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                  Central Ohio Wiffleball League

                                   2012 Week 5 Results


                                                  Champions Division

 Team Name



Inter League     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 Legends       3 - 0       0 - 0       3 - 0     1.000       .000     1.000       
 UMH       0 - 0       2 - 1       2 - 1       .000       .667       .667       
 The U       0 - 3       0 - 0       3 - 0       .000       .000       .000       


                                                 Contenders Division

 Team Name



Inter League     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 PVB       5 - 1       0 - 0       5 - 1       .830       .000       .830       
 Redlegs       2 - 1       0 - 0       2 - 1       .667       .000       .667      
 AP       1 - 2       0 - 0       1 - 2       .333       .000       .333       
 Knights       1 - 2       1 - 2       2 - 4       .333      .333       .333       
 Dirt Dogs       0 - 3       0 - 0       0 - 3       .000       .000       .000      

   PVB - Pleasant Valley Boys                       UMH - Uncle Muscles' Hour

  AP - Abusement Park                                  


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                                                Champions Division 

 Team Name



Inter League     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 Legends       3 - 0     11 - 1     14 -   1     1.000       .910       .930      0
 UMH       3 - 0       7 - 2     10 -   2     1.000       .770       .830      2.5
 The U       0 - 6       3 - 6       3 - 12       .000       .333      .200    11


                                                 Contenders Division

 Team Name



Inter League     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 Redlegs       7 - 2       1 - 5       8 -   7       .770       .167       .530     
 PVB       5 - 1       3 - 6       8 -   7       .830       .333        .530      
 Knights       4 - 5       2 - 4       6 -   9       .440       .333       .400      2.0
 Dirt Dogs       4 - 8       0 - 0       4 -   8       .330       .000       .330      4.0 
 AP       4 - 5       0 - 6       4 - 11       .440       .000       .260      4.0 

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                                  2012 COWL Week 5 Series Summaries                Return to Top 

            2012 COWL Week 5 ushered in a new occurrence thus far in the regular season - light, warm, air.   And the game

   scores reflected the change as all but 2 teams recorded their season high numbers in HRs and runs. 

            The standings in the Contenders Division continue to change after each series and with the end of the regular

   season just 2 weeks away, promises to be a photo finish at the wire.    There were a number of make up games and

   some new entries into the all time record books in week 5.

           The 1st series of the week was held on Thursday to accommodate the Redlegs vacation plans.  AP graciously

   filled in for PVB but faced the Contenders Division leader with only 3 players, Collin and Corbin Hill and Lauren Stout.

   The air was light for our Series of the Week and you can view the play-by-play below.


            The next series pitted the 2nd place team from each division in a head to head match up and the results mirrored

   their positions.  The Knights won home team in their series against UMH, who sent their ace, Dave Page in game 1 vs

   Dustin Weaver.    UMH struck early, using a 6 run 1st inning after HRs by John Bruce and Dave to build a 9-4 lead

   into the 3rd, when the Knights struck for 6 of their own on HRs by Corey White and Amos Jones.   UMH took the lead

   back with 3 in the bottom of the 4th 12-10.  After a scoreless top of the 5th, the Knights quickly put the tying and winning

   runs on base, but could not deliver and dropped game 1.   Game 2 was similar as UMH led 8-6 after 3.  The Knights

   added 3 in both the top of the 4th and 5th on HRs by Josh and Amos and Josh put the clamps on UMH as the Knights

   claimed game 2 12-10 to even the series.  Game 3 and the rubber match was another close affair, the score being tied

   2-2 after 2.   UMH used another good 3 inning as Eric Lewis hit 2 HRs in the inning and 7 runs ensued.   The Knights

   responded with 5 of their own in the bottom of the 3rd as Corey and Dustin hit multi run HRs to close the score to 9-7,

