HRs for 11 RBIs.  Matt Cox matched him with 3 HRs and 5 RBIs while Lucas Detty

   added 7 RBIs on 2 HRs.   For the U Jordan Nelson returned from vacation to crush 3 HRs & 5 RBIs, matching the totals put

   up by Tyler Wiget.   The U will have a chance to get healthy in week 4 as they tangle once again with the bottom dwelling

   team in the Contenders Division, Abusement Park.

             Abusement Park took home team on Shelley field against the Legends, who again were without ace Ben Cydrus and

   took the field with just 3 defenders.   The Legends started quickly tallying 6 runs in the top of the 1st on HRs by Jerry and

   Levi, inaugurating the new field.   The game was something of a drawn out affair with neither team mounting much of an

   offensive surge and the Legends eventually claiming a 12-5 victory with Jerry getting his 3rd win on the mound.   Jerry also

   added 4 HRs and 9 RBIs while Emily led AP with 3 RBIs.  Game 2 was much more energetic as AP led off the top of the 1st

   with 6 runs on HRs by Collin Hill and JD Callihan.   The Legends responded with 5 of their own as Levi crushed 2 HRs in

   the inning to pull the Legends back.   Both teams added runs in each inning and AP added 4 in the last frame to close the

   final score at 18-12 Legends with Phill King securing the win.   Levi led all hitters with 6 HRs and 8 RBIs while Collin added

   2 HRs and 5 RBIs.   Game 3 was all Legends as they staked a 12-0 lead thru 4 enroute to a 14-3 win for Levi.  Jerry tied a

   league season high 7 HRs with 10 RBIs while Collin had the only AP HR.  Levi added 2 HRs for the Legends.  For the

   series Jerry led all hitters with 15 HRs and 26 RBIs, league highs for the year.  Collin Hill paced AP with 3 HRs and 9 RBIs.

             Our evaluation of Shelley field after our first series there is positive.   The short left field porch is balanced by the

   threat of trees knocking cheap HRs back in play and by the mega deep center field fence.   The bases are easy to run and

   first base is no longer uphill.    The very short but tall right field fence will entice both leftys and rightys who go the other

   way but makes for easy put outs on ground balls hit to this side.   The field favors HRs to score runs rather than small ball,

   but the depth of the center field fence makes scoring from second or taking first to third possible on line drives to the fence.

   Overall, we are very pleased with the way Shelley turned out.


            The final series of the week featured PVB against the league leading UMH on CC field.   PVB was the visiting team

   and began the game in fast fashion, lighting up the score board for 5 runs on HRs by Gabe and Brent.  UMH responded

   with 1 in the bottom of the 1st and after holding PVB scoreless in the 2nd, tacked on 3 more on an Andy Russell HR. 

   AFter PVB got back in the game with 4 runs in the 3rd, UMH exploded for 17 total runs in the next 2 innings to break

   open a close game eventually winning 21-11 with Dave Page picking up the win on the mound.  For the game Andy Russell

   crushed 4 HRs while Blake Lansing added 3.   Dave, Brandon and Brent all hit 2 HRs for PVB.  Game 2 was all UMH from

   the start as they got out to an early 5-0 lead and tacked on 15 more in the next 2 innings, desposing of PVB by the mercy

   rule 20-5 after 4 innings.  For the game UMH used a balanced attack as Blake, Eric and Andy all hit 2 HRs with John

   Bruce adding his 1st HR of the evening.  For PVB Brett Fisher made his 1st appearance of the year, crushing 2 HRs in

   the losing effort.  John Bruce picked up the win on the mound.  Game 3 was a much closer affair as PVB fell behind 6-0

   but roared back with 7 runs in the top of the 4th to take the lead 10-6.  Some poor fielding and a timely HR by Andy put

   UMH back in the lead 11-10 after 4.  UMH claimed the win with a 4 run 5th.  Dave page drove UMH to victory hitting

   4 HRs in the game with Andy adding 3 more.   Brandon led PVB with 3 9 HRs and 20 RBIs.  Lead off man Blake Lansing

   added 5 HRs and 11 RBIs while Dave Page added 5 and 12.  John Bruce contributed 2 HRs and 7 RBIs.   Brandon

   Kennedy led PVB with 5 HRs and 9 RBIs,  Dave, Brett and Gabe Fisher all hit 3 HRs and brother Brent added 2 more.

