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                                                     Abusement Park (AP)

                                                           (formerly Brothers Squared)

                                                                 2012 COWL Preview


                               Colin Hill, Corbin Hill, Nate Parker, Maddie Davis, Ashlye Flautt, ???

                                                               Inside the Numbers

  2011 Season:

  League and Place:                              American - 3rd Place

  Post Season Record:                          Defeated by The U 2-1 in round 1 in 2 very close games

  Win/Loss Record:                              9-19 (8-17 Regular season) (6th best overall)

  *Pythagorean Record:                       8-20 (what the formula says their record should have been)

  Win/Loss vs. teams above .500:        2-12  (8th)

  Win/Loss vs. teams below .500:        7-7   (1 forfeit) (tied for 4th)

  Win/Loss games decided < 6 runs:   7-9   (Lost 3 Fast-pitch games by total of 9 runs)

  Win/Loss in last 10 games:                1-9   (1 vs. PVB, 3 vs. GDE, 3 vs. Legends, Playoffs vs. U)

  Avg. Runs scored in games won:       9.8 

  Avg. Runs scored in games lost:       7.2

  Avg. Runs scored in all games:         8.2    (7th)

  Avg. Runs allowed in all games:       12.9   (6th)

  Homerun Total:                                  107    (5th)

  Avg. Homeruns per game:                  4.0    (5th)

  Runs For/Against:                              219/348

  Homerun Leader:                              Collin Hill (45) (6th)

  RBI Leader:                                      Collin Hill (82) (8th)

  Wins Leader:                                     Collin Hill (4)


*Pythagorean record is a statistic based strictly upon run differential / efficiency.

It uses scientific formula to calculate what a teams’ record “should” be, by their runs scored vs. runs against.

 (** x = [(RS+RA)/G]0.285)

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                                                             2011 Season Recap


              In 2011, COWL introduced four new teams to the league:  The Redlegs, The Knights, The Young Guns,

   and finally, Brothers Squared (Bx2).  Bx2 entered the league with high aspirations and a lot of confidence.


              In week one, Bx2 looked destined to shine as they downed the eventual division-champion Redlegs by

   taking two out of three games.  Bx2 won a slew of close ball games to push their mid season run to an

   even-keeled 7-8 record (including a series sweep of the U). 

              However, as the weeks wore on, the schedule stiffened, and Bx2 struggled to field a consistent lineup

   of the players that helped them earlier in the year.   Through the final 10 regular season games, Bx2 could

   only pull together one win, ending the regular season with an 8-17 record and 3rd in the American League.

              This meant that the Brothers x2 would embrace the daunting task of reversing momentum entering

    the 2011 COWL Playoffs.   Nevertheless, Bx2 drew what seemed to be a favorable matchup in round one

    with the U, who they were unbeaten against in the regular season.  Bx2 delivered an uppercut by taking

    game one 8-7 and offsetting the U’s home-field advantage in the three game set.

              Even so, Bx2 couldn’t deliver a knockout punch and fell to the U in games two and three, despite

    Collin Hill’s 5 HRs in the series and losing the deciding game of the season by a mere 2 runs, 7-5.  This

    concluded the Brothers x2 season at 9-19.

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                                                         2012 Season Preview

              Within this preview I will establish what I believe to be the strengths and keys to an Abusement Park

  Championship in 2012.



  • The Bash Brothers - No, it’s not Mark McGwire and Jose Conseco…it’s Collin and Corbin Hill

           (with far fewer steroids).   If you don’t believe me, then let’s look at the numbers:  The Hill brothers provided

           66% of Bx2’s offensive run production, and 67% of team HRs in 2011.   Collin Hill provided 45 HRs and 82

           RBIs (both 2nd among rookies), and Corbin Hill provided 27 HRs and 63 RBIs despite having no postseason.


          The next closest on the team you ask? Luke Parker with 7 HRs, and 17 RBIs.    The 2012 season will provide

          the Hill’s with the opportunity to be the first brothers to each hit 30 HRs in a season.