   UMH.    UMH pushed across 2 runs in the top of the 5th and held the Knights scoreless to take a 11-7 leada into the

   final frame.   UMH was quickly retired in the 5th and Josh Wonderleigh hit a long HR to open the 5th for the Knights,

   brining them within 3.   Dustin and Corey managed to reach base. bringing the tying run to the plate, but a strike out,

   a line out and a long fly ball sunk the Knight's chances and UMH won the game 11-8, the series 2-1 and John Bruce

   the final game from the mound.  For the series Eric Lewis led UMH with 5 HRs and 15 RBIs while Dave Page added

   5 HRs of his own.  Corey White led the Knights with 5 HRs as Amos Jones led with 13 RBIs.

             On CC field a divisional match between the U and the Legends in a repeat of the 2011 COWL World Series

   occurred.   The U won home field and quickly fell behind 6-0 as the Driggs trio of Jerry, Levi and Janae hit back-to-back-

   to-back HRs to start the game off of U starter John Kepler.    After another 3 run blast by Levi in the 2nd, the U got

   on the scoreboard off of Legends starter Jerry Driggs via HRs by Tyler Wiget and Jordan Nelson.    Inning 3 for the

   Legends featured back-to-back-to-back-to-back HRs by each member of the lineup and 6 runs resulted.   The U did

   respond for 3 more of their own in the bottom of the 3rd, but a good 4th by the Legends left them with a 17-6 lead

   which closer Janae Driggs protected for the win in game 1.   Levi led all hitters with 5 HRs for athe game while Jerry

   added 4 and 8 RBIs.  Game 2 featured developing ace Phill King vs another improving pitcher for the U in Tyler Wiget. 

   This game was close right into the 3rd when a 6 run rally anchored by HRs from the Driggs clan opened a gap which

   the U could not close.   Phill King finished the game for an 11-4 win with Levi leading all hitters with 3 HRs.  Looking

   for their 4th series sweep in a row the Legends sent Levi to the mound against Jordan Nelson in game 3.   Neither

   team managed a big inning but a steady drip, drip, drip of solo HRs by the Legends led to an 11-1 victory as Jerry

   led the team with 4 HRs, while Phill added 2.

             Sunday night was a make up game for PVB, being 2 weeks behind.    Their opponent was divisional foe the

   Knights, who    also stood just 1 game ahead of them in the standings.   On this night with ultra light air, game 1 on TLC

   field was a barn burner with home team the Knights building a comfortable 9-3 lead after 3 solo HRs by Corey White.  

   PVB came to life in the 4th on the strength of Week 1 Wiffler of the Week Dave Fisher's 4 HRs in the inning, taking

   an 11-9 lead until Corey, Josh and Amos crushed HRs in the bottom to score 7 of their own and lead 16-9.  PVB . 

   PVB was not done, scoring 5 on 2 more Dave HRs to tie the score at 16's.   The Knights were unable to score in the

   bottom and extra innings ensued.  Gabe and Dave Fisher added HRs in the top of the inning for a 5 run lead and again

   the Knights were unable to break through, giving PVB a game 1 21-16 win with Brandon Kennedy picking up his 1st

   win on the mound.  Dave Fisher led all hitters with 8 HRs and 14 RBIs while Gabe added 3.   Corey White had an

   excellent game for the Knights crushing 5 HRs for 9 RBIs.   The Knights struck early and often in game 2 as Corey

   again launched bomb after bomb and was joined by his teammates as all Knights hit multiple HRs on the way to building

   a 18-6 lead after 3.  Starter Josh Wonderleigh claimed game 2 for the Knights 20-10 on Corey's repeat 5 HR

   and 8 RBI game, plus his own 4 HR, 8 RBI effort.   Gabe Fisher led PVB with 3 HRs.   The rubber match pitted

   Dave Fisher against Corey and it was a street brawl with the Knights striking for 6 runs in the top of the 1st, only to

   be buried by an avalanche of solo HRs as PVB hit 7 in the inning.  