     Upset Award of the Week                                                                                                        Return to Top 

           The surprise upset of the week was an entire series, as 2 very equally matched teams - the U and the

   Dirt Dogs squared off in the battle of last place teams.   

           The Dirt Dogs' bats came to life to claim a series sweep against the struggling U, and in turn move

   the Dirt Dogs into a tie for 3rd place in the Contenders division - just a single game back of PVB.

            To the credit of the U, even though they did not play particularly well at the plate, they hung in

   there and kept swatting away - and obviously had a good time in spite of the circumstances.   They will

   get things worked out and my prediction is it will be against one of the best teams in the league - as

   they have "gotten well" against us several times in the last couple years.

             Congratulations to the Dirt Dogs for getting off the porch and running with the big dogs - now all

   they have to do is keep up the pace.

     Series of the Week                                                                                                                      Return to Top 

           Our 1st Series of the week paired two surprising teams, both vying for league lead in the Contenders Division.  

   The 4-2 Redlegs versus the 3-3 Knights.   The Redlegs win the award for making the most of what you have, and the

   Knights with the additions of Corey White and Josh Wonderleigh, paired with dramatically improved play by Amos

   Jones and Dustin Weaver have the 2011 last place Knights in contention for a 2012 division crown.

            The Knights won the flip and elected home team.   Inning 1 was an omen of what was in store for the Knights as

   Blake Rinehart crushed 2 HRs in inning 1 and Kyle Urigh and newbie Adam McGuire both added a solo shots.  Corey

   White countered with a solo shot in the bottom of 1 to narrow the gap to 5-1 Redlegs.   Adam homered again in the 2nd

   and the Knights could not get going and were blanked for the frame, heading into the 3rd down 8-1.    After a scoreless

   top the Knights did manage to put 2 runs up in the bottom of the 3rd on solo shots by Corey and Josh and the score

   stood at 8-3 after 3.  Adam added another solo shot in the 4th for the Reds and the Knights went to work in the bottom

   half by adding 4 runs on solo shots by Amos and Corey.   Adam added his 4th HR in the top of the 5th and the Reds

   carried a 9-7 lead into the bottom of the 5th.  Amos led off the inning with a solo HR to close within 1 and after a double

   by Josh, Blake stabbed a line drive by Corey to right for out 1, but Josh tagged to 3rd to move the tying run just 45'

   from pay dirt.  Pitcher Travis Rinehart enticed Dustin Weaver to ground right back to pitcher's mound bringing up

   leadoff man Amos Jones with 2 down and the tying run in Josh still on 3rd and a potential walk off HR for Amos.  

   Travis nibbled around the corners and managed to get a looking strike and a foul ball strike on Amos.  With a 4-2 count

   Travis made a perfect pitch and struck Amos out swinging to preserve the 9-8 victory for the Redlegs in game 1.

           The Knights started quickly in game 2, pushing 3 across as Amos crushed a bb to left center for a 2 run shot and

   small ball added another run.   The Redlegs began their turn in identical fashion to game 1, with Blake crushing 2 HRs in

   the 1st off of Knights starter Corey and Adam  and Travis adding solo shots for a total of 5 runs in the 1st.   The Knights

   responded with 2 more in the top of the 2nd courtesy of a another 2 run bb by Amos to left center.

