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                  Central Ohio Wiffleball League

                        2012 Division World Series Week

                                                                                                          Final Standings                                     

                                                   Champions Division 

 Team Name



Inter League     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 Legends       8 - 2     20 - 2     28 -   4       .800       .900       .870      0
 UMH       5 - 4     10 - 2     15 -   6       .550       .830       .710      2.0
 The U       3 - 10       5 - 10       8 - 20       .231       .333       .286    11


                                                 Contenders Division

 Team Name



Inter League     Record

   Over All



 Winning %

Inter League

 Winning %

   Over All

  Winning %



 PVB     14 -   5       3 - 6     17 - 10       .737       .333        .630      
 Knights     11 -   8       6 - 8     17 - 16       .579       .420       .510      2.0
 Redlegs       8 -   4       2 - 7     10 - 13       .560       .222       .430      3.0
 Dirt Dogs       2 - 12       3 - 3       5 - 15       .140       .500       .250      7.0
 AP       4 -   8       0 - 11       4 - 19       .167       .000       .170     8.0

   PVB - Pleasant Valley Boys           UMH - Uncle Muscles' Hour          AP - Abusement Park                                  


                              2012 COWL World Series Summaries 

            The 2012 World Series had the promise of being perhaps the closest world series in COWL history, given the talent

   level and developing momentum being generated by the Knights, and the inability of the Legends to field a 4th player.

           While the Knights have gotten steadily better all year as new recruits Corey White and Josh Wonderleigh adapted to

   the rules and cadence of league play, the Legends have managed to hold off league challengers by completing 4 of their 7

   series with only 3 players.   While Levi and Phill have done a remarkable job acclimating to the additional responsibilities

   and area to cover, it is indisputable that any rational script for winning the COWL World Series would not be written with

   only 3 players - there is simply too much area to cover on defense and no margin for error. 

           Night 1 - when games 1-4 were conducted, was Friday, August 3rd, and relatively calm with light air.   Tim Beavers

   graciously agreed to umpire the World Series as he has done each of the previous 2 years.   The Legends chose CC field

   as their home field - due in part to the reduced area to cover.  The Knights chose their favorite field, TLC, as their home

   field for games 3, 4 and 6, if necessary. 

          The Legends were represented by Phill King, Captain Jerry Driggs and Levi Driggs with that order as the batting

   lineup.   The Knights fielded their usual team of Captain Dustin Weaver, Amos Jones, Corey White and Josh Wonderleigh,

   with that also being their batting order.

           Game 1 on CC field began solidly for the Knights as Josh crushed a no out 2 run HR and then Amos added another

   run with a single down the left field line scoring Corey.   The Legends wasted no time posting a score as base hits by Phill

   and Jerry were quickly followed by a Levi smash to left center.    Phill got into the HR parade by lofting a 2 runner over the

   right field fence as the Legends claimed a 6-3 lead heading to the 2nd.    Starters Jerry and Amos previewed what would

   become a regularity in the series as both pitchers blanked the opposition in the 2nd.

           The 3rd saw the Knights getting back on the board with another 3 run blast by Josh to tie the score.   The Legends

    reclaimed the lead with a 2 run shot by Levi in the bottom half of the inning to lead 8-6.   The 4th inning got started with a

    2 run dinger by Amos to tie the score yet again - only to be followed by the Legends playing small ball as Jerry painted the

    right field line to the fence after a Phill double to score both Levi and Phill and reclaim a 10-8 lead.  After a Levi fly out

    Phill beat out another hit and Jerry painted the left field line to setup a 3 run shot by Levi.   After the inning was in the

    books the Legends had scored 6 and crafted a 14-8 lead.    The 5th saw the Knights generate a last inning rally - again a

    hallmark of theirs during the series.   After Dustin and Amos reached on solid hits to the green monster Josh laced a bb

    to the fence scoring Dustin.   Corey hit a sharp grounder to Levi at 2nd, scoring Amos but retiring Josh at 2nd.    Jerry

    then enticed Dustin to ground out to short for the 2nd out of the inning.   After another Amos shot off the green monster

    Josh lofted a fly to left center which was caught to end the game with the Legends claiming a 14-10 game 1 win. 