            The onslaught continued in inning 2 with 4 more by PVB to lead 13-6 heading to the 3rd.   The Knights would not

   go quietly as Corey and Josh both hit HRs in the 3rd, only to be buried in a 2nd avalanche of PVB HRs as all 4 PVB

   hitters crushed multiple dingers in the frame.   The 4th inning again belonged to PVB as they pushed across 9 more

   on multi HR innings by Dave and Gabe.  Both teams closed with 5 run innings, leaving the Knights on the short end

   of a 31-22 marathon and Dave Fisher with another win from the mound.   For the series Dave had a record making night,

   crushing 17 HRs to go with his 27 RBIs.   Gabe, making the most of his last year in solid balls, smacked 11 HRs for

   16 HRs of his own, while Brandon and Trevor had very good nights, dropping 7 and 6 bombs of their own.  For the

   Knights Corey also entered the record books with a 13 HR 24 RBI night, while Josh just missed with a fantastic 11

   HRs 21 RBI performance.

             The last series of the week paired off PVB and the Dirt Dogs on Monday evening. 

   of a 31-22 m


     Upset Award of the Week                                                                                                        Return to Top 

           The surprise upset of week 5 was actually a surprise streak - with PVB jumping from the

   basement of the Contenders Division to a tie with the Redlegs for the division lead.  PVB

   exploded offensively in their series against the Knights and winning game 2 with a come from

   behind extra innings victory keyed by a 5 run bottom of the 5th.  This comeback launched PVB

   to a 5 game win streak - including a series sweep of the Dirt Dogs.

           With 2 weeks left to play in the regular season PVB is not at the right time.   Their remaining

   games are against the dangerous Abusement Park and their co-leading Redlegs in week 7.

     Series of the Week                                                                                                                      Return to Top 

                                                             Abusement Park vs. Redlegs

              Our COWL “Series of the week” for week 4 pitted Contenders Division leader the Redlegs (6-6) versus

  Abusement Park (4-5).  The 1st series of the week was held on Thursday to accommodate the Redlegs leaviing

  for vacation on Friday.    AP graciously filled in for PVB but faced the Redlegs short handed - with only Corbin

  and Collin Hill and Lauren Stout on hand.

              The Redlegs were seeking to rebound after their sweep by the Legends while AP has been close in every

   series but has not been able to break through to sweep and gain ground in the standings.    Despite struggling, a

   sweep by AP would place them in a virtual tie with the Redlegs - indication of how competitive the Contenders

   Division is. 


              GAME ONE -   Starting Pitchers: Lauren Stout (0 wins) vs. Blake Rinehart (2 wins)


              Playing for defense, AP wisely placed Lauren on the mound in game 1 and left the Hill boys to defend her

   honor.   Blake Rinehart proved their is no defense against the long ball as he did his best Ricky Henderson  imitation

   and crushed a lead off HR.   After a 4 run start AP returned the favor as one of the league's best HR hitters in

   Collin HIll launched 2 HRs of his own and Laruen aided her own cause by adding 1.   Kyle Uhrig joined the party

   in inning 2 with a solo and brother Corbin Hill added a 2 runner in the bottom of the inning to make the score 7-6 AP.

   Inning 3 was all AP as Collin added 2 more 2 run shots and Lauren followed with a solo. to lead 13-7 after 3.

   The Reds stromed back in the 4th on 5 runs on 2 Blake Rinehart bombs but AP countered with 2 solo shots each

   for Collin and Lauren.   With the bases loaded in the top of the 5th and trailing 17-14, Matt Hoops hit a BB that

   Collin HIll corralled to preserve victory. Collin led all hitters with 6 HRs and 11 HRs while Lauren helped her cause

   on the mound with 5 HRs.   Blake led the Redlegs with 5 HRs and 10 RBIs including 3 lead off HRs while Kyle

   added 2 HRs.


    FINAL: 17-14, Abusement Park

    Team Leaders:

    (AP) Lauren Stout - 5 HRs. 5 RBIs, 5 Innings pitched. 14 runs against. Win.

    (AP) Collin Hill - 4 HRs. 7 RBI’s

    (AP) Corbin Hill - 3 HRs.

    (Red) Blake Rinehart - 5 HRs. 8 RBI’s. 4 Innings pitched. 13 runs against.