           Inning 3 was good to the Redlegs as Blake crushed a 2 run HR and Adam added a 3 run shot for 5 in the inning.  The

   Knights were unable to reciprocate in the bottom of the inning and trailed 10-5 into the 4th.    The Reds power surge

   continued in the bottom of the 4th as Blake, Adam and Travis hit back-to-back-to-back solo HRs in the frame to drive

   their lead to 13-5   heading into the 5th.   The Knights were able to add a single run on a Dustin Weaver bomb, but fell to

   the Redlegs 13-8 as Travis Rinehart picked up the victory.   Blake and Adam both contributed 3 HRs in the effort while

   Travis found his stroke and added 2 of his own.  Kyle was a setup man in the effort delivering only 1 HR but leading the

   team with 5 runs scored.  For the Knights Amos led all hitters with 2 Hrs with Dustin added one.

            Game 3 presented the last opportunity for the home Knights to avoid a sweep and they reversed the trend of the
    previous games by jumping out early to a 6-0 lead in the 1st via HRs by Josh, Corey and Dustin.  The score held at 7-0

    until the 3rd when Josh and Dustin again crushed impressive HRs for 5 more runs in the inning.  That would supply all

    the runs needed as the Reds were unable to get anything going at the plate, falling 12-1 as Josh picked up the victory

    from the mound.   Josh also led all hitters with 3 HRs and 5 RBIs.   Dustin added 2 HRs and Corey added a single HR

    in the winning effort.

             For the series newbie Adam McGuire led all hitters with 7 HRs and 10 RBIs.  Blake Rinehart continues his

    fantastic start as he added 5 HRs and 8 RBIs, plus a pitching win to his impressive 2012 start.  Kyle and Travis added

    a respectable 2 HRs each and contributed significant time on the mound in superb fashion.   The Redlegs were out scored

    by the Knights in the series 28 to 23, but managed to pick up 2 crucial division wins in the series.   They continue to

    surprise at the plate, hitting an impressive 16 HRs in the series and making some solid plays in the field. 

             Josh and Amos led the Knights with 4 HRs each while Corey and Dustin had 3.   Corey and Josh both tallied 8 HRs

    on the uncharacteristically tame night for the Knights at the plate.

            Before the series Levi and I placed a bet with Levi picking the Knights to sweep the Reds.   My bet was that the Reds

    would win the series 2-1 I based my prognostication on the Redlegs uncanny knack of making however few runs they score

    just enough to win.  They did it all last year and have gotten even better at the very handy skill.   The cliche is that good

    pitching always beats good hitting and I think this series was a great example.  In close games a single bad pitch or two can

    be the difference between the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat - and overall, the Redlegs have to rank up there as

    one of the best pitching rotations in the league.   Every player seems to have the nuanced skill of where to throw pitches so

    they become pop outs instead of HRs.


             Our choice for series MVP goes to Blake Rinehart.   In both of their victories Blake led off with 2 HR innings in the

    1st, and really produced every time runners were in scoring position.    Add a pitching win and several key defensive plays,

    like his stab of Corey's wicked line drive with 0 outs in the bottom of the 5th of game 1 and Blake compiled a fantastic

    series in a very crucial division battle to claim the top spot in the division.

             The Redlegs will be tested this Friday as they play the Champions Division leader Legends on TLC in a battle of

    Division leaders - our next Series of the Week


              COWL Wiffler of the Week - Week 3                       Return to Top


                                                                  Blake Rinehart - Redlegs

            Our COWL Wiffler of Week 3 comes from the Series of the Week, where the crafty Redlegs bested the hard

    hitting Knights in a 2-1 game series victory.    All Reds' players made strong contributions to the effort, including

    a most impressive showing by newbie Adam McGuire, who crushed 7 HRs and drove in 10 RBIs in his first series.

            But the Captain leader of the Redlegs also led them on the field and Blake Rinehart had a stellar night in the

    biggest series to date in the Contenders Division.    Blake accumulated 5 HRs, 8 RBIs and 10 runs scored, plus a

    pitching win in the first game of the series.    How Blake did this wins him Wiffler of the Week honors.