          Levi led all hitters with 3 HRs and 7 RBIs while Phill added a HR and 2 RBIs and Jerry layed an egg in the HR

    column but drove in 5 RBIs.   For the Knights Josh whacked 2 HRs with 6 RBIs while Amos had 1 HR to go with his 4


          Game 2 found Levi on the mound for the Legends to face Amos of the Knights.   Inning 1 saw the Knights jump out to

    a quick 3-0 lead compliments of a 3 run Josh HR and Amos blanking the Legends on the mound.   The Knights widened

    their lead in inning 2 as Josh and Corey both hit 2 HRs each for a total of 6 runs and a 9-0 lead as Amos once again

    blanked the Legends.   Levi found his stride in inning 3 and after a nifty double play by Phill the Legends concocted their

    first rally as Jerry hit 2 HRs and Levi 1 for a total of 6 runs to narrow the score to 9-6 after 3.

          Inning 4 was once again a good one for Levi on the mound as a 'tweener pop fly turned into another double play for the

    Legends and Phill led of the inning with a HR for the Legends.   Levi added a 2nd HR and the Legends once again narrowed

    the Knights lead to 1 at 9-8, heading to the final frame.

          The Knights responded with a rally of their own as Joshn crushed another 3 run bomb and Corey added a solo shot to

    tally 4 in the inning - giving the Knights a comfortable 13-8 lead with just 3 outs remaining.    Jerry began the Legends 5th

    with a bomb to right, followed immediately by a bomb to left by Levi and a shot just inside the foul pole by Phill to narrow

    the Knights lead to 2 at 13-11.    Jerry singled off the right field fence but Josh managed to get Levi to pop to left for out

    number 1.   Phill singled up the middle and Jerry banged a drive off the center field fence, scoring Levi from second and

    narrowing the score to 13-12.   Levi laced a base hit past short, scoring Phil from 3rd and tying the score with 1 out and

    the winning run at 1st.   Phill reached 1st on a sharp liner down the right field line, moving the winning run to 2nd with

    Jerry coming to the plate and 1 out.   After a protracted battle Josh hung a high inside fastball which Jerry fisted out to

    right for a walk off HR, a 16-13 game 2 victory and a 2-0 lead in the series.

           Jerry took his turn leadaing the Legends with 4 HRs and 9 RBIs.   Levi crunched 3 more HRs to drive in 4 and Phill

    added 2 key HRs for 3 RBIs.     Josh once again led the Knights with 4 HRs with 6 RBIs while Corey got untracked to

    crush 2 HRs and 5 RBIs.  Amos added 2 RBIs and Dustin 1 to round out the scoring.

           Game 3 moved to TLC field where the home Knights would send Josh to the mound to face Jerry again, as the Legends

    had designated Phill as their reliever and both Jerry and Levi had used all their innings.   Levi got things started for the

    Legends in the 1st with a 2 run dinger to left.   The Knights played small ball to tie the score after 1 at 2 each.    The Legends

    again added 2 in the 2nd, this time on a 2 run HR by Jerry.   The Knights leaped ahead with 4 courtesy of a Josh 3 run blast

    and the Knights once again claimed the lead at 6-4.   Inning 3 saw both Jerry and Levi hit solo shots then the Legends scored

    one more the hard way to tally 3 in the frame.   The Knights put up 3 also courtesy of a Josh 2 run shot to right center and

    some shrewd base running.    Inning 4 saw Amos return to the mound with good effect as he held the Legends scoreless.   A

    double by Josh, and singles by Corey and Dustin scored 1 in the inning to give the Knights a 10-7 lead.   The Legends dodged

    a bullet by turning an inning ending double play on a pop fly with bases loaded and 1 out to hold the Knights to the 1 scored.