    (Red) Kyle Uhrig 2 HRs

              GAME TWO - Starting Pitchers: Corbin Hill (0 wins) vs. Klye Uhrig (0 wins)


             Game two was again a tight match.  The Redlegs were home team and Collin Hill again got AP off to a quick start

   by crushing 2 HRs in the top of the 1st.  Blake did his normal deal and lead off with an HR, in his attempt to best Ricky

   Henderson's career lead off HR mark in a single series.   Collin added another dinger in the 2nd, but the Reds played

   small ball for 7 runs in the bottom to tie the score at 7 after 2.   Inning 3 was scoreless for both teams but Corbin added

   a solo dinger to break the tie in the top of the 4th.  Matt Hoops came to life for a 3 run dinger and the Reds added a

   total of 5 to take a 13-8 lead after 4.   AP made a valliant attempt as Corbin crushed a 2 run dinger and AP had 4

   consecutive hits, but scored no runs as a result of ghost runners stranding at 3rd.   After switching pitchers to Matt Hoops

   Kyle and Adam McGuire made outstanding defensive grabs on a line drives to strand 2 men on and preserve a 13-11

   victory for the Reds

            This game was marked by excellent defensive plays by both teams as Collin made several leaping grabs and

   Lauren made several over the shoulder catches to stop Reds rallies. The game was preserved by the Reds as Adam

   and Kyle tracked down and returned AP line drive after line drive, not allowing AP runners to get home and thus

   starving them at 3rd with ghost runners for lack of a 4th batter.  Overall this was a very enjoyable game to watch.

    FINAL: 13-11, Redlegs

    Team Leaders:

    (AP) Corbin Hill - 4 HRs. 6 RBIs

    (AP) Collin Hill - 4 HRs

    (Red) Blake Rinehart. 3 HRs. 2 RBI’s.  

    (Red) Matt Hoops - 2 HR. 5 RBIs, go ahead HR, 1 inning pitched, win


              GAME THREE - Starting Pitchers: Collin Hill (0 wins) vs. Adam McGuire (0 wins)


              The rubber match to this series was a case of saving the best 'til last, as both teams exploded in a back-and-forth

    barrage of HRs.    Inning 1 was one teams dream of for AP as after keeping Blake from opening the game with a HR,

    they hammered in 15 runs on starter Adam McGuire.   Colling continued his great night with 3 HRs and 8 RBIs in the

    inning and Corbin added 3 HRs and 7 RBIs to keep pace.   Blake returned to form in inning 2, leading off with a HR to

    get the Reds on the board and eventually getting 2 total.  Colling added another HR to his total in inning 2 to craft a 16-2


               The Reds began their long climb back in inning 3 as Matt and Adam combined for HRs and 7 total runs., plus Adam

    was replaced by Kyle on the mound and Adam immediately went to work making 2 nifty diving catches to hold AP scoreless

    in the inning.    Inning 4 was a blitzkreig by the Reds as Matt Hoops hit 4 HRs in 4 consecutive at bats.   Adam added a 3 run

    dinger and Blake a solo as the Reds scored 18 total runs in their 4th frame to take the lead 28-16.  AP attempted to stem the

    tide by scoring 4 of their own in the bottom as all 3 AP players went yard.   The last inning started with the Reds holding a

    28-20 lead.   The Reds were quickly retired as Lauren used her last inning from the mound and Collin made a fantastic

    leaping catch of a Kyle Uhrig laser beam off the fence.   AP locked and loaded and after 2-2 run bombs by Collin and a solo

    shot by Lauren, trailed only 28-26 with 1 out.  A difficult pop up by Lauren was tracked down and snared by Blake and then

    Adam preceded to snatch a Corbin bb out of thin air and make a 1 handed grab of a wicked Collin grounder to retire him via

    pitcher's hand to secure a 28-26 victory and a 2-1 series win.

               Ironically, after all the HRs and long innings, it was defense that made the difference in the game.


