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                                        Wide Open Wiffleball

          World Championship

            3 Events

            3 Kinds of Wiffleball

            3 Times as much fun

           1  Wiffleball World Champion Team


  How it works :

  Play in each of the 3 events scheduled for 2011

  Receive points for where you finish, how many games you win, etc.

  The team with the MOST TOTAL points is King, and wins the CASH prize

  With nice prizes for 2nd and 3rd place also

  The 3 Events :

  May 20th & 21st 2011 - Legends Goldstick Classic Flat Tip Benefit - Underhand

  July ??th & ??th Legends Goldstick Summer Challenge - Overhand medium

  August 11th & 12th WOW Championship - Swing What You Bring

  The Scoring (cumulative):

  1st Place - 500 points

  2nd Place - 400 points

  3rd Place - 300 points

  4th & 5th Place - 250 points

   All other participants - 100 points

  Each pool win - 25 points

  Each Winner's bracket win - 50 points

  Each Loser's bracket win - 35 points


  The Prizes :

  1st Place - TBD pending sponsorship

   2nd Place - TBD pending sponsorship

  3rd Place - TBD pending sponsorship