            As leadoff man Blake led off both Redleg victories with dual HRs in the Redlegs first at bat, as the Redlegs

    scored 5 runs and jumped out to early leads in both games.   When loose the Knights can hit with any team in the

    league and Blake's early power surge and solid pitching kept the Knights in check to give the Reds their chance.

            With game 1 on the line and the Redlegs clutching to a tenuous 9-8 lead with the tying run on 2nd and the

    winning run at the plate in sweet swinging Corey White and no outs retired,  Blake batted and stabbed a curving

    line drive by Corey.   The drive would have went to the fence and easily scored Josh from 2nd.   The Redlegs

    went on to record a ground out and strike out to claim game 1 and set themselves up for a series victory in game 2.

             For his clutch hitting, pitching and fielding Blake Rinehart claims COWL Week 3 Wiffler of the Week and

    wins a Wiffler of the Week T and other Reds plunder courtesy of Herbie Strange State Farm.


             Well done Blake !

    Box Scores  (Home team on top)                                                                      Return to Top 

  The U                  4                                      Dirt Dogs                 9                               The U                       3           
  Dirt Dogs          11                                      The U                       6                               Dirt Dogs                 4
  WP –  Lucas Detty                                     WP –Eric Cox
                                           WP –  Steve Clever
  HRs - Matt Cox DD(2)                             HRs - Matt Cox DD(1)                            HRs - Jordan Nelson U(2)   

             Tyler Wiget U(2)                                        Lucas Detty DD(1)                                   Eric Cox DD(1)                                   

             Lucas Detty DD(1)                                    Eric Cox DD(1)                                         Tyler Wiget U(1)      

             Eric Cox DD(1)                                          Brent Hoover U(1)

             Brent Hoover U(1)                                     Jordan Nelson U(1)


  Abusement Park     5                                  Legends                 18                               Abusement Park     5   

  Legends                12                                  Abusement Park    12                               Legends                12                         
WP – Phill King                                          WP –
Jerry Driggs                                    WP – Levi Driggs     
  HRs - Jerry Driggs Leg(4)                        HRs - Levi Driggs Leg(7)                        HRs - Jerry Driggs Leg(7)         

             Levi Driggs Leg(1)                                    Jerry Driggs Leg(4)                                   Levi Driggs Leg(2)

             Phill King Leg(1)                                       Collin Hill AP(2)                                         Collin Hill AP(1)      

                                                                                 Phill King Leg(1)                                

                                                                                 JD Clalihan AP(1)                        


  Knights                    8                                  Redlegs                   13                              Knights                  12                       
  Redlegs                   9                                  Knights                      8                              Redlegs                   1        
  WP –  Blake Rinehart                                WP – Travis Rinehart
                               WP –   Josh Wonderleigh
  HRs - Adam Mcuire RL(4)                       HRs - Blake Rinehart RL(3)                    HRs - Josh Wonderleigh KG(3) 

             Blake Rinehart RL(2)                               Adam Mcuire RL(3)                                     Dustin Weaver KG(2)       

             Amos Jones KG(2)                                    Travis Rinehart RL(2)                                  Corey White KG(1)       

             Corey White KG(2)                                   Amos Jones KG(2)                   

             Kyle Urigh RL(1)                                       Kyle Urigh RL(1)            

            Josh Wonderleigh KG(2)                            Dustin Weaver KG(1)  

  UMH                    21                                  PVB                        5                                   UMH                   14                   
  PVB                      11                                  UMH                    20                                   PVB                     10 
  WP –  Dave Page                                       WP –  John Bruce
                                      WP –  Eric Lewis
  HRs - Andy Russell UMH(4)                    HRs - Blake Lansing UMH(2)                 HRs - Dave Page UMH(4)         

             Blake Lansing UMH(3)                             Eric Lewis UMH(2)                                   Andy Russell UMH(3)    

             Eric Lewis UMH(1)                                    Andy Russell UMH(2)                              Brandon Kennedy PVB(3)