    FINAL: 28-26 Redlegs

    Team Leaders:

    (Red) Matt Hoops - 6 HRs. 13 RBIs, granny, 1 inning pitched, save

    (Red) Blake Rinehart -5 HRs. 8 RBI’s.

    (Red) Kyle Uhrig 2 HRs,

    (Red) Adam McGuire 1 HR

    (AP) Collin Hill - 6 HRs. 11 RBI’s

    (AP) Corbin Hill - 4HRs, 9 RBIs

    (AP) Lauren Stout - 2 HRs


                                                                                     Series Synopsis

            The irony of this night was after all the long bombs, long innings and great hitting, in all 3 games it was a fantastic

    defensive play in each of the last innings that preserved the victory for the winning team.   AP may have swept the series

   with another solid defensive player like their usual compatriot JD Callihan.    I am thankful they chose to play even with

   only 3 as this would have been a difficult game to make up with only 2 weeks left in the season.

               Their were no real losers on this night.  AP is really only a series back of the Redlegs and if they can solidify their

    lineup with a solid 4th, can beat anyone in the playoffs.    AP has series remaining with UMH and PVB and as few as

    4 victories total in those series could put them in contention for one of the top 2 spots in the Contenders Division where

    they would be in position to choose their opponent in the 1st round of the playoffs.

               As for the Redlegs, they have PVB and the U left - both teams who are playing their best Wiffle ball of late.  The

    PVB series the last week of the season could well determine who is the Contenders Division champion.

Series Leaders:

    (AP) Collin Hill - 14 HRs. 23 RBI’s, 20 Runs

    (Red) Blake Rinehart -13 HRs. 22 RBI’s, 16 Runs

    (AP) Corbin Hill - 11 HRs, 17 RBIs, 17 Runs

    (AP) Lauren Stout - 8 HRs, 10 RBIs, 16 Runs 

    (Red) Matt Hoops - 8 HRs. 19 RBIs, granny, 14 Runs


              COWL Wiffler of the Week - Week 5                       Return to Top


                                                                        Collin Hill - Abusement Park

            Our COWL Wiffler of Week 5 comes once again from the Series of the Week, where two Contenders Division

     teams with pennant hopes locked up in a knock-down-drag-out brawl on a night with warm, crisp air resulting in a

     record setting personal best for several of the players involved.  In fact, on any normal night, any one of several

     players involved in two key divisional series could have claimed Wiffler of the Week honors.


            Blake Rinehart had a personal best 13 HRs and 22 RBIs in the series - including 5, count 'em, 5 leadoff dingers.

     Matt Hoops had 5 consecutive HRs in game 3, powering the Redlegs to a 28-25 win and a 2-1 crucial series victory.

     Lauren Stout had one of the best nights ever recorded by a lady in COWL, hammering 8 HRs to accompany her 10

     RBIs and a win on the mound.

             Honorable mention also has to be made of Dave Fisher, who, with the wind blowing out on TLC, had a record

    book night against the Knights, crushing 17 HRs and 27 RBIs and a win from the mound in PVB's 2-1 series win.

    Corey White nearly single handedly kept the Knights even with PVB by crushing 13 HRs to go with his 24 RBIs.

    Josh Wonderleigh narrowly missed the record books with his 11 HR 21 RBI night in the same series.


             After many times knocking on the door, one of the league's best hitters joins the ranks of COWL Wiffler of the

    Week.   Everything coalesced into a perfect storm for Abusement Park's Collin Hill - light air, TLC field, only 3

    players and a hot bat combined to launch Collin deep into the record books, as he crushed a monster 14 HRs in

    the series, drove in 23 RBIs, scored 20 runs and nearly won a game on the mound against division leader Redlegs.


           And Collin & crew were excellent sports about it to as they filled in for UMH on 2 hours notice - agreeing to play

    in this crucial series even though they were a player down. 

           For his multiple entry night into the record books versus a solid foe, against difficult odds, and for his willingness

    to jump in and keep the league on schedule, Collin is most deserving to join the storied ranks of the Wiffler of the Week.


           Welcome, Collin, to the exclusive WOW club complete with formal dress (a T-shirt) and lots of other goodies !