           Down 3 heading into their last at bat, the Legends rallied, using base hits by Levi and Phill to setup a 3 run blast by Jerry 

    over the right field fence.   Levi followed with a solo shot and Phill promptly beat out a hit to right, setting the stage for Jerry's

    2nd blast of the inning over the right field fence.   Levi popped up and Phill grounded back to the pitcher to record the 2nd out

    of the inning.   Jerry poked a 2 strike pitch down the right field line and Levi followed with a much longer poke to left field,

    giving the Legends 8 for the inning and a 14-9 leading heading into the bottom of the 5th.   The Knights could not manage to

    get a rally brewing as another center field blast by Josh was sandwiched by ground outs by Corey and Dustin and the final

    out of the inning followed shortly on a pop fly to right. 

          Jerry got the win on the mound and both he and Levi had 4 HRs in the effort and 7 RBIs each.    Josh led the Knights with

    2 HRs and 6 RBIs in the loss.  

          Due to the late start the teams had planned on playing 3 games, but as the games went very quickly they decided to play

    the 4th - also at TLC field.   With each of the first 3 games being decided in the last inning - and the Knights being the

    unfortunate recipient of all the heroics, the Knights desperately needed to reverse roles to avoid the sweep.  

          With their pitching innings reset Josh returned to the mound while the Legends sent Levi in an attempt to get his 2nd win on

    the night.   Jerry struck for a 1st inning solo shot which the Knights answered via a 3 run Corey bomb to dead right field.   Amos

    returned and blanked the Legends in the 2nd and Corey and Josh added 4 for the Knights on a pair of 2 run blasts.   Jerry hit a

    laser beam 3 run HR to close the score to 7-4 and Levi held the Knights scoreless in the 3rd to hold that score.  Jerry and Levi

    blasted 2 run dingers in the 4th and the Legends scored a 5th on 3 successive base hits, taking the lead 9-7 after 4 1/2.   The

    Knights knotted the score on a Corey 2 run poke and the stage was once again set for last inning heroics with the score even at4

    9's.    After back to back hits by Levi and Phill Jerry grabbed a lead for the Legends with a 3 run moonshot to right center.   After

    Phill again singled and beat out a sorry pop to right, Levi crushed a 3 run dinger.  Not done yet, Phill again singled and Jerry moved

    him to 2nd on a base hit.   A grounder to 3rd by Levi resulted in a double play for the Knights as Corey calmly steppped on 3rd and

    threw the ball to Amos at pitcher's mound.    Phill hit a dying squibb down the 1st base line that Jerry tried to score on - a crucial

    mistake as Dustin perfectly relayed the ball to Amos who pegged Jerry a step before home.

          Utilizing this momentum the Knights started the inning with a solo blast by Corey.   Successive base knocks by Dustin and Amos

    set the stage for a Josh 3 run blast to tie the score.   After retiring Dustin, Amos reached on a base hit to left but was fielder's

    choiced at 2nd on a Josh line drive.   Corey then did the same to Josh at 2nd, leaving 2 outs and the winner still on 1st.  A seeing

    eye ball by Dustin found the gap in left center and the routine play with 4 defender turned into the game winner as an errant

    relay allowed Corey to scoot home for the game winner and a much needed win for the Knights.

          The relatively powerless win for the Knights was led by Corey's 2 HRs and 6 RBIs while the only other HR for the team was

    Josh's 3 run blast to tie the game in the 5th.  Corey added 5 RBIs while both Amos and Dustin added 2.   For the Legends Jerry

    led the attack with 5 HRs and 8 RBIs while Levi added 3 HRs and 6 RBIs.