             John Bruce UMH(1)                                  Brett Fisher PVB(2)                                   Eric Lewis UMH(1)       

             Dave Page UMH(1)                                   John Bruce UMH(1)                                  John Bruce UMH(1)                                                    

             Dave Fisher PVB(2)                                   Gabe Fisher PVB(1)                                  Dave Fisher PVB(1)                                                                

             Brandon Kennedy PVB (2)                                                                                            Gabe Fisher PVB(1)    

             Brent Fisher PVB(2)                                                                                                      Brett Fisher PVB(1)

             Gabe Fisher PVB(1)                    



                                     Weekly Team Stats - Thru 3 Weeks             Return to Top


                                      Year To Date Statistics   
               Team Offense            Team Defense


 Team Name








 Team Name







 Legends           9     150    16.7  Uncle Muscles' Hour        9        29        6.1
 Uncle Muscles' Hour        9     110     12.2   Redlegs           9        31       5.2
 Pleasant Valley Boys        9        85      9.4  Dirt Dogs         9        74       8.2
 Knights           9       73      8.1  The U        9        77       8.6
 Abusement Park        9        68      7.6  Legends        9        95     10.6
 Redlegs           9       57      6.3  Abusement Park        9        97     10.8
 Dirt Dogs         9       52      5.8  Knights        9      102     11.3
 The U        9       40      4.4  Pleasant Valley Boys        9      114     12.7

                                                                                                                                                                                Return to Top            

              Home Runs By Team 







 Legends            82    10.2
 Pleasant Valley Boys


 Knights          43      4.8
 Uncle Muscles' Hour


 Redlegs          33       3.7
 Abusement Park         26       2.9
 Dirt Dogs


 The U         16      1.8

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                       Player Home Runs  
     Player           Team        Total       
Jerry Driggs   Legends         39
Levi Driggs Legends           31
Dave Fisher PVB         20      
Corey White Knights         18     
Amos Jones Knights         17
Gabe Fisher PVB         16      
Collin Hill AP         12    
Josh Wonderleigh Knights         12        
Dave Page UMH         11        
Blake Rinehart Redlegs           10      
Brent Fisher PVB         10       
Eric Lewis UMH         10      
Dustin Weaver Knights           9      
Phil King Legends               9     
Adam McGuire Redlegs             7      
Brandon Kennedy PVB           7      
Blake Lansing    UMH           6   
Kyle Urigh Redlegs           6      
Lucas Detty Dirt Dogs           6      
Matt Cox Dirt Dogs           6      
Ronnie Anderson Redlegs           6      
Amos Jones Knights           5
Matt Hoops Redlegs           5      
Tyler Wiget U           5      
Brent Hoover U           4      
Emily Manson AP           4
Eric Cox Dirt Dogs           4      
JD Callihan AP           4    
Shondrick Locklear U           4      
Brent Fisher PVB           3       
John Bruce UMH           3      
Jordan Nelson U           3     
Matt Beef Davis Dirt Dogs           3     
Travis Rinehart Redlegs             3      
Ben Cydrus Legends           2      
Brad Miller Redlegs             2      
Dustin Weaver Knights           2      
Josh Wonderleigh Knights           2      
Lauren Stout AP           2
Corbin Hill AP           1   
Janae Driggs Legends           1      
Laser Shot Depugh Dirt Dogs           1      
Trevor Thomas PVB        
John Kepler U          