    Box Scores  (Home team on top)                                                                      Return to Top 

 AP              5-2-6-4-   =17                           Redlegs     1-6-1-5- =13                           AP              15-1-0-4-5=25

 Redlegs     5-2-1-1-5 =14                           AP              3-5-1-2-3=11                          Redlegs     0-2-7-19-  =28                      
WP –  Lauren Stout                                  WP –  Tyler Wiget
                                    WP –  Kyle Uhrig    
  HRs - Lauren Stout AP(5)                       HRs - Corbin Hill AP(4)                           HRs - Matt Hoops RL(6-Granny)      

             Blake Rinehart RL(5)                              Collin Hill AP(4)                                        Collin Hill AP(6)              

             Collin Hill AP(4)                                       Blake Rinehart RL(3)                               Blake Rinehart RL(5) 

             Corbin Hill AP(3)                                     Matt Hoops RL(2)                                     Corbin Hill AP(4)  

             Kyle Uhrig RL(2)                                     Adam McGuire RL(1)                               Kyle Uhrig RL(2) 

                                                                                                                                                   Lauren Stout AP(2) 

                                                                                                                                                  Adam McGuire RL(1) 


  The U       0-2-3-1-0=   6                           Legends   2-1-6-2-  =  11                           The U       0-1-0-0-0=   1    

  Legends   6-3-6-2-0= 17                           The U       0-0-3-1-0=   4                            Legends   2-3-1-3-2= 11                    
WP –  Jerry Driggs                                   WP –  Phill King
                                       WP – Levi Driggs     
  HRs - Levi Driggs Leg(5)                        HRs - Levi Driggs Leg(3)                        HRs - Jerry Driggs Leg(3)

             Jerry Driggs Leg(4)                                  Jerry Driggs Leg(2)                                  Phill King Leg(2)  

             Janae Driggs Leg(2)                                 Janae Driggs Leg(1)                                 Levi Driggs Leg(1)            

             Phill King Leg(1)                                       Jordan Nelson U(1)                                                    

             Jordan Nelson U(1)                                                                                                     

             Tyler Wiget U(1)                                                                    

  Dirt Dogs   4-1-0-0-1=  6                           PVB            3-0-2-3-  =   8                         Dirt Dogs     0-0-0-0-1=  0 

  PVB            0-8-0-0-0= 8                            Dirt Dogs   0-0-1-2-0=   3                         PVB            10-2-1-2- = 15
WP –  Brandon Kennedy                           WP – Dave Fisher
                                   WP –  Brent Fisher
  HRs - Eric Cox DD(2)                               HRs - Dave Fisher PVB(2)                      HRs -Brent Fisher PVB(3)             

             Levi Driggs Leg(5)                                    Brandon Kennedy PVB(1)                       Gabe Fisher PVB(2) 

             Brandon Kennedy PVB(1)                         Gabe Fisher PVB(1)                                Brandon Kennedy PVB(1) 

             Gabe Fisher PVB(1)                                  Trevor Thomas PVB(1)                                  

             Dave Fisher PVB(1)                                   Eric Cox DD(2)                                    

             Brent Fisher PVB(1)                                                            

             Trevor Thomas PVB(1)                                                                   

  Knights   5-4-7-0-0-0= 16                            PVB        0-4-2-1-2= 10                            Knights   9-4-4-0-5= 22

  PVB        2-0-1-8-5-5= 21                            Knights   3-1-9-5-2= 20                            PVB        6-0-9-7-9= 31
WP –  Brandon Kennedy                            WP –
Josh Wonderleigh                          WP –  Dave Fisher
  HRs - Dave Fisher PVB(8)                        HRs - Corey White KG(5)                      HRs - Dave Fisher PVB(7)          

             Corey White KG(5)                                    Josh Wonderleigh KG(4)                         Brandon Kennedy PVB(5)  

             Gabe Fisher PVB(3)                                   Gabe Fisher PVB(3)                                 Gabe Fisher PVB(5)     