          The series continued on Sunday 8/5, with the Legends playing host to the Knights on CC field, and the Knights having the

    unenviable task of beating the Legends 3 games in a row to claim the crown - a daunting task as to this point in COWL history the

    Legends have not suffered 2 defeats in a row.  Jerry took the mound for the Legends as did Amos for the Knights.   The Knights

    jumped out to a 2-0 lead on a long center field blast by Josh, but a base running mistake killed the rally as a routine pop fly turned

    into a double play.   Levi keyed a 5 run 1st for the Legends, crushing 2 HRs.    The 2nd was scoreless for the Knights and the

    Legends played add on as a Phill drive to dead center narrowly cleared the gate in right center for a 2 run dinger.   The Legends

    added 2 more on a Jerry squib down the right field line for a total of 4 in the inning and a 9-2 lead.  A double play by Phill on a

    Josh line drive ended the scoreless 3rd for the Knights and it appeared the Legends would run away with the game as another

    Levi 3 run crush to left upped the score to 12-3 Legends.   Using a 3 run Corey HR after meticulously placed hits by Dustin and

    Amos the Knights began their climb back.   Again Dustin and Amos hit seeing eye balls to center and left and singles by Josh

    and Corey scored 2 more.    The Legends bats when silent in the 4th and the Knights had narrowed the score 12-7 with 1 inning


         The 5th was more of the same as base hits by Dustin and Amos were once again followed by a huge HR to center by Josh. 

    After a pop up by Dustin for out 1, Amos singled to left and Josh banked a line drive off the green monster.   A Corey bb straight

    down the line off the fence scored both Amos and Dustin to tie the score.   Levi tracked down a Dustin deep fly to center and then

    Phill cleanly fielded an Amos grounder to end the Knight 4th with the score tied at 12.   Jerry was the first batter for the Legends

    and lined a base hit off the right field fence.  Levi popped a ball to Corey on the infield and Phil laced a single to center - putting the

    winning run on 2nd with 1 out.   A duel ensued as Amos made several solid pitches to Jerry, 2 of which were hit beyond the fence

    but a foot or less foul.   After a protracted struggle Amos managed to pop Jerry up to right and Dustin hauled it in for out 2.  

         Levi and Amos then engaged in a repeat of the duel but this time the batter came out on top as Levi laced a 3-2 low and outside

    pitch over the right field fence for a 3 run walk off World Series ending blast.

        For the game Levi led all hitters with 4 HRs and 8 RBIs while Phill added 1 HR and 3 RBIs.   Jerry was blanked once more on

    the HR tally but managed 4 RBIs and 7 runs scored via small ball.   Josh again keyed the Knights attack crushing the 1st and last

    HRs to tally 6 RBIs.   Corey added a key HR to accompany his 6 RBIs.   Dustin and Amos played key roles as set up men with

    each scoring 3 runs in the loss.

        In the series Levi led all hitters with 17 HRs and 31 RBIs.   Jerry added 12 HRs and 33 RBIs and Phill contributed 4 HRs and

    8 crucial RBIs while scoring 16 runs.  

        Josh led the Knight attack with 11 HRs and 25 RBIs.  Corey followed with 5 RBIs and 19 RBIs.  Amos took the lone Knight

    win and added 1 HR, 7 RBIs and 15 runs scored.   Dustin scored 12 runs in the effort.

        While a 4-1 series win may seem to be lopsided, the true measure of how close this series was centered on each game being

    determined in the last inning - with 3 of the 5 games won in the last at bat - 2 by walk off HRs.    Early in the year the commissioning

    trio picked the Knights to make it to the World Series - and they did not disappoint - getting progressively better each week.  If

    they manage to stay together they will be a solid contender to break the Legends 3 year streak as COWL champions next year.

        Congratulations to the Knights on a great year, and a fantastic playoff run.