  • Not Our First Rodeo - I’ve learned one thing from watching this game over the last few years:    You

          won’t see a greater improvement from most teams, than from year one, to year two.  Experience plays a lot

          more into this game than most guys take the time to recognize.  

          Continued success is built upon the foundation of experience, and I believe that Abusement Park will be ahead

          of the curve, after taking some lumps in 2011.   Backtracking to the stats in the previous heading; those don’t

         look like rookie numbers.   You can expect a percentage increase in most hitting stats (being that this is a

         hitters game), which would make this team very dangerous, assuming they add a few needed elements to

         their lineup.

  • The Two “ences” - Confidence, and defense.   Well…. I guess that’s actually one “ence”, and one

          “ense”, none-the-less.    This team doesn’t lack any confidence, whatsoever.   They know their capabilities,

          and they know what they need to do to win games.   I think confidence is an important thing, even in Wiffle

          ball.   Face a confident hitter vs. a non-confident hitter in any form of ball, and try to tell me it doesn’t make

          a difference.

          Now, onto the defense.   I looked at the overall numbers, and it didn’t seem like defense was a strength of

          this team (and I’m not saying it is), but analyzing the game scores a little more closely showed me that when

          this team won, it usually was because of the defense.   Over half of their wins occurred when they held the

          opponent to less than 10 runs.

           Abusement Park’s ability to keep runs off the board in correlation with their wins will be an interesting

           subplot to the coming season.

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                                             Essentials for a PVB Championship

  • Slow and Steady - Preferably a little less slow and a little more steady.   This team HAS to find a

           consistent lineup.    In 2011, Abusement Park platooned 11, yes I said 11, different players throughout

           the course of the year.   You just can’t win like that.   While I don’t think team chemistry is a huge

           factor, it’s just hard for 11 different people to contribute at different times with no longevity or experience.

           Sports in general are based heavily on the rhythms you can establish during a game and a season.

  • Dr. Jekyll, Meet My Good Friend, Mr. Hyde - As mentioned earlier, Abusement Park

          actually started out in contention with a 7-8 record in the first half of the season.   Then, the horse got

          out of the barn and they went on to lose 11 of their last 13.   You can look at a lot of contributing factors

          to this, namely the fact that the schedule got much tougher (4 games vs. the Legends and 4 vs. GDE).

          The inconsistency of their lineup also played a role in the fallout of a solid start.    A slump of losses like

          that in 2012 could really put Abusement Park in a rough spot come ‘round one’ of the playoffs.

  • Next Man…or Wo-man Up - This team won 9 games on the back of a rookie of the year

          candidate (Collin Hill), and the highly serviceable bat behind him (Corbin Hill).   Where was everyone

          else!?!    This team needs another consistent bat in their lineup.   Through my sources (Jerry), I have

          been told that these guys are recruiting some steady, day-to-day players to bring some consistency to

          the lineup card.   I have also been informed that they will try to employ at least one girl this year, because

          they believe it gives a clear advantage in batting with the use of solid balls. 

          Regardless, somebody else will have to take on some of the weight.

  • This, That, and the Other - I’m going to jam a lot of ideas into one.    First, this team will need

           to improve on their 2-12 mark against teams over .500.    By years end, Abusement Park could be one

           of those clubs over .500 if they achieve this.    Next, in the 24 slow-pitch games Abusement Park played

           in last year, they failed to score double-digit runs on 17 different occasions.    This speaks for itself.

           Granted, this sometimes has to do with the field and the heaviness of the air.  Still, improvement will be

           needed in 2012.    Lastly, looking at the numbers it is clear that limiting HRs will be a big factor in

           Abusement Park’s 2012 campaign.    In 24 slow pitch games, Abusement Park surrendered 4.8 HRs

           per game vs. the 4.0 HRs they hit.

       *** Editor's note :  Abusement Park is making a play to claim Ron Anderson from the Redlegs off the waiver

              wire.   This will team up 3 top 10 leaders from both the HR and RBI lists onto the same team, and give

              Abusement Park another solid pitcher for their rotation.  This could well shake up the American league

              standings in a big way and will make AP the solid favorite to win this league.


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