             Trevor Thomas PVB(2)                              Dave Fisher PVB(2)                                 Josh Wonderleigh KG(5) 

             Josh Wonderleigh KG(2)                           Dustin Weaver KG(1)                               Trevor Thomas PVB(4)      

             Amos Jones KG(2)                                     Amos Jones KG(1)                                    Corey White KG(3) 

             Brandon Kennedy PVB(1)                         Brandon Kennedy PVB(1)                         Amos Jones KG(1)                  



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                                   Year To Date Statistics   
               Team Offense            Team Defense


 Team Name








 Team Name







 Legends         15     231    15.4  Uncle Muscles' Hour      12        59        4.9
 Pleasant Valley Boys      15     179    11.9  The U      15        96       8.0
 Uncle Muscles' Hour      12     143     11.9   Legends      15      125       8.3
 Knights         15     161    10.7  Redlegs         15      127       8.5
 Abusement Park      15     141      9.4  Dirt Dogs       12      105       8.8
 Redlegs         15     133      8.9  Pleasant Valley Boys      15      181     12.1
 The U      15       85      5.7  Abusement Park      15      186     12.4
 Dirt Dogs       12       58      4.8  Knights      15      197     13.1

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              Home Runs By Team 







 Legends          125      8.3
 Pleasant Valley Boys


 Knights          84      5.6
 Uncle Muscles' Hour


 Redlegs          67       4.5
 Abusement Park         72       4.8
 Dirt Dogs


 The U         29      1.9

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                       Player Home Runs  
     Player           Team        Total       
Jerry Driggs   Legends         52
Levi Driggs Legends           52
Dave Fisher PVB         39      
Corey White Knights         36     
Collin Hill AP         35   
Gabe Fisher PVB         31      
Blake Rinehart Redlegs           26      
Josh Wonderleigh Knights         26        
Amos Jones Knights         25
Brandon Kennedy PVB         17  
Dave Page UMH         16       
Eric Lewis UMH         15      
Brent Fisher PVB         14       
Kyle Urigh Redlegs         14      
Matt Hoops Redlegs         13      
Phil King Legends             13    
Tyler Wiget U         13      
Corbin Hill AP         12   
Dustin Weaver Knights         11     
Lauren Stout AP         11    
Adam McGuire Redlegs           10      
Trevor Thomas PVB           8      
Blake Lansing    UMH           6   
Brad Miller Redlegs             6      
Emily Manson AP           6    
Lucas Detty Dirt Dogs           6      
Eric Cox Dirt Dogs           6      
Janae Driggs Legends           6      
Matt Cox Dirt Dogs           6      
Ronnie Anderson AP           6      
Amos Jones Knights           5
Brent Hoover U           5      
John Bruce UMH           5      
Jordan Nelson U           5     
JD Callihan AP           4    
Shondrick Locklear U           4      
Brett Fisher PVB           3       
Brett Fisher PVB           3       
Matt Beef Davis Dirt Dogs           3     
Travis Rinehart Redlegs             3      
Ben Cydrus Legends           2      
Dustin Weaver Knights           2      
John Kepler U           2
Josh Wonderleigh Knights           2      
Laser Shot Depugh Dirt Dogs           1      