        Regardless of what happens in the years to come, the Legends have probably accomplished something that will not be duplicated -

    winning a COWL World Series with only 3 defenders.   It can not be overstated how difficult this is.  While it provides more than the

    regular number of chances at the plate, the confusion which ensues between catching, catching your breath and trying to record

    stats outweighs the advantages.   The game becomes a blur - very difficult to enjoy.    It would not be remotely possible with out 2

    of the best thieves in the league - Phill and Levi, manning the defensesI would not encourage any team to attempt a World Series

    in this manner.

       The Legends are taking applications for the vacant spot on their roster - someone preferably who will hit 50-60 HRs, 100+ RBIs

    and win 10 games on the mound, plus be a stellar defender.    At the rate the league is improving we will need that to stay even.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Return to Top

                        COWL Wiffler of the Week     

                                           World Series Championship  


                        Phil "Flash" King                Levi "Crush" Driggs             Jerry "WiffleKing" Driggs            

         As is customary during the World Series, the winning team all become members in the COWL WOW fraternity.

    It is simply too difficult to win a 7 game series without everyone playing a vital and irreplacable part at some point in the

    regular season, Wild Card, Division Championship or World Series.


         This season was no different.   While Levi's and Jerry's offensive numbers were eerily similar once again, the reality

    is they came often at different times, with Jerry and Levi taking turns carrying the load.    Phill was, as always, a steady

    set up man and the Legends big innings were more the result of Phill getting on base so the Dad / Son duo could go to

    work than not.   Conversely, Phill undoubtedly led the league in double plays, turning a mind-boggling 8 in the playoffs

    that we could remember - in only 2 series - and keeping the other team from scoring is just as important as scoring

    yourself - maybe more so when playing with only 3 defenders.

         Congratulations to all of the Legends for surviving and holding it all together at least one last time !


    Box Scores  (Home team on top)                                                                                         Return to Top 

  Legends   6-2-2-4-X= 14                             Legends   0-0-6-2-8= 16                              Knights    2-2-0-3-7= 14     

  Knights    3-0-3-2-2=  10                             Knights    3-6-0-0-4= 13                              Legends   2-4-3-1-0= 10 

  WP –  Jerry Driggs                                     WP –   Levi Driggs                                      WP –  Jerry Driggs 
  HRs - Levi Driggs LG(3)                           HRs - Jerry Driggs LG(4)                           HRs - Levi Driggs LG(4)        

             Josh Wonderleigh KG(2)                            Josh Wonderleigh KG(4)                            Jerry Driggs LG(4)                             

             Phill King LG(1)                                          Levi Driggs LG(3)                                       Josh Wonderleigh KG(2)

             Amos Jones KG(1)                                     Phill King LG(2)                                       

                                                                                  Corey White KG(2)  

  Knights    3-4-0-2-5= 14                              Legends   5-4-3-0-2= 14                 

  Legends   1-0-3-4-5= 13                              Knights    2-0-0-5-5= 12                                
WP –  Amos Jones                                 
     WP –  Jerry Driggs                                          
  HRs - Jerry Driggs LG(4)                         HRs - Levi Driggs LG(4)                             

             Levi Driggs LG(3)                                      Josh Wonderleigh KG(2)                                     

             Corey White KG(2)                                    Phill King LG(1)                                          

             Josh Wonderleigh KG(1)                            Corey White KG(1)                


                                            Weekly Team Stats - Final             Return to Top

                                   Year To Date Statistics   
               Team Offense            Team Defense


 Team Name









 Team Name









 Legends      21-30     468    16.6    15.0  The U   21-28      253       7.3     14.1
 UMH   21-23     306    14.9     12.3  UMH   21-23      175        7.7     12.0
 PVB   21-28     347    12.7    11.4  Redlegs      21-23      208       8.3     17.0
 Knights      21-33     335    10.7    15.9  Legends   21-30      239       9.5       9.8
 Redlegs      21-23     214      9.0    13.0  Dirt Dogs    18-20      198     10.8     10.0
 AP   23(2)     174      8.3    PVB   21-28      319     11.2     13.3
 The U   21-28     212      6.7    11.4  Knights   21-33      384     12.0     12.1
 Dirt Dogs    18-20     118      5.7      7.5  AP   18-20      324     15.4  