 Return to Top 

     Player     Team     Total    
Jerry Driggs Legends        73    
Levi Driggs Legends           45     
Corey White Knights        34
Dave Page UMH        31
Dave Fisher   PVB        30        
Collin Hill AP        25      
Amos Jones Knights        24 
Josh Wonderleigh     Knights        24      
Eric Lewis  UMH        23     
Blake Lansing UMH        23       
Phil King  Legends        23     
Gabe Fisher PVB        22     
Andy Russell UMH         20 
Dustin Weaver       Knights        20       
Blake Rinehart Redlegs         19 
Lucas Detty Dirt Dogs        17 
Emily Manson AP        14
Eric Cox Dirt Dogs        13 
John Bruce UMH        13
Tyler Wiget U        13
Ronnie Anderson  Redlegs         13
Brandon Kennedy PVB        12     
Brent Fisher PVB         12       
Kyle Urigh Redlegs        11
Adam McQuire Redlegs         10 
Matt Cox Dirt Dogs        10 
Shondrick Locklear U        10     
Brent Hoover U          9
Matt Hoops Redlegs           9        
Matt Beef Davis Dirt Dogs          8 
Jordan Nelson U          7       
Brett Fisher   PVB          6       
Corbin Hill AP          6       
JD Callihan AP          6       
Lauren Stout AP          6
Ben Cydrus Legends           5
Travis Rinehart Redlegs           5
Janae Driggs Legends          3     
Laser Shots Depugh Dirt Dogs          3 
Brad Miller Redlegs           2 
Gary Hammond PVB          2     
Steve Clever Dirt Dogs          2       
Johnny Kepler U          1
Ashley Flautt AP         
Brad Miller Redlegs      
Trevor Thomas  PVB       

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                           Runs Scored 
 Player     Team       Runs
Levi Driggs Legends           47  
Phil King  Legends        42  
Corey White Knights        31  
Dave Fisher   PVB        28        
Dave Page UMH        27
Blake Lansing UMH        26       
Josh Wonderleigh Knights        26  
Amos Jones Knights        23  
Collin Hill AP        22 
Dustin Weaver Knights        21 
Gabe Fisher PVB        22 
John Bruce UMH        22
Matt Cox Dirt Dogs        18 
Blake Rinehart Redlegs         16 
Brent Fisher PVB         16
Eric Lewis  UMH        16   
JD Callihan AP        15 
Andy Russell UMH         14
Emily Manson AP        12
Kyle Urigh Redlegs        11 
Matt Hoops Redlegs         11     
Lucas Detty Dirt Dogs        10
Ben Cydrus Legends           9 
Eric Cox Dirt Dogs          9 
Steve Clever Dirt Dogs          9 
Lauren Stout AP          8 
Tyler Wiget U          8
Adam McGuire Redlegs           7
Brandon Kennedy PVB          7     
Brad Miller Redlegs           6
Brent Hoover U          6
Brett Fisher   PVB          6
Ronnie Anderson  Redlegs           6
Travis Rinehart Redlegs           6
Corbin Hill AP          5 
John Kepler U          5
Shondrick Locklear U          5     
Jordan Nelson U          4
Laser Shots Depugh Dirt Dogs          4 
Matt Beef Davis Dirt Dogs          3 
Zach   PVB          2
Janae Driggs Legends          1 
Brad Miller Redlegs      
Trevor Thomas  PVB       

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                              Pitching Wins 
 Player     Team         Wins
 Dave Page  UMH          3
 Jerry Driggs  Legends          3
 Blake Rinehart  Redlegs          2  
 Emily Manson  AP          2
 Eric Cox  Dirt Dogs          2
 Eric Lewis  UMH          2
 John Bruce  UMH          2
 Matt Hoops  Redlegs          2  
 Phill King  Legends          2
 Ben Cydrus  Legends          1
 Blake Lansing  UMH          1
 Brad Miller  Redlegs          1  
 Brent Fisher  PVB          1
 Corey White  Knights          1
 Dave Fisher  PVB          1
 Dustin Weaver  Knights          1
 Gabe Fisher  PVB          1
 Josh Wonderleigh  Knights          1
 Levi Driggs  Legends          1
 Lucas Detty  Dirt Dogs          1
 Janae Driggs  Legends          1
 Ron Anderson  AP          1
 Steve Clever  Dirt Dogs          1
 Travis Rinehart  Redlegs          1  


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