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     Player     Team      Total    
Jerry Driggs Legends        100    
Levi Driggs Legends             88    
Corey White Knights          65
Collin Hill AP          61      
Dave Fisher   PVB          61        
Josh Wonderleigh     Knights          52      
Amos Jones Knights          47 
Gabe Fisher PVB          47     
Blake Rinehart Redlegs           44 
Dave Page UMH          41
Eric Lewis  UMH          38    
Brandon Kennedy PVB          29     
Kyle Urigh Redlegs          28
Matt Hoops Redlegs           28      
Tyler Wiget U          28
Phil King  Legends          27     
Dustin Weaver       Knights          26       
Blake Lansing UMH          25       
Corbin Hill AP          23       
Eric Cox Dirt Dogs          21
Andy Russell UMH           20 
Lauren Stout AP          20
Adam McQuire Redlegs           19 
Brent Fisher PVB           19       
John Bruce UMH          19
Brent Hoover U          17
Lucas Detty Dirt Dogs          17 
Emily Manson AP          16
Jordan Nelson U          14       
Ronnie Anderson  AP           13
Janae Driggs Legends          12   
Johnny Kepler U          12
Trevor Thomas  PVB          12 
Matt Cox Dirt Dogs          10 
Shane U          10
Shondrick Locklear U          10     
Matt Beef Davis Dirt Dogs            8 
Brad Miller Redlegs             7 
Brett Fisher   PVB            6       
JD Callihan AP            6       
Ben Cydrus Legends             5
Travis Rinehart Redlegs             5
Laser Shots Depugh Dirt Dogs            4
Gary Hammond PVB            2     
Steve Clever Dirt Dogs            2       

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                           Runs Scored 
 Player     Team       Runs
Levi Driggs Legends             74  
Phil King  Legends          61  
Corey White Knights          63  
Collin Hill AP          51  
Dave Fisher   PVB          53        
Josh Wonderleigh Knights          50  
Gabe Fisher PVB          43 
Amos Jones Knights          40  
Dave Page UMH          37
Blake Rinehart Redlegs           37
Dustin Weaver Knights          37 
Blake Lansing UMH          35       
John Bruce UMH          28
Kyle Uhrig Redlegs          28 
Brandon Kennedy PVB          27     
Lauren Stout AP          27  
Adam McGuire Redlegs           25
Matt Hoops Redlegs           25     
Eric Lewis  UMH          24   
Corbin Hill AP          22 
John Kepler U          22
Brent Fisher PVB           21
Tyler Wiget U          21      
Matt Cox Dirt Dogs          19 
Trevor Thomas  PVB          18
Brent Hoover U          16
JD Callihan AP          15 
Andy Russell UMH           14
Emily Manson AP          14
Eric Cox Dirt Dogs          14
Janae Driggs Legends          14
Brad Miller Redlegs           12
Lucas Detty Dirt Dogs          10
Ben Cydrus Legends           9 
Steve Clever Dirt Dogs          9 
Joseph Doyle AP          7
Brett Fisher   PVB          6
Jordan Nelson U          6
Ronnie Anderson  Redlegs           6
Shane U          6      
Travis Rinehart Redlegs           6
Laser Shots Depugh Dirt Dogs          5 
Shondrick Locklear U          5     
Matt Beef Davis Dirt Dogs          3 
Steve Clever Dirt Dogs          2 
Zach   PVB          2

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                              Pitching Wins 
 Player     Team       Wins
 Jerry Driggs  Legends          5
 Dave Page  UMH          4
 Phill King  Legends          4
 Blake Rinehart  Redlegs          3  
 Dave Fisher  PVB          3
 John Bruce  UMH          3
 Josh Wonderleigh  Knights          3
 Levi Driggs  Legends          3
 Matt Hoops  Redlegs          3  
 Brandon Kennedy  PVB          2
 Brent Fisher  PVB          2
 Emily Manson  AP          2
 Eric Cox  Dirt Dogs          2
 Eric Lewis  UMH          2
 John Kepler  U          2
 Ben Cydrus  Legends          1
 Blake Lansing  UMH          1
 Brad Miller  Redlegs          1  
 Corey White  Knights          1
 Dustin Weaver  Knights          1
 Gabe Fisher  PVB          1
 Lucas Detty  Dirt Dogs          1
 Janae Driggs  Legends          1
 Ron Anderson  AP          1
 Steve Clever  Dirt Dogs          1
 Travis Rinehart  Redlegs          1  
 Tyler Wiget  U          1

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     Sunday, June 24th - 8 PM - Knights vs UMH - (J&M - flip for home) 

         In this match up of 2 of the best hitting teams from each division,

         with arguably the best overall athletes, will the experience of 2010

         COWL World Series Runners Up UMH prevail against the

          retooled power lineup of Corey, Josh, Amos & Dustin of the Knights ?