                                                                                                                                                                                Return to Top            

              Home Runs By Team 






  HRs - Playoffs

 Legends       258 - 62    9.3   - 6.9
 Pleasant Valley Boys

   187 - 35

   7.6   - 7.0
 Uncle Muscles' Hour

   128 - 15

   6.1   - 5.0
 Knights     140 - 67    5.3   - 5.6
 Abusement Park      96    4.6   -
 Redlegs     104 - 15     4.5   - 7.5
 The U      91 - 35    3.3   - 7.0
 Dirt Dogs

      31 -   3

   1.7   - 1.5 

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                       Player Home Runs  
     Player           Team        Total       
Levi Driggs Legends        82    112
Jerry Driggs   Legends      79    107
Dave Fisher PVB      52      60 
Corey White Knights      48      71  
Collin Hill AP      46  
Gabe Fisher PVB      43      54 
Dave Page UMH      39      41 
Blake Rinehart Redlegs        34      37
Josh Wonderleigh Knights      30      62
Amos Jones Knights      29      39  
Eric Lewis UMH      26      29 
Tyler Wiget U      22      37
Phil King Legends          21      30 
Blake Lansing    UMH      20      22  
Trevor Thomas PVB      20      24  
Andy Russell UMH      18    
Brent Fisher PVB      19      28
Brandon Kennedy PVB      17  
Corbin Hill AP      17   
Brent Hoover U      22      29
Kyle Uhrig Redlegs      16      19
Matt Hoops Redlegs      16      20 
Jordan Nelson U      15      16   
Dustin Weaver Knights      14      18 
Brad Miller Redlegs        13      12
Adam McGuire Redlegs        12      15   
Janae Driggs Legends      12      
Lauren Stout AP      11    
Lucas Detty Dirt Dogs      11       
Brett Fisher PVB        9      11
Emily Manson AP        9    
Eric Cox Dirt Dogs        9      11
John Bruce UMH        8      
John Kepler U        8      10
Ashley Flautt UMH        7      15
Matt Cox Dirt Dogs        6        4
Ronnie Anderson AP        6      
JD Callihan AP        5    
Shondrick Locklear U        4      12
Laser Shot Depugh Dirt Dogs        3        4
Matt Beef Davis Dirt Dogs        3     
Travis Rinehart Redlegs          3      
Ben Cydrus Legends        2      
Cory White UMH        2   
Justin Manson AP        2      
Hannah Miller AP        2      
Casey White Knights        1    

 Return to Top 

     Player     Team         Totals    
Jerry Driggs Legends    152      212    
Levi Driggs Legends       134      161   
Dave Fisher   PVB      98      115   
Corey White Knights      94      149
Dave Page UMH      86        95
Collin Hill AP      80      
Gabe Fisher PVB      67        84 
Blake Rinehart Redlegs       59        65  
Josh Wonderleigh     Knights      59      122 
Amos Jones Knights      58        91  
Eric Lewis  UMH      55        62 
Blake Lansing UMH      52        57  
Tyler Wiget U      47        67  
Andy Russell UMH       40 
Phil King  Legends      39        55  
Dustin Weaver       Knights      37        47    
Matt Hoops Redlegs       37        45    
Trevor Thomas  PVB      36        46  
Brent Hoover U      35        48
Eric Cox Dirt Dogs      35        40  
Kyle Urigh Redlegs      33        38 
John Bruce UMH      30
Lucas Detty Dirt Dogs      30 
Brandon Kennedy PVB      29     
Corbin Hill AP      28       
Brent Fisher PVB       25        46  
Jordan Nelson U      23        29   
Adam McQuire Redlegs       22        25  
Lauren Stout AP      22
Johnny Kepler U      20        25
Brad Miller Redlegs       19        24  
Emily Manson AP      19
Janae Driggs Legends      19   
Brett Fisher   PVB      18        25  
Matt Cox Dirt Dogs      15        19  
Ashley Flautt UMH      13        28
Laser Shots Depugh Dirt Dogs      13        14  
Ronnie Anderson  AP       13
Shane U      10
Shondrick Locklear U      10        27
Matt Beef Davis Dirt Dogs        8 
JD Callihan AP        7       
Steve Clever Dirt Dogs        7         8  
Ben Cydrus Legends         5
Travis Rinehart Redlegs         5
Casey White Knights        6
Cory Rose UMH        3
Justin Manson AP        3
Hannah Miller AP        3
Gary Hammond PVB        2     

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                           Runs Scored 
 Player     Team       Runs
Levi Driggs Legends        91     136
Phil King  Legends     80     114   
Corey White Knights     84     128  
Dave Fisher   PVB     76       89   
Dave Page UMH     73       81
Blake Lansing UMH     67       78  
Collin Hill AP     62  
Josh Wonderleigh Knights     61     112   
Gabe Fisher PVB     60       82
Amos Jones Knights     49       85   
Blake Rinehart Redlegs      49       55
Dustin Weaver Knights     47       75 
Eric Lewis  UMH     43       49
John Bruce UMH     40
Trevor Thomas  PVB     43       54 
John Kepler U     32       44
Matt Hoops Redlegs      32       36  
Kyle Uhrig Redlegs     31       37 
Corbin Hill AP     30 
Adam McGuire Redlegs      29       37
Brad Miller Redlegs      29       32
Lauren Stout AP     29  
Tyler Wiget U     29       49
Andy Russell UMH      27
Brandon Kennedy PVB     27     
Brent Fisher PVB      26       46
Brent Hoover U     25       40
Matt Cox Dirt Dogs     24       27
Janae Driggs Legends     23
Eric Cox Dirt Dogs     22       26
Brett Fisher   PVB     21       39
Lucas Detty Dirt Dogs     19
JD Callihan AP     17 
Emily Manson AP     17
Steve Clever Dirt Dogs     15       16
Laser Shots Depugh Dirt Dogs     15       17
Jordan Nelson U     14       20
Ashley Flautt UMH     13       25
Cory Fisher UMH        7
Joseph Doyle AP       7
Ronnie Anderson  AP       6
Shane U       6      
Travis Rinehart Redlegs        6
Casey White Knights       5 
Shondrick Locklear U       5       20
Hannah Miller AP       4
Matt Beef Davis Dirt Dogs       3 
Justin Manson AP       3
Zach   PVB       2

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                              Pitching Wins 
 Player     Team       Wins
 Jerry Driggs  Legends       7      11
 Phill King  Legends       6        8
 Dave Fisher  PVB       5        7
 Dave Page  UMH       5
 Blake Rinehart  Redlegs       4  
 Josh Wonderleigh  Knights       4        5
 Levi Driggs  Legends       4        6
 Blake Lansing  UMH       3
 Dustin Weaver  Knights       3        5
 John Bruce  UMH       3
 Eric Cox  Dirt Dogs       3
 Eric Lewis  UMH       3
 John Kepler  U       3        5
 Matt Hoops  Redlegs       3  
 Brad Miller  Redlegs       2  
 Brandon Kennedy  PVB       2
 Brent Fisher  PVB       2
 Emily Manson  AP       2
 Trevor Thomas  PVB       2
 Amos Jones  Knights       2        5
 Ben Cydrus  Legends       1
 Brent Hoover  U       1        2
 Brett Fisher  PVB       1        3
 Corey White  Knights       1
 Gabe Fisher  PVB       1
 Lucas Detty  Dirt Dogs       1
 Janae Driggs  Legends       1
 Ron Anderson  AP       1
 Steve Clever  Dirt Dogs       1
 Travis Rinehart  Redlegs       1  
 Tyler Wiget  U       1

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